"I want you to smear honey on my pussy u ugly fucking bee!"Vanessa screamed.

"but I worked all day for that honey!" barry protested.

"orgres ARE all onions," Vanessa said, a serious look to her face. barry then relised he couldn't take it anymore. he shoved his stinger into her pussy. it felt amazing, a rush of ectacy followed by death. he died because bees die when they sting someone who fucking knows how that other douchebag managed to survive because barry sure as fuck didn't.

Vanessa cried but she realised eh could still orgasm. she shoved barry's head up her pussy and screamed his name a lot.

"OH bARRY! OFR FCK YOU HEJ UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed. after she had orgasmed she slept well that night and arranged a proper funeral 4 barry in the morning.