What have you done?

Sally Stewart walked into her daughter's room to wake her up, she knew it was half term but she was waiting on something important to come, and she was already running late for work. "Imogen." She said gently, gently running a hand through her dark hair. She looked around the room. Not your typical teenage girl's room, the walls a dark colour almost black, not a shade of pink anywhere. Something on the bed side table caught her eye. Amongst the multitude of things lying on it, there was a small gold band lying right beside her phone that looked suspiciously like a wedding ring. "Imogen!" she called again, and quickly picked the ring up as her daughter eventually stirred. "Come downstairs when you're awake properly, and be quick." Sally told her before getting up and walked out of the room, wondering exactly what she would be doing with such a thing.

Imogen just groaned as she was woken up. Times like these she wished she could be completely deaf and not hear a thing, either that or be waking up next to Connor. She pushed herself up slowly and reached for her phone. She'd had a message from Connor that morning, and she couldn't help but smile. 'We've actually done it… And I couldn't be happier.' She thought. She put the phone down and quickly put her hearing aids in, before getting out of bed and made herself walk down the stairs. Surely nothing could wipe the smile from her face. Heading through into the living area she looked around for her mum, finding her over by the kitchen sink and she walked over. "Mum?"

Sally turned around at the sound of her voice and she faced Imogen. To her she was always going to be her perfect little girl. Whether she was deaf or not, scarred or not, didn't make a difference to her. But she couldn't bear the thought of that little girl going behind her back and throwing her life away to some… Well it was no secret she could no longer stand the boy that hurt her. "Anything you want to tell me, Imogen?"

Imogen tilted her head at the question, confused. "What do you mean?"

"I know I've not been the best mum, but we've been okay lately haven't we? We've not kept anything from each other." Sally kept her eyes on her as she spoke. She was always able to tell when her daughter lied to her.

Imogen listened to her as she spoke, her still tired brain trying to catch up with itself. After a few more minutes silence it had eventually clicked in her head and her stomach dropped. 'Oh no…' she thought and bit her lip.

Sally remained still, still watching her piece it together, and could tell by the look in her eyes she'd got it right. "So I'll ask again Imogen. Anything you want to tell me?" she asked and held up the ring.

For once, words failed her. Her eyes flicked to the gold band her mother had held up and she took a deep breath. "It all happened so fast…" she managed to get out.

"Did he force you to do this?"

"No!" Imogen stated honestly. "No he didn't, we both wanted to."

"Are you pregnant?"

"No!" Imogen shrieked. "What kind of girl do you think I am?!"

"I thought you were smart until I saw this." Sally slammed the ring on the kitchen counter. "What made you do it then if it's not because of that?"

"Because we love each other." Imogen told her.

"Love?! Imogen he started the fire that did that to you!" Sally nodded toward the scar on her neck.

"I know! And you know what? I can get used to this, I can live with it, but every time he looks at me he has to live with the guilt every single day. I knew I still loved him when I thought I'd lost him for good. That day when I told you that there was someone holding a class hostage with a gun? He was in that room mum. And I couldn't bear it if I ever lost him." By the time Imogen was finished, her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

Sally sighed heavily, listening to her speak and she pulled her into a hug. "I just wish you'd have told me, Imogen… You're my only baby girl. I'd have done anything to see you happy."

"But how could I? You hate Connor for what he did." Imogen said quietly, closing her eyes.

"Yeah I do. But Imogen, to find out you've gone ahead and got married and I weren't even there to see it, no matter how big or how small… do you see how that would make me feel?"

Imogen sighed softly. "We did what we thought was right at the time. I'm sorry."

Sally looked at her, brushed the hair from her face and smiled a little. "Don't apologise for what makes you happy. Listen, I'm running late for work, very late now actually, I need you to keep a look out there's some new equipment meant to be coming today. So whatever plans you had for today cancel them."

Imogen just rolled her eyes as she listened and nodded. "Was only going to go round Dynasty's anyway."

"She can come over here instead. Just don't make a mess like you did last time." Sally smiled, kissed her on the forehead and left her alone. Inside she was still angry with her, but she couldn't exactly deny her the chance to be happy. No relationship was perfect, hell even her own proved that, her own husband had cheated on her with the woman he was now married to, and their own daughter had to catch them at it. No wonder Imogen was messed up. No wonder she thought Connor would be the only one.

Imogen watched her mother go and she let out another sigh, picking up the ring and slid it onto her finger. She smiled a little as she saw it there and made her way out of the room and back up the stairs to get herself changed and ready for the day. She'd worry about telling Connor later.