Dark bloom vs. bloom

It was an all-out battle after what happened bitch you've gotten pretty strong but not strong enough. Yeah says the person who's almost out of magic. I'm tired of you always blocking my dark magic. I told you once I won't let it take over my body then die you bitch! As takes the hit of dark magic she returns to normal then the trix come when bloom went dark. Who are you? I icy one of the trix and I got to say you actually beat bloom who are you? I'm dark bloom so you're the dark side of bloom then the winx came you stay out of my way trix or you're next says who says me don't think you're so strong you can't beat bloom but I can so that means I'm stronger than you then Stella hit her with a ray of light she manages to block it but she was weakened so she barley had energy to fight them so she told the trix to help her so the trix did help her and dark bloom said I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Dark bloom vs. Bloom

Chapter 2: change of scenery

Meanwhile in Alfea. I can't believe we got beat by the trix said Stella it's okay they were teamed up with Dark Bloom said Techna but how did dark bloom come back asked flora. Didn't she comeback out of bloom said Musa I don't know but one thing I know is that we need to stop them. Guys did you hear the trix and dark bloom are attacking magix city said bloom come on winx. Magic winx sirenix then they headed off to magix. Winx. Icy said I've been wanting a rematch solar flare. Stella said icy blocked it and said you really think you can hit me with that. Icy said then froze Stella don't touch bloom she's mine said dark bloom I almost beat you last time yeah almost isn't going to cut it dark bloom sirenix she transformed when did you learn sirenix easy when you learned instead of helping creatures of the sea I destroy them. Dark bloom said. I've gotten stronger you know. Then dark bloom summoned up a ball of darkness that Stella's light magic couldn't get through. How do ya like it it's a black hole now I will send you and all of your friends into the darkness forever. You can't beat me this made dark bloom angry. You don't understand I will strip you of your wings and banish you to the darkness forever said dark bloom as she threw the black hole at her. Then suddenly it stopped dark bloom fell to the ground and returned to normal it was icy who had blasted her in the back with ice magic if anyone's going to take out the winx it's going to be us. You betrayed me bitch. Damn right if you're not letting you take out bloom then we can't help. Good I'm going to get back out blooms body and kill all of you and take the magic dimension the suddenly she was sucked back into bloom's body and the trix put back in the relix and everything went back to normal.