"AN-TO-NI-O!" A young Italian voice called out to the sleeping Antonio. "Antonio!" The Italian pounced on Antonio's chest. Antonio got his breath knocked out of him, but he was now wide-awake.

Antonio opened his green eyes to find the young Italian's shinning green eyes looking down at him. "Good morning, my little friend."

"Antonio, I'm hungry. Make me breakfast." Antonio smiled at the demanding hungry boy. The Italian got off of Antonio and left the bedroom. Antonio watched him as he disappeared down the hall. He admired the delicate long lean body of a young teenage boy. His sweet shinning green eyes that were still fill with innocent youth, his brown hair that fell to the right creating a natural part on his left. And that one curl that stuck out on his right side of his head. So cute.

Antonio slid out of bed. He sleepily walked to the bathroom. In the mirror he saw that's his curly brown hair was sticking out every which way. He tied to smooth his ruffled hair down, knowing that it wouldn't work. His hair didn't agree with him. Antonio gave up trying to smooth down his hair. He rubbed the sleepiness from his brilliant green eyes.

"Antonio!" Antonio heard a whiny muffled voice calling him through the bathroom door. Antonio gave a little chuckle. He opened the door and shuffled to the kitchen.

The cool tile kitchen floor sucked the heat from Antonio's feet. He wished he had put on socks before he left his room. An impatient teenager with a pout on his face sat at the table wanting breakfast. Antonio walked to the boy and gave him a light peck on the top of his head. "Would you like pancakes this morning?"

"Yeah!" The Italian's face brightened up.

The Italian watched Antonio go to the refrigerator to get the ingredients for pancakes. His long fingers wrapped themselves around the handle of the refrigerator. His filled out body with strong muscles, his light tan Spanish skin brought out the brilliant green eyes that were always smiling. Antonio bent over to see into the refrigerator. The boy's eyes moved to Antonio's ass. And dat Spanish ass. The Italian couldn't help but to stare with a slight smile.

Antonio stood up with the ingredients.

A few minutes late, Antonio placed a plate of pancakes in front of the teenager. He pulled the chair out across from and sat with his plate of pancakes. The two ate in silence for a moment. Antonio's Spanish voice broke the silence. "Have you remembered anything yet?"

The boy's eyes saddened a bit as he shook his head 'no'. He took another bite of the warm pancake. He chewed slowly.

"It's okay. You'll remember. Don't worry." Antonio took a sip of milk from his glass. "We do know you're about seventeen or eighteen and you're Italian."

The teen stood up abruptly. He stormed out of the kitchen, leaving Antonio in a silent kitchen.

The teen went to his bedroom, which was really Antonio's guest room. He locked the door behind him. The Italian climbed into the bed. He sat on the bed looking around the room as his vision blurred. Nothing in the room was his. Nothing in the room helped to bring back his memories. The boy crawled under the big comforter, resting head on the feather pillow. He pulled the big blanket over his head. Hot tears streamed down his face. His body shook as he wept. There was no way he was going to let Antonio see him like this. The petrify young teenage didn't know what to do. He didn't remember anything about himself. What scared him the most was the fact that he didn't know what his own name was.

The doorknob jiggled as it tried to turn. A knock on the door startled the teen. "Mi amigo, please open up." More knocks rapped on the door. The doorknob jiggled again. "My friend."

The teen emerged from the underneath the covers. He rubbed his eyes. He took deep breaths to calm down a bit before he opened the door to Antonio.

"My friend, why don't we go downstairs and watch something on TV?" Antonio asked the young boy.

The boy just nodded his head and walked pass Antonio. Antonio followed the delicate teen. The teenager gave a few sniffs on the way down to the living room.

The Italian plopped down on the black leather couch. Antonio took the remote control and sat down next to the Italian, a little closer than necessary. He turned on the television. Antonio flipped through the channels until he found a show that he wanted to watch. The Italian teen sat in silence. He didn't understand what was being said on the television, but Antonio laughed at what was being said.

The commercials came on and Antonio lowered the volume. His green eyes watched the boy sitting next to him. "My friend, I think I have come up with something that you will like." The boy looked up to the Spaniard with curiosity. "You should have a name. I know you don't remember your name, so I think we should come up with a name in the meantime." Antonio watched the teen as he thought the idea over. The corners of his mouth slowly curved up.

"What name would it be?"

"What ever you want it to be. We can look up names on the computer."