Romano kept Antonio in sight at all times. The market area was always a busy place with people. This are wasn't only a market are, but also a place to keep up on the latest gossip. There were always people here, whether it was to but some fresh products, or to gossip about someone.

"Antonio." Romano called out to the crowd.

"Si?" Romano spotted Antonio turning around to locate him. Someone roughly pushed Romano causing him to bump into Antonio. The Spaniard caught the smaller male. Romano's face turned red and he harshly pushed Antonio away.

"Romano. Come on, let's get what we need and then get out of here." Antonio reached for Roman's hand to lead him through the crowd without getting separated. But Romano pulled his hand away before Antonio got a hold of it. Romano followed closely to the Spaniard. Antonio's body was solid. Strong. Romano liked the feel of Antonio's body and his against each other.

Antonio stopped at one of the stands that sold fruit. Antonio and the seller spoke to each other in Spanish, leaving Romano lost. He had no clue at what was being said. Romano listened to other people around him. Many different languages filled the market air. Romano didn't understand most the languages. Many different people of all ages walked through the market.

Romano found himself watching a young teen at a stand across the way. The young teenager had a skinny body dressed in khakis and a white t-shirt. His brown eyes shinned like a child. His brown bangs fell just about his eyes, creating a natural part in the middle. The thing about this teen that really caught Romano's attention was that one piece of hair stuck out on his left side of his head in a curl. The teenager finished with his business with the seller there and then turned to disappear into the crowd.

Romano's heart skipped a beat. Something overcame him. He had to follow that boy. Romano pushed his way through the crowd trying to keep up the teen. "Romano! Romano where are you going?" Antonio called after him. Romano ignored Antonio and kept on following the teen. Romano finally got out of the crowded market area. He looked around frantically, trying to locate the teen he was following.

"Crap! Where the hell did he go?!" Romano's face turned red with frustration.

"Mi agmio, what's wrong?" Antonio came up behind Romano. Romano's frustration kept him from answering Antonio. Romano's green eyes started to blur. "My friend, I think we should go home. I have what I need." Antonio took Romano's hand and gently led him back home.

Romano lied on the black leather couch, thinking. Thinking about who he was. Who that teenage boy was he saw at the market? And why the hell wasn't Antonio making dinner? Romano took the remote control and turned on the TV. Nothing was on that Romano could understand. All Spanish. The only things that Romano was certain about was that he was seventeen or eighteen, he speaks with an Italian accent so he must be Italian, and he didn't know a word of Spanish.

His stomach rumbled. He sighed and turned off the TV.

Romano went upstairs to find Antonio. Romano opened Antonio's bedroom door slowly. He took silent steps to the bed. Antonio was asleep. The teen took a moment to watch the sleeping form of Antonio. His brown hair was tussled from his slumber. Romano stroked Antonio's cheek. His cheek was warm and soft. Romano leaned over the Spaniard. His lips were slightly parted. Romano's heart beat fast in his chest. His emotions were all jumbled up. Why am I feeling like this? His stomach rumbled again.

Romano ripped off the blankets and tossed them on the floor. Romano leapt on top of the sleeping Spaniard. "AN-TO-NI-!"

Antonio grabbed Romano. He flipped over so he was on top of Romano. "Hola Romano." He smiled at the surprised Italian. "I've been waiting for you to come get me." He chuckled.

Romano's face was bright red. His heart felt like it was going to explode from emotions. Antonio's warm body weight sat on Romano. Romano never had someone else's weight on his before. "G-g-get off me!"

"Por qué?"

"Sh-shut up. And get off of me." Romano tired to push Antonio off of him. Antonio's chest was solid muscle.

"But you're so cute when you're embarrass."

"An-toni-" Romano looked away. His face how with emotions and for being so close to Antonio.

"Si Romano?" Antonio leaned into Romano. Romano felt Antonio's warm breath on his neck. Romano gave out a little moan. Antonio smiled. "Do you want something?" Antonio kissed Romano's neck lightly, making him squirm and moan. The Spaniard's kisses became a little harder. Antonio dragged his lips up the teen's neck to find his lips. Antonio's breathing got deeper, mixing with Romano's breath. Their lips touched. The Spaniard's tongue traced the Italian's lips, making him quiver from the touch. The Spaniard's tongue explored the teen's mouth. Their tongues played with each other's. Antonio pulled away from the teen.

Romano's face was flushed. His eyes barely opened. His breathing was deep and fast. Antonio smiled. He leaned back into Romano, gently breathing on Romano's neck. The Spaniard's hands move slowly down Romano's body. His hands found the bottom of the shirt. Antonio pushed the shirt up, exposing Romano's bare chest. The Spaniard kissed the teen's neck as his hands rubbed and massaged Romano's upper body. Antonio's touch sent shivers to Romano's body. Antonio's hands made their way down the teen. Both of their hearts beat in the heat of the moment. Moans made their way out of the teen.

Antonio's lips moved back to Romano's. They just barely touch each other. "You have such a delicate body, Roma."

Romano could only answer with a blush. Antonio's smiled and brushed his lips against Romano's. Antonio's hands reached for Romano's pants. The strong Spanish hands unbutton the Italian's jeans. Then slowly unzipped them. Romano was sure that his heart was going to explode.

Antonio rubbed Romano's legs before moving back to his torso. Romano grabbed Antonio's shirt. They kissed harder. Antonio's hands played with the elastic of Romano's boxers. Romano pulled on Antonio's shirt, kissing harder, breathing heavy, wanting more, wanting Antonio.

BRRIIING! The two boys pulled away from each other with a start. BRRIIING!

Antonio laughed. "It's just the phone, Roma." Antonio looked around the room, but Romano was no longer in the room. Antonio picked up the phone. "Hola?"

Romano slammed the door closed. He slid down the door. His heart is still beating fast. "Oh. My. God." Romano tried to catch his breath. "Oh my god. Antonio was going to touch me." Romano let his body fall to the floor. Romano closed his eyes, thinking about how wonderful to be that close to Antonio. Romano let out another moan. His face was still hot. "Antonio." Romano's stomach rumbled. Oh yeah, the reason why he went to get Antonio.

Romano sat up against the door. He looked at his jeans. He couldn't believe how close Antonio got to him. Romano zipped and buttoned his jeans. He got on his feet. Romano went back to Antonio's room.

Antonio laughed. A sweet laugh that made Romano melt. "That's sounds like a lot of fun." Romano stood in the doorway. Antonio looked over to him. "I would love to go Françis, but I can't." Antonio paused as Françis responded. "Because I have other plans. Adiós." Antonio then hung up the phone. "Si Romano?"

Romano's face flushed. Luckily for him his stomach rumbled again. Antonio chuckled. "Okay Romano. I'll going make dinner."

Roman stood in the doorway watching the hot Spaniard get changed. Antonio pulled off his t-shirt, exposing his well-tone body. Antonio went to his dresser and pulled out a long sleeve button down shirt. he slipped into it, buttoning only the bottom half, so his chest was still exposed. He then slipped out of his skinny jeans. Romano's face was going to be a permanent red. Antonio stepped into another pair of jeans that were looser on him. He tucked his shirt in and turned to face Romano. Antonio's hands zipped and buttoned his jeans. "Let's go have dinner." He said with a smile on his lips.