Romano lies on the black leather couch, thinking. Thinking about who he is, who that teenage boy is he saw at the market, and why the hell isn't Another making dinner. Romano takes the remote control and turns on the TV. Nothing is on that Romano can understand. All Spanish. The only things that Romano is certain about is that he is 17 or 18, he speaks with an Italian accent so he must be Italian, and he doesn't know a word of Spanish.

His stomach rumbles. He sighs and turns off the TV.

Romano goes up stairs to find Antonio. Romano opens Antonio's bedroom door slowly. He takes silent steps to the bed. Antonio's asleep. The teen takes a moment to watch the sleeping form of Antonio. His brown hair is tussled from his slumber. Romano strokes Antonio's cheek. His cheek is warm and soft. Romano leans over the Spaniard. His lips are slightly parted. Romano's heartbeats fast in his chest, his emotions are all jumbled up. Why am I feeling like this? His stomach rumbles again.

Romano rips off the blankets and tosses them on the floor. Romano leaps on top of the sleeping Spaniard. "AN-TO-NI-!"

Antonio grabs Romano. He flips over so his is on top of Romano. "Hello Romano." He smiles at the surprise Italian. "I have been waiting for you to come get me." He chuckles.

Romano's face is bright red. His heart feels like it is going to explode from emotions. Antonio's warm body weight sits on Romano. Romano never had someone else's weight on his before. "G-g-get off of me."

"Por qué?"

"Sh-shut up. And get off of me." Romano tries to push Antonio off of him. Antonio's chest is solid muscle.

"But you are so cute when you are embarrass."

An-toni-." Romano looks away. His face hot with emotions and for being so close to Antonio.

"Si Romano?" Antonio leans into Romano. Romano feels Antonio's warm breath on his neck. Romano gives out a little moan. Antonio smiles. "Do you want something?" Antonio kisses Romano's neck lightly, making him squirm and moan. The Spaniard's kisses become a little harder. Antonio drags his lips up the teen's neck, to find his lips. Antonio's breathing gets deeper, mixing with Romano's breath. Their lips touch. The Spaniard's tongue traces the Italian's lips, making him quiver from the touch. The Spaniard's tongue explores the teen's mouth. Their tongues play with each other's. Antonio pulls away from the teen.

Romano's face is flushed. His eyes barely open. His breathing is deep and fast. Antonio smiles. He leans back into Romano, gently breathing on Romano's neck. Antonio's hands move slowly down Romano's body. His hands finds the bottom of Romano's shirt. Antonio pushes Romano's shirt up, exposing his bare chest. The Spaniard kisses the teen's neck as his hands rub and massage Romano's upper body. Antonio's touch sends shivers to Romano's body. Antonio's hands make their way down the teen. Both of their hearts beat in the heat of the moment. Moans makes their way out of the teen.

Antonio's lips move back to Romano's. They just barely touch each other. "You have such a delicate body, Roma."

Romano can only answer with another moan. Antonio's smiles, and brushes his lips against Romano's. Antonio's hands reach for Romano's pants. The strong Spanish hands unbutton the Italian's jeans. Then slowly unzips the. Romano is sure that his heart is going to explode.

Antonio rubs Romano's legs before moving back to his torso. Romano grabs Antonio's shirt. They kiss harder. Antonio's hands play with the elastic of Romano's boxers. Romano pulls on Antonio's shirt kissing harder, breathing heavy, wanting more, wanting Antonio.

BRRIIING! The two boys pull away from each other with a start. BRRIIING!

Antonio laughs. "It's just the phone, Romano." Antonio looks around the room, but Romano is not longer in the room. Antonio picks up the blue. "Hola."

"Bonjour mon aim."

Romano slam the door close. He slides down the door. His heart is still beating fast. "Oh my god." Romano tries to catch his breath. "Oh my god. Antonio was going to touch me." Romano lets his body falls to the floor. Romano closes his eyes, thinking about how wonderful to be that close to Antonio. Romano lets out another moan. His face is still hot. "Antonio." Romano's stomach rumbles. Oh yeah, the reason why Romano went to get Antonio.

Romano sits up against the door. He looks at his jeans. He can't believe how close Antonio got to him. Romano zips and buttons his jeans. He gets on his feet. Romano goes back to Antonio's room.

Antonio laughs. A sweet laugh that makes Romano melts. "That sounds like a lot of fun." Romano stands in the doorway. Antonio looks over to him. "I would love to go Francis, but I can't." Antonio pauses as Francis responds. "Because I can't Adiós." Antonio then hangs up the phone. "Si Romano?"

Romano's face flushes. Luckily for him his stomach rumbles again. Antonio chuckles. "Okay Romano. I'll go make dinner."

Romano stands in the doorway watching the hot Spaniard get change. Antonio pulls off his t-shirt, exposing his well-tone body. Antonio goes to his dresser, and pulls out a long sleeve button down shirt. He slips into it, buttoning only the bottom half, so his chest is still expose. He then slips out of his sweatpants, revealing his ass to Romano. Romano's face is going to be a permanent red. Antonio pulls out a pair of boxer. He covers his ass. And then slips into some tight skinny jeans. Antonio tucks his shirt in and then turns to face Romano. Antonio's hands zip and button his jeans. "Let's go have dinner." He says with a smile on his lips.