Lovino wakes up with a throbbing pain in the back of his head. Lovino lies in the back of a van. Black paint blocks the view out the window. Lovinio would have sat up to see out the front window, but his head hurts way too damn much when he tries to move. "Feli." Lovino whispers. Lovino has no clue where his brother is. Lovino worries about him.

The van stops. They must have arrived at the destination. Lovino hears the doors opening and closing. The sliding door opens, pouring in bright sun light. Lovino squints his eyes against light until his adjust. A pair of strong hands grabs the teen before he got a chance to escape.

They bring him inside a large elegant brick building. Beautiful flowers grow in a large circle in front of the building. Lovino would have stop and stare at the magnificent building. The man in the black suit leads Lovino through the extravagant halls. This place reminds Lovino of Francis' mansion.

They enter a room. Lovino's heart skips a beat. Feliciano. Lovino is relieved to see his brother unharmed. Feliciano is also relieved to see his brother. Lovino can see it in his eyes. Besides relieve in Feliciano's eyes is shear terror and fear. Lovino is positive that Feliciano knows more than he was telling. Lovino would have run to his brother, but a strong hand still holds his arm.

A door opens. A very pompous looking man walks in with an unfriendly smile on his lips. "It is good to se you both." He speaks with an Austrian accent. He walks up to Feliciano. Feliciano backs up into the man who is holding him. "Did you miss me?" Feliciano's whole body shakes.

"Get away from him!" Lovino's face burns red from fear and hatred.

The rich Austrian man studies Lovino for a moment. "Take them to their rooms." He instructs the two thugs in suits.

Lovino tugs at the door, but it's no use. The door is lock from the outside. Even if Lovino manages to unlock the from the inside there would be no way he would able to find Feliciano or the way out of this crazy labyrinth.

Lovino gives up on the door for now. He looks around the room. The Austrian guy said to take them to their rooms. So, if this is Lovino's room then there must be something that could help figure out what is going on.

There are two other doors in his room. Lovino opens the on the left wall. His jaw drops. A walk in closet. Button down shirts of all colors and patterns hang together on one side of the closet. Under the shirts are dress jackets of different lengths hang. Dress pants hang together on the other side. Shoes are organized, sitting under the pants. Lovino walks in to open one of the drawers. Inside are neatly folded ties.

Lovino leaves the walk in closet, flabbergasted. Lovino walks across the room to the other door. He enters an extravagant bathroom. Everything is sparkling clean and shiny. Lovino checks out the big fiberglass bathtub. He would be able to sit comfortably and relax in the bathtub. Across the way is the shower.

Lovino comes back into the bedroom. A pair comfty armchair sits in the room. A wood nightstand with a lamp on it sits next to the queen size bed. Lovino climbs on to the queen size bed to look out the window. Outside, green grass goes as far as Lovino can see. There is stone that makes a wonderfully large patio. In the middle of the patio is a large round water fountain.

The teen looks around the room again. He hasn't look through the nightstand. Lovino leans over the pillows and opens the drawers. Nothing is in them. Someone must have cleaned them out, or Lovino never used them.

The teen flops on his back, thinking about his brother. "I hope he's okay." Lovino says out loud. The young Italian sighs. "Antonio."

He makes a face. Did he really say Antonio? Why is he thinking about Antonio?

The clicks unlock and the door opens. The pompous Austrian comes in. "I see you made yourself comfortable."

Lovino leaps off the bed. "Who the hell are you?! What did you do with fratello?!"

"You don't remember, interesting. It seem like you never remember and your brother will only remember my face and nothing else about me."

"Who the hell are you?! TELL ME!"

"I am Roderich Edelstein. At first you and your brother was an experiment and not you two are simply entertainment. I have your memories erased and then I let you boys go out. Then I will look send my men to go looking for you. It is interesting the places and things you do. This time you boys made it difficult for my men to find you."

"You erase our memories?"

"I don't. Have someone to do that for me. As a matter of fact you will meet him soon. In the mean time just relax." Roderich opens the door ready to leave.

"Where's Feliciano?! Tell me! Show me my brother!" Lovino rushes for the door, but Roderich closes and locks the door before Lovino gets to it.

Lovino opens his eyes to see a man standing over him. Lovino looks hard at the man, trying to figure out who he is. His messy blond hair covers his eyes. He brushes his hair out of his eyes, revealing green eyes with very bushy eyebrows.

"Good you're awake." The man says with a British accent.

"Who the hell are you?" Lovino asks the man in a sleepy voice.

The man chuckles. "It doesn't matter who I am. You'll never remember."


"It is time for you to sleep."