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Greetings, one and all! This is AJB66613, with a new story! This story was on my list of plotbunnies that needed to be adopted, but the person who inspired me to do it, Unny Gorey, wanted me to try my hand at it. So, instead of the quick outline of the first few chapters that was previously published here, my beta reader (*squee* I have a beta reader! I have a CELEBRITY beta reader! *double squee*) NuoNos and I worked our magic and started this crazy train I call a story. Enjoy. Review would be nice, since I'm hungry...

**Author's Note**

Scientifically Mine

Ch. 1

Donatello Hamato sits in his chair in his lab, his fingers working delicately. After finally adding the final adjustments, his new creation should be ready for installment. After the fiasco of falling into the future, and then the disaster of their dimensional duplicates falling almost literally into their laps, Donnie couldn't help but become curious. He wants to know how many other dimensions there are, how they are different from his own, how their technologies worked, and actually communicate with beings on the same level of intellect as him. Don't get him wrong, he loves his brothers, it's just… whenever he's trying to explain something to them, this glazed expression rests on his dear siblings' faces. Which frustrates him to no end. Hopefully, though, this new gadget will be the key to relieve his boredom and quench his thirst for knowledge… if only for a bit.

Hence his design and creation of what he likes to call the trans-dimensional communicator window, now being installed to his main computer, which is hooked up to an old-fashioned movie projector. After Hun was mutated and collapsed their home, they had to move… again. Most of his technological miracles were lost, including his computer base, so he had to start over from scratch. Luckily, there was a forgotten building in the Bronx that had a four-car garage (the perfect place to store Raphael's new and improved Shell Cycle and still-work-in-progress Battle Shell), a balcony for the helicopter (whenever he decides to salvage parts and remake the damn thing), an empty indoor pool (which he will fill up with the proper amount of water and chemicals later. Until then, Mikey can shred his skateboard in it and stay out of his lab), and a large basement that has an emergency exit to the subway system (hey, the drill had to go somewhere!)

He supposes the building was either a place to shoot an action movie and had been forgotten, or a celebrity that wanted to live in New York, but didn't like where they were building it, the architecture, something about the house, and it had been forgotten. Either way, the structure was abandoned, and his family is thankful. He doesn't really care; it's not like the person who was going to live here wasn't going to burn through millions of dollars anyway. The point was, his family was living above ground, and he couldn't be happier to wake up because of the sun in his eyes instead of his brother's filthy foot under his nose.

He checks the connection program from the device to see if it's working. He exhale's sharply in pride. His little desktop has recognized the gadget and is awaiting his order. He double checks all the wires, turning on the projector in the process. He also checks his first aid kit, the fire extinguisher, and many other crisis-averting supplies, to make sure they were in perfect working order. You never know what can happen when using unknown science with insufficient- not to mention ancient- technological support. Satisfied that his security measures have been set, he heads to his door, and follows it out; not even bothering to use the staircase, he hops over the rail and lands in the living room. "Leo? Master Splinter?"

No matter what crisis, he can always count on his Sensei and oldest brother's focus on a schedule. As previously predicted, a makeshift shoji door opens, revealing the leaf-green terrapin and the aging rodent in what was once a dining room.

"What is it, Don?" Leo asks.

The olive-skinned genius smiles, "I just wanted to forewarn you about an experiment I'm about to conduct. There might be an explosion. If there is, it's just me. Don't give me that look, Leo. I've already took precautions. I'll be fine."

His oldest brother snaps his mouth shut. "Alright, Don. Just… try not to blow this place up, okay?"

Chocolate eyes roll. "It's on the top of my list." After bowing to his father and brother, he pivots his feet, eyes immediately searching for his Sai-wielding sibling. He finds said brother in the kitchen, fixing himself a sandwich, obviously finished with his "training," for the hour.

"Hi, Raphie."

Golden eyes glance at him as mustard squelches disgustingly out of the bottle and onto Italian bread. "Hey, Don. Wat? Do ya need me ta move sometin'?"

He smiles good naturedly and shakes his head. "Actually, no, not this time. I just wanted to warn you to stay clear of my lab for a couple of hours. I'm going to be doing a critical experiment that I really don't want to blow up in my face. So, if I'm not being too bold, would you be able to entertain yourself quietly? I'd greatly appreciate it."

The emerald-skinned turtle finishes making his sandwich and places it on a paper plate. "Yeah, sure, Don. I tink I gots some Hustla 'zines I haven' read yet."

The purple banded ninja smiles brightly. "Thank you! Now, what do I have to do to get you to keep Michelangelo nice and quiet?"

His brother shakes his head, "Sorry, Don, but dat's pushin' it fa me. Yer on yer own wit' dat nutball." Donatello sighs. Well, at least he tried.

He watches his brother leave with his snack, mentally shaking the hunger pains the scent of the sandwich started creating. He'll eat later. Right now, he's got to figure out a way to keep his youngest- and most annoying- brother away from this possibly dangerous experiment. A sudden idea pops into his head. Fighting a malicious grin, he exits the kitchen to find the aqua-skinned turtle playing video games… so loudly, it went beyond the point of ridiculous. How did he not hear the racket before?! Gently rubbing the side of his head, doing his best to fight off the beginnings of a headache, he grabs the television remote, and hits 'mute.'

"Hey! What did you do that for, Donnie?! It's almost at an awesome cinematic!"

Shaking his head and rolling his eyes at the blue-eyed terrapin, he sighs. "Actually, Mikey, I was wondering if you could help me in a biological experiment…" he blinks and his brother is suddenly at the basement door.

"Sorry, bro, but I, uh… I promised… LH, yeah, that's who! I promised LeatherHead that we would… watch a… a Skip Beat marathon! You know him and his dramas! Later, dude!" and with that, his brother became nothing more than a poof of dust as he ran for it.

He chuckles to himself softly. Really, just because the last time Michelangelo was a lab rat to him, and his medicine gave him sores on his arms, shouldn't scare his little brother that much… right?

Shaking off the guilt, he finally returns to his lab, leaving the door cracked. He doesn't want to trap himself in here, after all, in case something does happen. After sitting down in his chair and pulling up the program, he randomly chooses a dimensional frequency, automatically writing it down in his journal for later use. He pops the joints in his knuckles, thumb, wrists, elbows, spine, neck, and takes a deep breath. After praying to whoever is running his crazy world, he slowly, hesitantly, presses the connect button.