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**Author's Note**

Scientifically Mine

Ch. 5

After drying off Gemini, Donatello turns to Raphael, the turtle tot still in his arms, wrapped up in a fluffy white towel. He looks at his brother/potential mate up and down. He'll admit, the emerald-skinned turtle was very attractive. In that, full of muscle and passion kind of way. But he was telling the truth earlier when he said he wasn't looking for love. He feels the weight of the child in his arms shift. Then again, he wasn't looking to be a parent, either.

"Raph, you know you need to wake Leo up. I'll need to start my-and Gemini's- story from the beginning."

Amber eyes roll as the taller ninja's shoulders shrug.

"A'ight. Living room or Dojo?"

The chocolate-eyed turtle blinks. Oh, where to have the meeting. He quickly throws the pros and cons around in his head. Enclosed space-such as the dojo- would either make the abused child feel safe or caged. On the other hand, the softness of the couch and recliner in the living room could either be comforting or abarasive to the tot's skin. A lightbulb flashes in his mind as a third option is opened.

"The kitchen. Gemini has probably never eaten properly."

Thick forearms cross themselves as the red-banded terrapin growls at the implication, but nods.

"A'ight. Meet ya there."

Hesitating slightly, wondering if he should do this with a child present, he kisses the Sai-wielder quickly, then scurries off, not noticing a tiny smile forming on emerald lips.

Once the olive turtle had stepped over their eldest brother and disappeared, the smalle smile quickly turns to a mischevious smirk. Oh, he'll wake Leo, all right. He chuckles darkly as he shines up his knuckles and leans over their unconcious fearless leader. He pulls his fist back and delivers a fancy uppercut he's been dying to use. Sure enough, it knocks the leaf-colored turtle several feet, and back into conciousness, if the gruff grunt of pain and the groan of annoyance is anything to go by.

"Ow, Raph. That one actually kind of hurt. What was that for?"

He gives the blue-banded ninja the most innocent look he could muster. Which, not being the youngest- and not practicing at it as much as said youngest- he knows it doesn't look convincing at all.

"What? Donnie said to wake ya up, so I did."

"...So you punch me?"

"Hey, Genius didn't say how."

Silver eyes roll in aggravation. His leader was not pleased with him, but he couldn't discipline either. Raphael does a mental victory pump when he sees those tense shoulders drop in defeat.

"Point taken. I'll let Donatello know that you're never allowed to revive anyone. EVER."

The wider turtle chuckles as he helps his older brother up. They head out of the bathroom when he sees Leo stop and turn to him in confusion.

"Why did I faint in the bathroom, anyway?"

"Oh, yeah. The reason why- an' Don's explanation- are in the kitchen. You get Splinta, an' I'll find Mikey."

The silver-eyed turtle nods. "Done." They knock shoulders and part ways: Leo back down to the dojo and Raph to locate his shell cell.

He finds said device in his room, sitting on the nightstand beside his hammock. He grabs it and dials the orange ninja's number. He places it next to his ear slit, hearing it ring. He starts tapping his foot at the third ring. The numbskull finally picks up halfway through the fifth ring.

"Hello, this is the sexy turtle speaking."

"Can it, Mikey. What took ya so long in answering yer phone?"

"Can a turtle take a wiz?"

The hothead grimaces.

"Too much info, bro. Anyway, come on back ta tha lair. Donnie's got yer nephew here to meet ya."

"My WHAT?!"

And with that, the emerald terrapin hangs up, chuckling to himself. If anything can get Michelangelo home faster than a freshly delivered pizza, it was the scoop. He shakes his head slightly, feeling his bandana tails flicking through the air. He'll never understand why, but it's true; scandalous rumors were what the nunchuku wielder lives for. He shrugs as he turns on his heel and makes his way down to the kitchen, hearing a small rukus.

"Ah, shell, not again," he hears Donatello mutter as he enters the eating area. He actually loves this kitchen because it can easily sit ten people, so there's no fighting for space during meal times. Unfortunately, most of that space is covered by-once again- an unconcious Leonardo. He gives the genius turtle a bemused expression as Gemini giggles, scrambled eggs smeared over his face. The scene would be even cuter if the damn kid didn't look like he came straight out from a horror movie. He feels his face twitch at the sight of them. A child should never go through that kind of torture.

Yet, he feels a small bit of pride at the kid for pushing through and surviving it. A tough little turtle, just like he was. He blinks at the swell of pride. Huh. Is that what being a proud father feels like? If so, he wonders if his own father has felt it. Speaking of which, the old rat has entered, and sighs heavily at the scene.

"Raphael, will you please revive Leonardo? And Donatello, some tea would be nice."

The Sai-wielder grins widely. Today is turning out to be a good day. He might be dating Donnie- his crush, he has a kid- Gem, and he gets to punch Leo in the face. Twice! And get away with it! He cracks his knuckles as he sets himself up for a right hook. But as he lets his fist swing, a screech makes him jerk, only having his perfect hook glance the katana-wielder's cheek.

He turns to see Mikey standing in the way, eyes transfixed on his son. He hears rather than sees Leo return to conciousness as the aqua-colored ninja starts to back away slowly, a look of pure terror etched onto his face. The sentence that leaves those lips, however, makes his blood freeze, then boil.

"Donnie, how could you do this?"

Anger and hurt course through the genius turtle's veins. How could Mikey believe he would do something like this? Just as he's about to say something, however, Raphael has the orange ninja pinned to the wall.


"Raphael, no!"


Startled, all turtles turn to their sensei. Wait, Mikey's in trouble? Not that that usually isn't the case, but Raph manhandled their brother. Small gurlgling from the turtle tot is all that can be heard in those precious moments. Their father slowly inhales, then exhales.

"Raphael, you may set your brother down now. Michelangelo, why do you think Donatello created this child?"

Chocolate eyes see emerald biceps tense, then slowly relax as the Sai user lets go of the smaller turtle and step away. Donnie quickly flits over to the larger turtle's side, wrapping an arm, then both, around one of the huge muscles, gently guiding his potential mate over to their adopted son. Raph ignores everybody, it seems, except Gemini and himself at the moment, as he feels the larger terrapin nuzzle the top of his head, then grabs a paper towel and attempts to clean off the cooked mush from the child's face. A small bud of feeling starts to bloom, but is quickly ignored once Michelangelo starts speaking.

"Because aside from Bishop, he's the only one who CAN do it. Not only that, but we all know Donnie's wanted kids since he was like, seventeen."

The olive ninja blushes. It was true. He has wanted children for awhile. But by the time they reached their mid twenties, he had accepted that it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. So he had stopped looking at biochemistry and such, not wanting to give himself any crazy ideas. But it would seem that the others still felt like he hadn't moved on.

"Mikey... while I'm not happy about the comparason to Bishop, I will admit that I had my bio-clock ticking. But it stopped about five years ago. I gave up."

Blue eyes look at him with guilt and pity. The genius grits his teeth at the pity he sees. He honestly can't stand that look. It makes him feel inferior. The emotions swirling in his brother's eyes quickly change then to confusion.

"So then, why do we have a FrankenTot in our kitchen? And why did Raph call it my nephew?"

The purple banded terrapin rubs his temples. That headache is coming back with a vengeance.

"Everybody sit down, and I'll explain."