Hello! The shipping in this chappy is soulfulheart and I prove that there is no heartsoulshipping, just a brotherly love. Anyway, remember that last fight I had with Whitney in the last chapter? Yeah? Well, we made up. Unfortunately, she's still a sissy brit.

Whitney: What did you call me?

Me: A sissy brit. And don't deny it; it's far more than true.

Whitney: *pouts* whatever. *sulks*

See? That's what I'm talking about! She's too sissy!

Random pokemon character, will you do the honors?

Red: Mayu does not own pokemon, blackberry phones, iPhones, Ray-Ban sunglasses, or the app WhatsApp.

Thanks champ, on with the—

Red: Wait, I'm not getting a kiss or something?

Me: Of course not! How dare you cheat on Lyra? *lands cold bitchslap*

Red: Ow…..

As I was saying, on with the story. (And off with the bloody red queen!)

Red: What the hell?...

Me: *lands another bitchslap*

Lyra's POV

"Wake up, Dee-Chan!" I said shaking Dawn to wake up. No response. I groaned.

"There's gotta be SOME way to wake you up!" I began thinking. Bianca's still in the shower, so it still leaves time for Dawn to shower, but only for me to wash my hair. Darn. Let's see….. I looked around our dorm.

Sunglasses, backpacks, purses, makeup, dresser, T.V., Misty's mini-mallet, pokeballs….

"Ugh, there's NOTHING to wake her up with!" I let myself drop on my bed and I petted my Munchlax who was nibbling on a cookie. (If not KILLING it. You never know when you'll find Gingerbread ninja assassins.)

"What am I gonna do, Ray-Ban?" Then I noticed something that wasn't food on Ray-Ban's fur. "What's that on your fur?" I pulled out some green and black ray-bans. They had the initials of something engraved on them. B.P. "What the hell is B. P.? " I thought for a moment then drew a sharp breath. "These are Barry's Ray-Bans!" That's when Dawn suddenly sprang up to a sitting position.

"Barry!" she then turned to me. "What're you doing with Barry's sunglasses?"

"Ray-Ban had them on his fur. Hinting his name, he always has some new Ray-Bans every now and then, so he must've found them near the ground or something," I explained.

Then Bianca got out of the shower and asked,

"Are those my cousin's?"

"Yes," I replied.



"No wonder," she proceeded to the dresser.

"Alright. Dee-Chan, you go in the bathroom and give these to your BF later," I commanded. Dawn sighed.

"Fine." And she took her towel and went into the bathroom.

~~10 minutes of wet Dawn later~~

"Get in, Lyra," Dawn said pointing towards the bathroom. Strange, she was already half-dressed.

"Finally! Longest 10 minutes of my life!" I joked.

I showered, but when I came out of the bathroom, now all fully dressed, Dawn wasn't there, only Bianca.

"Hey, where's Dee-Chan?" I asked.

"She left five minutes ago and took the Ray-Bans with her," Bianca replied. I sighed.

"Oh, Dee-chan. I'll just brush my hair then, and we'll be on our way," I told Bianca.

"Lyra, we're a half-hour from class, you can brush your hair at your locker," she said. Suddenly a gear snapped in my brain. I quickly took my bag and stuffed it with my books and notebooks. I returned Munchlax to his pokeball and dropped it in. I grabbed my pokegear, my iPhone, my hairbrush, and slid the ponytail holders around my wrist.

"Let's go," I said.

_At Lyra's locker_

Third person POV (Oh Yeah!)

As Lyra arrived at her locker, she opened the door quickly, took off her hat and whipped out her hairbrush. She wasn't used to anyone seeing her hair loose except for her roommates. Even less now that her hair reached her elbows and in her pigtails it reached and equivalent height.

The brunette tried to brush her hair quickly but ended up getting slowed up in the process.

Down around the corner came walking young Red, unaware of the female nearby. When he spotted her, he stopped in his tracks.

"Who is that chick?" he silently asked himself. And being the player his fans imagine him to be, he walked up to the unsuspecting girl. She took a step back and bumped into him. Turning around, she began speaking.

"Ethan, I'm not in the mood right…" seeing that it wasn't her friend, but instead the handsome senior, the brunette turned quite red as he towered over her. "Red! I'm so sorry! I just thought you were Ethan because we usually meet at this hour and… what're you doing here?" she asked. Now it was the boy's turn to blush.

"Oh, um, I didn't recognize you and I thought you were a new student, so I came by to say hi…" he explained. "Hi!"

"You didn't recognize me?" she asked.

"No. I'd never seen such beautiful hair," the blackhead admitted. They both blushed fiercely and an awkward silence came over them.

"Well, I guess I'll get back to—"but before she could finish, her lips were sealed by a kiss from the male before her. Strange as it was, she found the kiss quite enjoyable. So enjoyable, in fact that her foot popped like in the movies. Since she couldn't keep her balance, she tugged his shirt, unwarily pulling him closer. Although it was nothing more than a short content peck, they both felt fireworks inside. The short kiss was broken by the boy who caused it. Red left without a single word, leaving the brunette stunned in shock.

The last words she dared saying before going to class were,

"Oh. My. Gosh."

~~At homeroom B~~

Lyra's POV

(Thinking) Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! Red flipping kissed me! And I pulled him closer! Holy mother of Arceus and Giratina, I need help!

I wouldn't usually recur to this, but I took out my iPhone and as Ms. Cynthia wrote down the lecture on the chalkboard, I sank in my seat and texted Rosa. Thank goodness I sat in the back of the room behind Nate! He always raises his hand, so I never get called on. And Rosa sat two seats from my right. One seat from my right was Silver, who didn't really give a shit about me. All safe.

(Me) S.O.S.

(Rosa) What up?

(Me) Red kissed me.

(Rosa) HOLY SHIT o.0

(Me) Whado I do?

(Rosa) Tell Hilda-chan

(Me) groan

(Rosa) giggle

(Me) Y?

(Rosa) she's his cuz

(Me) -.- But she'll try matchmaking…

(Rosa) No worries, I'll threaten her not to.

(Me) Stifles laugh Okay.

-signed off.

-signed off.

I sank further in my seat. I got no choice. I copied down the lecture as quickly as I could, but the bell rang before I had time in class to text Hilda. So when everyone left the classroom, I sank to a corner on the floor with my iPhone. Luckily, I can text-chat with Hilda through a new smartphone app called WhatsApp. The name may sound cheesy, but it works.

(Me) S.O.S.

(Hilda) What's app? chuckles

(Me) your cousin kissed me

(Hilda) HOLY SHIT o.0 woah, rewind. How?

(Me) He saw me down the hall brushing my hair before class, he said that he didn't recognize me so he came to say hi, he said he'd never seen such beautiful hair and boom, there it is.

(Hilda) Finally! I mean, any more deets?

(Me) nope.

(Hilda) Did ya enjoy it?

(Me) Shut up

(Hilda) No really, I wanna know if my cousin's a good kisser

(Me) WTF?

(Hilda) So I can know if he's worth your time!

(Me) fine. Yes, I did.

(Hilda) Yay!

(Me) Yay?

(Hilda) Yes, yay! My little cousin's in love!

(Me) you're strange. -.-

(Hilda) I know.

(Me) What should I do? =(

(Hilda) Well, do ya like him?

(Me) Kind of? Yes? I dunno, I'm much more fuzzy because of the kiss.

(Hilda) Then be flirtatious! Don't mention it at all and when you see him give him a wink to see his reaction. You want him, don't you?

(Me) Yes! But I'm not sure. D=

(Hilda) Be sure. I'm not lying when I say my cousin's worth it. Before you know it, you'll be together as a couple.

(Me) Alrighty then. You won't try "helping" right? narrows eyes

(Hilda) Trust me. My work here is done.

(Me) What work?

(Hilda) Aha! A good cupid never reveals her secrets.

(Me) KK. Thanx so much!

(Hilda) You're welcome so much! Soulfulheartshipping forever!

(Me) Whats dat?

(Hilda) …Nothing…

-signed off

-signed off

I sighed. I guess I'll be alright.

"You okay, Lyra?" Ethan asked as he towered over me. When did he get here? I stood up and brushed myself off.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Thanks champ," I said.

"Are you sure? Because Rosa accidentally leaked what happened between you and Red," he said QUITE seriously. HELL NO.

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way, Ethan. But if you'll excuse me, I have a Giratina ready to send someone to Distortion world," I said as a dark aura surrounded me. I began walking away but Ethan grabbed me by the arm.

"Ho, no way, Liepard. We're not done here," he said. I blushed a little bit at the Liepard remark. It's a dark type that plays tricks and I'm surrounded by a dark aura and am about to play a trick. How funny.

"First, I need to make sure you're really okay," he said examining me from head to toe. "Your lips are mildly swollen. How long was it?"

"Rather short. About 2 seconds or so." Oh Ethan, always the doctor.

"Hmm…yes," he said sounding creepy like Doctor Barber. "Tongue?"

"No!" I reddened. Tongue on the first kiss? Is he nuts? No mentally stable guy would ever do that without creeping a girl out.

"Hmm…Alright, you're clear. Listen, I feel like and older brother to you, so it feels like my duty to protect you from harm. But if you take decisions with Red, I'll support you, whether I like it or not," he said. My eyes began welling up. I hugged him tight.

"Thanks man, I don't know what I'd do without you," I said.

"No worries kiddo," he petted my head. Suddenly the P.A. system blared up.

"All students please report to the auditorium for assembly."

~End of chapter~

Hi! Soooooo…. What do you think of this one? I mean, it's been a long time, but totally worth reading, right?

Aria: I dunno, a rookie trainer-slash-parasol lady-slash-rookie ranger like you isn't exactly my idea of a good fanfiction writer.

Me: Shut up Paisley! /shot/

Aria: But my name's not Paisley—

Me: Buh, buh, buh! I SAID, shut UP. *shoots strange evil look*

Aria: …..I'll shut up. No need to remind me.

Me: Good girl.

I wish I could do that in the games. She's just too chattery for me to handle. I'm currently playing pokemon ranger (rangershipping!) and I'm enjoying myself. (I'm already rank 7!) But really, I wish I could duct-tape Aria's mouth shut in the game.

Aria: Hey!

Dark-aura me: Ah! What did I say?

Aria: To shut—

Silence Snake: SSSSILENCE SSS!

Aria: But you're not even—


Aria: From—


Aria: *shuts up and fucking leaves already*

Dark-aura me: Thank you silence snake. I really needed that.

Silence Snake: 'Twassssss my pleasure.

Dark-aura me: Of course it was. Now run along, go back to The Amazing World of Gumball.

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Whole PHS cast (minus Lyra): Good bye!

Dark-aura-slash-evil-bloodbender-me: Lyra, are you still in shock from the kiss?

Lyra: *nods*

Dark-aura-slash-evil-bloodbender-me: Do you want me to use my bloodbending to make it happen again? And maybe make you do it? With you-know-who-that-isn't-Ethan-or-Red? (soulsilvershipping, hardcore)

Lyra: (HOLY SHIT SHE KNOWS BLOODBENDING o.0) *shakes head*

Dark-aura-slash-evil-bloodbender-me: Then say goodbye to the good children who happen to have no idea what a rape or bloodbendingis and GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!

Petrified Lyra: Goodbye…