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"Who's fault is it we're stuck here again?" Ryuga asked. "Shut up, Ryuga," Ginga said. Ryuga, Brie, Reigi, Ginga, Madoka, Nano, and Laney were stuck in school because everyone had to wait for Ginga to get his stuff. They were locked in and the lights were off, but you could still see. They were in one of the classrooms. "Well we wouldn't be in this mess if you weren't so slow," Laney pointed out. "So boring," Brie yawned. "We need something to do to pass time," Madoka said. "What can we do?" Nano said. "If only we had our cell phones, but someone was texting and forgot to put their phone on vibrate, so they got confiscated," Reiji said. "Oops…" Laney said. "No beys. No phones. No nothing. There really is nothing we could do," Ryuga said. Everyone sighed. A light bulb lit up above Brie's head. "RACE YOU GUYS TO MR. NEWMAN'S ROOM!" Brie shouted running out of the room. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" Laney yelled following. "WAIT!" Ginga yelled running after them. "GINGA!" Madoka screamed following. "DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME HERE LANEY!" Nano yelled sprinting out. Ryuga growled and ran out. Reigi shrugged and disappeared into the shadows. Mr. Newman's room was on the other side of the high school on the bottom floor. They were on the top floor. Brie was the only one who knew a shortcut. She stopped at a the storage closet, looked both ways to see if anyone was looking, and she ran in shutting the door softly so nobody heard her. She crawled into a shaft and pressed the button and it went down to Mr. Newman's room. She opened the shaft doors and crawled out into Mr. Newman's supply closet. She opened the closet door and ran to one of the desks and sat so it looked like she'd been waiting. Reigi walked out from the shadows and sat on the desk by Brie.

Laney ran down the hall and saw Ginga was behind her and behind Madoka was behind him. She picked up the pace. Ryuga passed Madoka and she grabbed onto his hair, slowing him down. "OW! LET GO!" he yelled. "NOPE!" Madoka yelled back. Ginga looked back and sweat dropped. "LET GO OF MY FREAKING HAIR!" the dragon emperor shouted. Madoka snickered and gripped his hair tighter, causing him to yelp in pain. "LET GO! LET GO! HAGANE TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO LET GO OF MY HAIR!" he yelled. "We're not dating! At least not yet…but NO! THIS IS FUN TO WATCH!" the Pegasus user shouted back.

Laney ran a bit faster, wanting to stay in 2nd. WAIT! WHERE'S BRIE, NANO,AND REIGI!? IF THEY FINISHED THAT MEANS…CRAP! I'M IN 4th! she thought. "BRIE! NANO! REIGI! YOU'RE DEAD! YOU HEAR ME! DEAD!" she screamed running faster than ever.

"Reigi, did you hear that?" she asked. "Sounded like defeat," Reigi laughed. Nano ran in. "Hey guys!" he said with a smile. He sat on a desk and gave and exhausted sigh. Laney barged in panting. "You…guys…suck…you…know…that…" she said barely able to catch her breath.

"LET GO! LET GO! LET GO!" they heard Ryuga yell from down the hall. "STILL NOT LETTING GO!" Madoka yelled back. Ginga ran in and sat on a desk, trying to catch his breath. "You guys missed it! It was hilarious," Ginga said between laughs and pants. "Madoka grabbed Ryuga's hair and wouldn't let him go!" he said.

Madoka ran in with red and white hair in her hand and some of it wasn't red before. "Hey guys!" she said with a smile. "Is that Ryuga's hair?" Reigi asked. "Yah," she replied with an evil grin. Ryuga walked in with his hand on his head. His forehead had a couple of scratches from Madoka. "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" he shouted. "Fun," she answered. "You clawed my head to death for fun?" "Yeah." "What is wrong with you?" "What's wrong with your head?" "Your nails." "Ryuga?" Nano asked. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" "Your heads bleeding." "Oh."

Me: Hahaha! Racing is fun when someone gets hurt!

Nano: You're sorta twisted.

Me: I know!