Me: HI! Last chapter was pretty interesting.

Brie: You can say that again.

Me: Read the disclaimer!

Brie: I'd rather take a nap. *walks away*

Ginga: I'll read it! FG doesn't own anything except for her OC's and the story! Now can I have a cookie?

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Ginga: …still want the cookie.

Their eyes widened and they broke the kiss. "OMG! WHAT DID I JUST WITNESS?!" Laney yelled through the speaker. "What…um…just happened?" Reiji asked. "I think we just…kissed. And the truth be told, I think I enjoyed it," Brie said. "Yeah…" "Well, I'm gonna go." Brie grabbed a few pies and left.


"What did Laney just witness? Is that Madoka? YES! Time to get back at Madoka for my hair and blood loss!" Ryuga said hiding behind a trash can. He had 19 water balloons in a trash bag and 1 in his hand. He climbed into the trash can.

"Ew, a banana peel! And a can of pop. And a dead squirrel. Wait, a dead squirrel? Oh I better hurry up!" he said lifting the trash lid up. He threw a water balloon at Madoka and it hit her in the face.

She let out an 'Eep' and Ginga came and asked what was wrong. SPLASH! It hit Ginga in the face. Ryuga couldn't help but laugh his butt off. "HAHAHAHAHA!" he cackled. Madoka and Ginga looked over at the trash can.

"TEAM 1 SCORES 2 POINTS FOR A PRANK ON TEAM 2! NICE RYUGA!" Laney announced. Ryuga's eyes widened when he saw Madoka he jumped out of the trash can and ran like there was no tomorrow, which if she caught him there wouldn't be.


Nano was making chloroform from bleach and acetone. "So Ryuga got us a couple of points. So the only team we haven't pranked yet is team 3. Now I'll just put some of this chloroform on this rag and we'll knock em' out," he said straitening his cracked glasses. He flipped his hair and Ryuga came in through a shortcut.

"Hey, look! I made chloroform and put it on this rag. Go make team 3 smell it. DO NOT SMELL IT! YOU WILL PASS OUT!" Nano explained. "Alright, Madoka is after me though so I'll have to be careful. Make more of that stuff," Ryuga said walking away.

He carefully walked to the cafeteria and saw Brie walk in. When Brie turned around, he put the rag up to her nose and she fainted. Reiji turned around and saw Brie passed out on the floor. "Brie?" he said scratching his head. Ryuga came up behind him and put the rag up to his nose and he passed out.

"Phew, okay now that that's over with…"Ryuga pulled out a sharpie and snickered. He drew all over their faces. "THAT'S 2 MORE POINTS SCORED FOR TEAM 1! NICE RYUGA!" Laney announced. "They'll be out for a few hours," Ryuga said. He left only to find an enraged Madoka waiting for him. She had a muddy water balloon in her hand. SPLASH! The dragon emperor was covered in mud.

"THAT'S 1 POINT FOR TEAM 2 FOR PRANKING TEAM 1! NICE REVENGE PRANK MADOKA!" Laney yelled into the speaker. Madoka smiled and went back to base. Ginga was sitting on a crate and Madoka took a seat next to him. "You got him back?" the Pegasus user asked.

"Yep! Revenge is fun!" she said with an evil grin. "You know Madoka, you're pretty cool. To tell the truth, I like you a lot." "GInga…" "Would y-you go out w-with me?" "Of course!" "Really?" "Yep, I like you, too. Ever since you went to Battle Bladers!" Madoka admitted and she smiled.


"Ugh…What happened?" Brie wondered out loud. She looked over and saw Reiji's face and fell over laughing. He had glasses around his eyes and freckles drew by a sharpie. He had Ryuga written across his cheek. She crawled over and shook him.

"Reiji wake up!" she ordered. "Huh? HAHAHAHAHA! LOOK AT YOUR FACE!" Reiji laughed. "I could say the same to you," the blond blader said. "What do you mean?" "Look" Brie pulled out a mirror and he frowned. "We need to get some points! We don't have any!" she said. "I know just what we should do," Reiji snickered.

Me: What's Reiji's plan?

Madoka: It better not be against us cuz she's the King of Pranks!

Me: I totally stole that title from Yugioh.

Yugi: What was that?

Me: Nohing!

Madoka: REVIEW!