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Chapter 1 -The Final Heist

Saturday, 7th November 2010

Gotham Museum of Antiquities


The Security Room was the only room in the whole of the Gotham Museum with the lights on and the snoring security guard was the sole proof of life in the building, all the other employees having gone home on this cold November night. One of the black and white screens before him flickered as the images changed. Something new appeared on one of the screens. A small shadow.

The shadow had a certain grace about it, almost gliding as it moved swiftly and silently through the corridors of the museum. It stopped, noticing the light at the end of the dark corridor of the East Wing and peered into the room which was the source. The security guard still remained in deep sleep. Creeping into the room, it was obvious why the figure melted so effectively into the dark. It was covered in black fabric. Hooded and masked, with only a small portion of flesh of their nose, cheeks and mouth peeping through. The uniform resembled that of a ninja's with the slight modification of a dark blue belt.

The ninja turned to the snoring man in the room with an endeared tilt of the head and a small, but slightly crooning smile. Then, turning back to the screens, it quietly tapped commands into the computer. Images from just a few moments ago in different areas of the museum appeared on the screens. The ninja gave itself a smug smirk. Even on camera it could barely be seen within the shadows. Still, all evidence was bad for you. Best flush it immediately. With a final tap of a red button, all the clips were erased and the screens went blank. The cameras and alarms were now off.

The ninja turned on its heel about to leave, when it looked back at the guard guiltily. Then with an air of self-annoyance, reached into the pouch on their belt and took out a sweet smelling rag, putting it on the desk beside his feet. With a nod, they then dashed out of the room, disappearing back into the dark corridors.

Finally reaching its destination, a room on the Far-East side of the museum, it entered, cautiously looking around. The main exhibit, a large lime green diamond called the Jaguar Eye, had graced Gotham with its presence for almost a week and now it was time for its brisk departure. It lay in a small glass cube atop a pedestal in the centre of the room, which had been squared off by red rope barriers. Ignoring them, the ninja hopped over and retrieved a paperclip from a pouch at its belt. Within seconds, the glass box's lock gave a tiny yet satisfying click and the intruder carefully lifted it off its stand onto the floor. It reached for the diamond but paused suddenly, gloved fingers centimetres away from the smooth, green surface. The intruder turned, looking directly into the darkest corner of the room, eyebrow raised.

"So, exactly how long were you going to stand there before jumping out and stopping me?" she directed into the darkness. "No, wait. Attempting to stop me."

From shadows of the darkest corner of the room, emerged a boy of around her age, eyes masked in a manner similar to her own. He wore black gloves and black boots, along with a matching cape. Her eyes flitted quickly to the red "R" on his chest, confirming what she already knew. Robin approached her, wearing a smug smile.

"I was wondering when you'd notice," he smirked, stopping only a meter away.

"I'm a busy girl, so let's make this quick, 'kay Wonder Boy? You going to attempt to arrest me or what?" She too smiled, enjoying their little game while it lasted. She stepped closer, ready to get into her fighting stance in an instant. They'd be at each other's throats in minutes. She let the small dagger hidden in her sleeve slide into her hand, unnoticed. The touch of the cool blade calmed her.

"You know me so well, X" he said, the roll of his eyes obvious despite the mask that covered them. "Except, it won't be just an attempt."

"Oh, please. That's what you say every time we meet. And you always end up on your ass in the end," she scoffed.

"Ah, but I got close last time, didn't I?" he nodded towards her arm as though seeing the bandage under her sleeve. She tried not to let that intimidate her. Instead, she raised an eyebrow, a knowing look appearing on her face.

"Ah, but you can't be farther this time," she mimicked his tone, mocking him.

"Now you're just annoying me," he smirked, folding his arms and leaning back against the wall.

"Well then, let me put you out of your misery."

Just as the words left her mouth, her dagger left her hand and flew with the speed of a bullet at Robin's face. He however, dodged with the greatest ease, completely unfazed by the attempt on his life. X smiled, looking at him with a newfound interest. But then, she hadn't really expected him to die that quickly, anyway.

"A dagger? Seriously? Very predictable, I have to say. You've used that knife throwing scenario every time we've met," he said, watching her sceptically.

"Not everyone has a Bat to buy us a new toy every week."

He shrugged off her accusation, nonchalantly.

"Don't you have to be somewhere? We've never had a conversation that lasted this long before,"

"I've got time to play. Now that you've made it interesting, I wanna see how this goes." Her smile widened, exposing a white toothy grin.

"Is that something to make me feel optimistic about my win?"

"Is the reason you're asking because your self-confidence is wavering?"

"Hardly. I just wanted to know how you see your chances of winning."

"Have to say, they look pretty good, Wonder Boy. You?"

"Couldn't ask for better odds."

"I assume that's supposed to make me feel intimidated?"

"Yes, it is."

"Talk's cheap, Rob. And you know I'm not going down without a spectacular, amazing, heart stopping fight."

"You know, X, it's bad that you don't know when to quit. You could get seriously injured after all. With every fight I learn more of your tricks. Face it. You're losing your edge. If you surrender now you'll save yourself the pain of defeat."

They were circling each other now. The playful tone of their conversation was fading and fading fast. She shook her head slightly and grinned.

"I will never know when to quit. And seeing as I've "lost my edge", as you put it, I suppose this won't come as much of a surprise then,"

Immediately, she dropped three small pellets onto the ground.

"Remember, Robin, I have a Bat of my own."

They let out a loud hissing noise, a thick black smoke emanating from them. She held her breath as she slid away putting as much distance between them as she could. Creeping towards the pedestal, she looked back and saw Robin still coughing in the thick cloud of smoke. She turned and ran to the diamond. She jumped the steps but even before her feet touched the ground she felt a rope snake around her ankles and pull her legs out from underneath her, making her fall onto her stomach with a grunt, her chin crashing onto the hard marble floor. She sat up, blinking away the pain in her jaw and tore the rope, freeing her ankles. Outraged she jumped up to face him.

"You're gonna regret that, Bird Brain," she threatened, glaring.

He, however, just continued to smirk in the same infuriating way. She knew better than to let her temper get the better of her but he was just so… So –ugh! He blocked her attack at his throat but wasn't so lucky in dodging her knee as it got him in groin. That was low, even for her. He yelped, blinking back the agonizing pain that began to well in his eyes.

"That's it! No more Mr Nice Guy," he muttered before forcefully, grabbing her arms and pinning them behind her back.

In the midst of their fight, X's bandage had unravelled from around her arm. Now the twisting had caused her wound to open and bleed once again, making her wince. She bit down on her lip hard to stop from crying out. Then she laughed hoarsely through the pain, turning her head towards him.

"What? No punching or kicking? This dodge and prevail crap isn't like you. You were holding back." she said as-a-matter-of-factly.

This made him laugh, even if smugly. "I guess after our last encounter, I promised myself I wouldn't hit girls,"

There was a small pause, where an expression of feminist indignation washed over her face before it disappeared and she smiled back, mischievously.

"Really? That's good to know, Wonder Boy! Unfortunately for you, I never made that promise," she said, before throwing her head back forcefully.

The back of her head made contact with his nose. He stumbled backwards with a yelp, his grip on her loosening. Using that to her advantage, she broke out of his grasp and took his legs out from underneath him, causing him to fall onto his back. She backed away from him quickly. Blood was now pouring profusely from his nose, which made her feel almost guilty for what she had done. Almost. It was his own fault for man-handling her.

Despite a redder replica of the Nile River running down his face, he got back onto his feet. X couldn't help but feel impressed.

"You're a determined, little Birdy; I'll give you that," she said, hiding the awe in her voice.

"It's what I do," he replied, unsuccessfully trying to wipe some of the blood off onto his sleeve and making her nose wrinkle in disgust.

"I don't think you're in any condition to fight," she pointed out helpfully.

"Don't think you are either," he replied by nodding back at her own wound which, now having opened, made her deep blue sleeve darken with red.

"Touché, Wonder Boy. Touché," she nodded, before straightening up. "Well, this has been fun. But, I think we can call it evens now." She was now walking casually towards the pedestal, his eyes following her movements warily. She paused at the diamond again. "I mean, we're busy people so, how about I just take what I came for and we can both call it a night?"

She reached out, about to grab it when something flew passed her ear, missing her skin by inches. It landed on the wall opposite and X realized it was one of his ninja stars. She looked back, grinning as she saw him standing poised with more shuriken in hand, ready to throw again.

"Well it didn't take you long to break that promise," she chuckled. "I take it your answer is no?"

"Sorry, but that's not how I work," he said, glaring which only made her grin widen.

"Well then, I hope you realize that you brought this on yourself," she murmured darkly, before jumping at him. She aimed a sharp kick to the stomach but he dodged, dropping a few of his bombs at her feet. She avoided them with ease, moving away in an impressive acrobatics display as each one exploded.

She ran at him again, this time allowing him to attack first. His arm extended as she dodged his fist and then at top speed jabbed sharply at it. He yelped as he lost feeling in his right arm, which fell limply to his side. Angrily he aimed a kick at her stomach which she didn't have time to block. She gasped as the air was knocked out of her. Stumbled backwards she was just able to duck as he made for another punch at her face. She did the same to his left arm as she had done with his right, quickly hitting the pressure points with deadly precision. Then, aiming a kick at his knees, she made him fall to the floor, defeated.

"Sorry I had to do that. You left me no choice." She sat him upright against the wall and took out a tissue from her pocket. She put it in his hand and wrapped his limp fingers around it. He merely continued to glare at her. But having seen his expression, all she did was laugh.

"You might want to put some ice on that," she suggested. "Don't worry. You'll regain feeling in your limbs in ten to fifteen minutes… As always," she added, smugly.

She moved to the diamond, opening her rucksack.


She turned to look back at the bloody mess of a Boy Wonder. He was shooting daggers with his gaze, as he spoke through gritted teeth.

"If you take that… I swear I'll-"

"You'll what?" It was her turn to glare. "Sic Bats and Commissioner Moustache on me? Practically slice my arm in half with your boomerang-thingies?"

X waved her bleeding arm, ignoring the sharp pain. She may have imagined it but she thought she saw an almost guilty look pass across Robin's face, albeit only for a moment before it went back to looking very, very pissed off.

"Sorry, Wonder Boy, but I've seen it all! You have nothing to threaten me with!"

She picked up the diamond, and placed it carefully into her bag. Then she stepped off the pedestal and headed to the door.

"See ya, Wonder Boy. It's been real!" she called before leaving him alone in the dark room of the museum.

"So not feeling the aster," he muttered, spitting blood onto the floor. Batman was not going to be impressed.

• • • • •

Saturday, 7th November 2010

Sorelli Building


Lanzo Sorelli was sitting in his office... Fifty storeys from the ground with every door manned by slightly shorter versions of the Hulk. How this little vixen managed to get in unseen remained a mystery to him. In retrospect, that was exactly why he had hired her. Some said she was a better thief than Catwoman. He couldn't help but agree. Cheaper too. That is, if Catwoman ever decided to steal for hire. Either way, he was getting what he wanted.

She burst in through the doors with a flourish, letting the light from the corridor pour into the dim room. He would have been surprised, if he hadn't heard the slight yelps and soft thuds from his body guards outside. It was always very odd to think a young girl taking out men five times her size and coming out of it unscathed.

Her hood was down, and black hair tied up into a windswept ballerina bun. She carried her backpack proudly as she strolled over to the seat opposite his desk. She flung the bag onto his desk, plonked herself down onto the seat and propped her feet up onto the table. She smiled smugly, her playful, masked gaze not leaving him for a moment, waiting expectantly for him to begin talking.

"You always gotta do that, X?" the crime lord said in an exasperated tone, gesturing towards the unconscious guards.

"Just proving how useless they are. You really need better protection, Sorelli. What would people say if they find out a girl could beat your body guards up?" she smirked.

"Ah, but you and I both know, you're no ordinary little girl, X."

She shrugged, frowning. "I don't recall using either of the words "ordinary" or "little" to describe myself, Sorelli, "she replied in a slightly irritated tone.

Sorelli's eyebrows rose. He was a dangerous man. Whoever was bold enough to test that fact was either incredibly stupid or incredibly brave. This girl could have been both. Or neither. Who knew? X couldn't be much over the age of thirteen and yet she was capable of so much. Incapacitating bodyguards over twice her size, for one. Stealing the diamond from the Gotham Museum of Antiquities for another. Obviously children like her weren't unheard of: Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy and that goddamn Robin, were all part of the game. What made her special was that she was playing for the other team. Their team. His team.

"You're gettin' over your head, girly. Too proud for your own good. That needs to be fixed." He opened his jacket, casually revealing the small silver gun sticking out of his inner pocket. He put it onto the desk with a thunk.

"You're not going to kill me, Sorelli. You're full of empty threats," X replied coolly. She was the Girl Without Fear... She could face this guy.

"I didn't get to the top making empty threats."

He gestured towards the wall farthest from them, in front of which stood a long glass cabinet.

"So that's the infamous collection," she said coolly. She then raised a derisive eyebrow at the gun before casually turning her back on it and walking over to the cabinet, peering inside as though in a gallery.

"I'm surprised you just noticed it."

"Of course I've noticed it. I'm just always in too much of a hurry to think of a polite way to ask about it," she replied, not tearing her eyes away from the objects inside.

None were of great value… In fact most were fairly ordinary - if not slightly shabby - items. A slightly dusty white handkerchief, a scuffed watch, a small red woman's glove without a pair, two hats (an emerald green fedora and a black and gold Gotham Knights baseball cap), a tiny brown leather backed day planner, a yellow necktie, a yellowing chain with dog tags… In fact the only item that could be classed as somewhat valuable was a ring. The most delicate ring possible, only to fit the nimblest of fingers. Encrusted with three small crystals, it sparkled under the lights.

"That Eleanor's?" she indicated the ring, not even sparing him a glance. She knew the answer… She just wanted to hear him say it. She wanted to hear even the slightest twinge of guilt or regret in his voice. There was a pause before he answered her.


It took all of X's self-restraint not to punch him there and then. The bastard sounded so smug. Still, she remained in her position, arms firmly at her sides, hands balled up into fists. No, not here. Not now. She breathed out and let her shoulders relax, she turned to the man, a bitter smile etched onto her mouth.

"How do you know that?" he questioned, watching her carefully.

"I do my homework, Sorelli. It's obvious to everyone who killed her. You covered it up pretty well. No matter how much they wanted to, the police couldn't find the evidence to send your murdering ass to jail."

He gave out a loud laugh, leaning back into his huge black leather chair.

"Impressive, X. But I'm fully certain that you have got nothing on me. They didn't get it then and they won't get it now. And besides, who'll believe the petty museum thief who just went to so much trouble to steal me the Jaguar Eye Diamond? You don't have anyone. All you have is this job,"

"So you'll understand why I'm kind of on a tight schedule," she replied, regaining her usual brisk tone. "Places to go, people to see, stuff to steal and this is already cutting into my eight hours." She wiggled the fingers of her outstretched, hand. "So, if you don't mind, I'll just be taking the money you owe me."

"Not until I see the diamond, Doll Face" Sorelli replied.

"You can bet your sweet beard it's in there, Genius," she pointed at the backpack, her own attention quickly returning to the cabinet.

Sorelli, stroking his beard thoughtfully, opened a desk drawer and took out a pair of black gloves. Putting them on, he opened the bag and gazed hungrily inside, the diamond reflecting lime green back into his black eyes. He took it out carefully, raising it above his head. For a long moment he examined it and then he brought it to his lips and kissed it, laughing manically.

"You want a moment alone with it, Beard-Boy?" X snapped, her voice now lined with impatience. Snapping out of his daydream, Sorelli put the diamond on his desk and took out his briefcase.

"Well, X, I'm an honest man," he said, earning a derisive snort from the girl. He continued with gritted teeth, "And since you held up your end of the bargain, I'm holding up mine. As agreed," he finished, taking out a thick wad of fifty dollar bills. He handed it over along with her backpack and, after a quick inspection, X shoved the money back into the bag. She got up.

"I look forward to working with you again in future," Sorelli said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cut the crap, Sorelli. This was the last time you and I ever do business together," X replied, walking to the door

"That's what you said on our previous "last encounter"," he replied, slyly. She shrugged, pulling her hood up, at the door now.

"Well this time, it's for certain. From this day on, forget I ever existed and I will reciprocate. I never want you back in my life again."

"Oh, Doll Face," he said in mock disappointment. "You break my heart! And I thought we were good friends."

"Not on your life. If I could have helped it, I never would have come to you in the first place."

"Ah, but you did." He leaned closer. "But I don't see where the shame in that is. You gotta admit I'm pretty lenient with you. Most others ain't so lucky." He waved the gun in direction of the cabinet.

"You're a sick, conniving bastard, Sorelli," X spat.

"And you're a proud little cow who's strayed too far from the herd. Truth be told, I think that sweet little mask of yours would look pretty good in there..." Sorelli gestured again to the cabinet. "Didn't your parents ever teach you to respect your elders?"

There was a pause in which X studied him for a long moment.

"They did. But quite frankly, you don't deserve it."

"I'm sorry to hear that… I think you completely deserve this." Without further warning, he raised his gun and shot. However, as he pulled the trigger, X disappeared in a thick cloud of smoke. The room filled with the fog, spreading around so much that Sorelli could no longer see the desk in front of him let alone the girl. Suddenly, he heard a soft voice in his ear, which made him jump.

"The smoke bombs work really well, by the way. They've proven useful… Word of advice though - don't give weapons to the people you're trying to kill"

He shot blindly into the smoke, trying to hit the source of the sound, the murderous animal that he usually concealed so well was beginning to show through with growing frustration.

A laugh and a "Ciao, asshole," was the last thing he heard before realizing that he was now the only one in the room. He sat down back into his seat as the smoke began to clear, rubbing his forehead. He looked at his desk, the frames and pens all there. The black briefcase in the centre. He stared at it for a moment before slowly clicking the locks either side. He opened and looked in. There was a moments silence before his eyes sparked fire and he let out an angry roar, jumping onto his feet. Reaching frantically over to the intercom, he jabbed the buttons forcefully, cursing at the assistant who picked up almost immediately.

"Sir?" the woman's neutral, emotionless voice sounded through the speakers.

"I want replacements for my bodyguards now. I want every other guy we got to go out and search for her, dig up Gotham City if you have to, but I want that girls head on a platter! Nobody sleeps until I get what I want!" he screamed into the microphone.

"Yes, sir" Her voice remained unchanged as the call was disconnected.

He turned to the huge windows behind him, searching the streets below for any sign of a shadow belonging to X. He knew deep down he wouldn't find her tonight, but when he did… He would make her suffer.

"Nobody plays Sorelli, kid. You're gonna regret the day you were born."