"You know, Since I didn't win... We can't be together."

"In my heart we will."

Those words were the last words me and Mason both said to each other the day of the Wizard Competition. It's been a year since I've seen him... Or anyone for that matter. Thing's got ontop of me, Life got difficult and nothing was going my way. Max became the full Wizard and Justin became Headmaster of WizTech. It felt like I no longer belonged anywhere. I was just a normal mortal girl with no purpose anymore... Like I've lost my true cause. Life was becoming an endless battle... A battle that I wasn't going to win. It led to me gaining depression and self harming. My parents urged me to get treatment and to seek help... So here I am, In a mental insitution... Well that's what it feels like to me, I'm in rehab.

I've been here for about a year now and today is the day I finally get free... The day I finally step back into the real world. I met a few people while being here, A girl named Sonny Munroe... She suffered with the same kind of illnesses I had but she's already left a few weeks back but i'm finally going to get out and meet her. I was told Justin would be here to pick me up but I doubt it... He's probably busy with WizTech.

"Alex?" Justin knocked on the door and then pushed it open slightly.

I stared at him for a moment. "Why didn't you just flash in?"

"Early days yet, Early days." Justin smiled.

"Are you seriously using my health as an excuse? I mean come on, We all know you're pathetic at magic." I smiled back at him.

"Oh, Someone's better I see." Justin grabbed my bags that were placed on the floor by my bed.

"How's Harper?" I asked.

"She's gone." Justin gulped. "She left town, Nobody know's why... She wouldn't tell anyone. She just told me to tell you that she's sorry."

"I see..." I stared down at the floor remembering all the perfect times we had together.

"Do you want to go... Get out of here?" He placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah." I breathed standing up and walking outside with him.

This would be the beginning of a new Alex Russo... Alex Russo the Mortal. I used to think life without magic would be boring but honestly, It's just the same.