This is the result of depression and the curiosity of the Pokemon Mew. This is a creepypasta, albeit a not very good one, and the first one I've written. Please don't be too harsh if you review. Just tell me what I could improve on.

Onto the short - and not so sweet - story of Mew and Mewtwo.


Struggling would do it no good, but other option was there? It was captured; seen and awed at it its jungle home - then brutally kidnapped and taken to this faraway land. It had been curious, seeing all of these new beings here. It had been curious, wondering what they thought was so fascinating about the rocks previous creatures like this had made to worship it in the past. The old, crumbling remains of its ancestors, the same flowing tail, same long legs, same fur, not that you could see it anymore (it had decayed long ago, you see). The same DNA.

It was cold here.

They had locked it up in a tiny cage. It was icy. It had never experienced this feeling before. The jungle was always so warm. Stifling, sometimes. There was always plenty of cool, refreshing water, despite that. Plenty of food too.

There was nothing to eat here.

It was forced to sit in its cage, fed only enough and at certain intervals only to be kept alive. The things that had taken it here were studying it, and the long-dead specimen from a previous visit. They had studied it at length, but never expected to find one still living.

It was injected with a huge needle - its screams of pain and protest ignored - filled with the DNA of its own kind. An artificial baby. It didn't know it, but its only purpose was now to create the most powerful being in existence.

It didn't know it, but a real scientist, not one hired under the iron fist of Giovanni, would have treated it much better.

It had never had any young before. It wasn't extremely common, you see, and it was difficult to find a mate. Especially when these things were tramping around your habitat, scaring everything off.

It was only a simple Pokémon, and yet it probably expected more than this. A happy but worried mate, staying by its side through the painful birth. Congratulating words by others of its kind. A nice rest.

Not this.

Not this.

Pain racked its entire body as the ...thing... tried to emerge from its broken body. It was so small, so small. Far too small to push out the genetic monstrosity placed inside it. The only others around it were the scientists, anxiously hovering over its tiny, pain-filled form to make sure their experiment survived the birth. They offered no reassuring words, no helpful hands, not a scrap of advice. They only watched, wordlessly and without emotion, and the horrific cries of the pained animal rang out, its tiny paws reaching for anyone's help.

It was finally over. It had been a long, difficult labor.

It only survived long enough to witness the mutated creature it had birthed before losing consciousness, and soon expiring.

Mew died painfully. No friends. Nothing friendly to it, in fact. Far from its home, poked and prodded and forced to bear a child for the use of a tyrant.

Mewtwo never knew its mother. It only responded to the first man to hold it - not seeing its mother's tiny corpse, removed before it was even aware of it, the scent of all that blood.

The only regret they had, carting off its broken body to be examined, was that they couldn't use it again for another experiment like this ever again.

Diary: July 5

This is Guyana, South America.

A new Pokémon was discovered deep in the jungle.

Diary: July 10

I named the newly discovered Pokémon, Mew.

Diary: February 6

Mew gave birth. The newborn was called Mewtwo...

Diary: September 1

The Pokémon Mewtwo is far too powerful. It's no use... I am unable to control it!