He was asleep. He hardly ever slept, but when he did, he looked even more childlike than ever. He lay, cocooned in her protective arms, his head resting over her heart, his breathing in sync with her own.

He seemed almost innocent like this. It was hard to imagine that this same man, was know as "The Lonely God."

Like this though, he was not "The Oncoming Storm", but the calmness, and the stillness that follows; he was not the "Destroyer of Worlds", but their peace-keeper, and their protector; he was not a "mighty warrior", but a wise man, and a healer.

And he was not a God, but a man. Her man. For reasons she could not fathom, and would never comprehend, he was hers. This beautiful man, her husband, her Doctor, was completely, and forever hers.