The first chapter of this twoshot has a rating of K, while the next chapter will have a rating of M. This chapter is like a flashback, leading up to the M-rated content. This story will not be shota.

The sky was crowded with dark clouds and rain fell heavily, swept sideways by gusts of wind. Huddled alone in his room, Inuyasha held his blanket over his head in an attempt to block out the growling thunder. Hesitantly, he lifted the blanket off his face enough so his violet eyes were exposed and glanced at his window. Water cascaded down the panes, which seemed to shake with the force of the wind. Lightning struck somewhere, lighting up the undersides of the clouds and the little hanyou whimpered, yanking the blanket back over to his face as a shield. It was times like these that he really missed his mothershe had always comforted him on nights like thiswhether the sky was full of angry clouds or if it was without the moon, or tonight, when it was both. But now, he was left alone. Maybe not completely though...

The only person he could think of who might allow him in bed was his brother. But Sesshomaru had told the hanyou that he would be busyhe had to stay up late to finish some work that their father had given him because Inuyasha had distracted him for a good part of the day. And he wasn't even sure if the youkai knew of his human nights... But the hanyou was too shaken to care, he needed someone. So he climbed out of his bed, black hair mused from holding the blanket over it and still clad in his red fire-rat attire because the night clothes he'd been given were scratchy and made his skin itch. He didn't want to wear them.

Sniffling, the young hanyou navigated the palace in the dark. His room was further from the center of the home than his brother's. Normally, he didn't care why that was, but he found himself wishing it was closerhis human eyes made it difficult to see. Inuyasha jumped when the entire hallway lit up an eerie white as lightning struck again and he nearly yelped. Just barely, he slapped his hand over his mouth. He kept it there as he tip-toed over rugs, trying not to run into any of the tables lining the halls. He'd get in a lot of trouble if he knocked something over.

It took him longer than normal to reach the youkai's room, even though he had the route memorized. Hiding and trembling behind the curtains when the lightning got bad added time to his trip. Now, standing before his brother's slightly open door, Inuyasha peeked in and called out in a whisper, "Aniki?" He stepped closer, until his face was pressed to the frame of the door and he was squinting through the crack. "Ani!" Unable to stop himself this time, the hanyou yelped as the hallway lit up around him again, the following thunder echoing in his ears. Rushing inside his brother's room, he looked around frantically and saw the fire was still going and there were scrolls all over the youkai's desk. But there was no youkai. Assuming his brother would be back soon, Inuyasha quickly made his way to the slightly wrinkled bed and clambered onto it, heart still hammering. It was much more comfortable than his own bed. The pillows were so fluffy and the blankets were so soft. His brother's night clothes felt soft too and the hanyou spotted them laying at the foot of the bed just as he was about to draw back the blanket.

While the entire room, the blankets, and the pillows might've smelled like his brother, Inuyasha wanted something moreespecially since he could not pick up scents as well with his human nose. Still shaking lightly, the hanyou quickly removed his own clothing, tossing it to the floor, and grabbed one piece from the youkai's night clothes. It looked like the kimonos that his brother wore, but it was lighter and thinner. Still soft though. Pushing his hands through the too long sleeves until he could see his fingers again, Inuyasha tried to close up the front but it was simply too big for him. He quickly gave up and settled for wrapping it around himself before plopping down and snuggling beneath the blanket with his knees drawn up tight to his chest.

From inside his brother's room he could still hear the thunder rumbling beyond the palace walls, but with his face buried in the youkai's pillow, he didn't have to see the lightning. But he still trembled slightly and gave a low whimper as he hugged the blanket close to him. He might have been more comfortable in the youkai's room, but he still didn't want to be alone.

Sesshomaru enjoyed storms. Scenting the storm before it arrived, Sesshomaru had made haste in the rest of his work and slipped out of his chambers to go stand in the library; home to some of the largest windows. There, he had a clear view of the sky. This storm was large and close enough to reveal the individual bolts of jagged, purple electricity. Each split-second flash illuminated Sesshomaru strikingly in the otherwise dark room. The only thing missing was the wind on his face and the smell of rain. He'd decided it would be best not to get wet just before bed, so he did not venture outside. The sky thundered louder still, and Sesshomaru took his leave of the library. Agreeably comfortable night clothes were calling to him. He could continue to watch from the roofed portion of his balcony.

The youkai could smell Inuyasha by the time he reached his open door. Though there was something mild about the hanyou's scent. Perhaps the boy had come and gone. Sesshomaru stepped into the room and immediately caught sight of the trembling beneath his bed covers. He peeled back the blankets slightly and blinked, eyes widening with sheer confusion and surprise. There was a human in his bed. And it was wearing his night robe. The human turned his face just enough away from the pillow to reveal a single squinty eye. Sesshomaru blinked. His eyes and nose were telling him the exact same thing. But how was this possible? "...Inuyasha?"

Mouth opening with his standard greeting of 'Aniki' on the tip of his tongue, the hanyou started to sit up. Before he could get the word out, the room lit up again and thunder crackedInuyasha managed only a scared squeak as he lunched himself at the youkai. He ended up kneeling on the bed, face buried against his brother, clinging to Sesshomaru as he wrapped his arms around the youkai as tightly as he could. Inuyasha trembled slightly as he tried to catch his too quick breath.

Sesshomaru stood very still, gazing down at midnight hair uncertainly. This human was the size of his brother. The previous yelp was definitely that of the young hanyou. No other creature would have the audacity to sneak into his chambers in the middle of the nightor ever. No one else would dare cling to the youkai this way. This was Inuyasha. A human version. Continuing to asses his brother's current state of being, he deduced that this would not be the best time to inquire about his strange appearance. Inuyasha was cripplingly petrified. Fear inhibited rational thought. So for now, he could let the hanyou's behavior slide.

Carefully, Sesshomaru lifted the hanyou up with him and climbed into bed, resting against the headboard with Inuyasha still firmly attached to his midsection. He rested his hands on his brother's back and looked to his window. He could not understand why thunder and lightning was feared so readily by children. It was a sight and sound to behold. "You snuck into my chambers and infiltrated my bed," Sesshomaru stated with something of a question in his voice. Why would the hanyou take refuge there?

"H-hai..." Inuyasha lifted his face enough to peek up at his brother. "I d-don't like storms, aniki..." The hanyou scooted up, long sleeves covering his hands as he gripped at the youkai's kimono. Dropping his face back down, Inuyasha nuzzled into the warmth his brother's body provided and tried not to whine as he heard more thunder, body tensing automatically.

With a sigh, Sesshomaru draped the blankets over Inuyasha, wondering if the cover of warmth would quell the young hanyou's quaking. "Why then did you come here?"

"'C-cause... Aniki is all I got." Inuyasha sniffled a little and tried to find a way to burrow closer to the youkai. "I used ta sleep with Mama on nights like this..."

Tilting his head, Sesshomaru glanced out his window again; a string of flashes illuminating his face. "What is it you fear in the storm? Can you not see its magnificence?"

"Too loud a-and bright," The hanyou closed his eyes tightly, gripping his brother's kimono like a life-line as he tried to block the storm. "Aniki!" He yelped out as more thunder rumbled, the frightening sound echoing in his ears along with the raging rain.

Sesshomaru watched the hanyou's frantic display with a frown. Once the thunder quieted for a moment, Sesshomaru hoisted Inuyasha up to eye level, supporting his rear with one arm and his back with the other. He looked at his brother's human face with assessing eyes. Inuyasha still whimpered and clung to his kimono. His gaze turned scolding as he rose from the bed with Inuyasha. "This is foolishness. I am taking you back to your own room, where you will stay and sleep for the remainder of the night. You are quite old enough." Inuyasha had only been living in the palace for a few months. For some reason, even with the youkai's hostility, Inuyasha had begun growing attached to Sesshomaru. He could not understand it. Never once had Sesshomaru allowed the hanyou in his chambers at night. That Inuyasha would think a mere storm gave him an excuse to take such liberties was proof that he needed discipline. The hanyou's mother had been too lenient. With the hanyou in his arms, he strode out the door and into the hallway.

Inuyasha's violet eyes widened and his breath quickened. His brother couldn't actuallyno, aniki wasn't serious... But then they left the warmth of Sesshomaru's room and were in the dark hallway. Even as lightning struck and illuminated them in every ghastly way that the hanyou feared, Inuyasha couldn't focus on it. "Anikiplease!" First, he gripped his brother as tight as he possibly could, wrapping his arms around the youkai's neck. Sesshomaru wasn't stopping though. But he couldn't go back to his room and stay there alone. Whimpering, the hanyou drew back slightly and pouted at his brother. When the youkai refused to even look at him, Inuyasha grew more upset. Pout quickly morphing into a frantic glare, he pushed on Sesshomaru's shoulders. "You can't!" One small fist slammed into his brother's chest, followed by another. "You can't! No!" Tears of anger and fear glistened in the hanyou's eyes as he continued to weakly hit the youkai until he stopped altogether. There was only a short moment of silence in which Inuyasha realized how much closer they were to his room. "I won't let you, aniki!" With that loud exclamation, the hanyou was squirming as much as he could, dull human nails and teeth being put to work as he tried to struggle out of his brother's grasp.

Jaw set, and firm in his decision, Sesshomaru held the screaming, violently thrashing child, easily ignoring the pathetic attacks he could have compared with the strike of a wad of jelly.

The door was still open to the hanyou's small, simple room. Sesshomaru slipped inside and disentangled Inuyasha from his clothes and hair before laying the upset, exhausted child in the bed. Quickly, Sesshomaru tucked the blankets around Inuyasha and stepped out of reach.

The hanyou wasted no time in throwing off the blanket and scrambling up, tears falling without restraint. "You can't!" Inuyasha stared up at his brother, trembling as he tried to speak through his crying. "Anikiplease, I'm scared.. I n-need you..."

Impassive gaze lingering for a moment, Sesshomaru turned away from the hanyou's bed and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. As the youkai walked down the dark hallway, he could hear the wet, hopeless sobs of his brother. Thunder crashed again, tearing a broken yelp from the hanyou. Inuyasha then began to cry so hard, half of it was relentless, chest-shuddering hacking. Likely, this would cause the boy to vomit.

Sesshomaru lasted approximately thirty two seconds.

Without even stopping, and resisting the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose, he swiveled around and strode back the way he came, a prominent huff in his breath. Not a word was said as he burst into his brother's room, scooped up the distraught, messy bundle of Inuyasha from the floor, and returned to the path leading back to the much desired comfort of his private chambers.

Inuyasha couldn't speak through his sobs and he was much too desperate to do anything besides cling to his brother. Even if the youkai had just left himalone. His hands fisted tightly in Sesshomaru's hair and clothes, not wanting to release the youkai for fear he would leave again.

Inuyasha made no attempts to calm himself, he simply cried against his brother's shoulder as they made their way back to the youkai's room. Each time he heard the thunder roll, the volume of his slightly muffled keening increased and his grip tightened.

Sesshomaru was thankful his mother, the lady of these lands, slept on the opposite end of the palace. If not, Sesshomaru would have to deal with the deep unpleasantry of her sleep depravation, come morning.

Closing his door behind him, hopefully for the last time this night, Sesshomaru made his way to the window and drew the curtains. At least, this way, the hanyou would not see the lightning. He then dropped the sniffling hanyou gracelessly onto the bed and relieved himself of his everyday clothes. Rather than bother stripping the hanyou of his night robe, he decided to remain in the nude as he got into bed beside the hanyou, sitting up with his hands in his lap. Once his head thumped lightly against the headboard, he sighed, thoroughly questioning his resolve.

The hanyou could feel the wetness of his tears across his face as he shakily crawled to his brother. "A-anik-k-ki," Breath hiccupping, Inuyasha trembled as he reached for the youkai. Sesshomaru wasn't going to force him to sleep on one side of the bed, alone... Would he?

"What is it now, you damnable hanyou." Sesshomaru orated with a bite in his voice.

Inuyasha's jaw was slack as he stared at his brother through blurry vision. It didn't bother him too much when other people called him a hanyou. But when Sesshomaru did it... His shoulders slumped and he gripped the robe he wore until his knuckles turned white. "I... I'm" Before he was able to finish, thunder cracked again and his eyes went wide. The hanyou launched himself forward without thought and grappled onto his brother. "Sorry, I'm sorry, anikiI didn't, please" Inuyasha's babbling quickly dissolved into hysterics, more crying than intelligible words, as the thunder seemed to cascade over itself and he hid his face against his brother.

Resolve fracturing, Sesshomaru hesitantly slipped the hanyou beneath the covers with him, drew up his bare knees, and enveloped the hanyou fully with his arms, resting his chin in midnight hair. Inuyasha was so frightened, he could barely speak. Perhaps if the child was allowed sufficient contact, it would calm him some... Inuyasha, legs curled up tightly to his small body, was plastered to his chest, unable to contain his shaking. Perhaps Sesshomaru had been...harsh.

The youkai's long, warm hands found their way to the sides of Inuyasha's head where human ears protruded. With slight pressure, Sesshomaru covered them with his palms, aiming to muffle the deafening cracks.

Embraced by the youkai and wrapped beneath limbs and blankets, Inuyasha's cries steadily began to quiet. The process was slow, he was still frightened by the idea of being alone and, even with his brother's hands over his ears, he could make out the crashes of thunder. Eyes squeezed shut, the hanyou noticed something less terrifying than the thunderthe slow and steady heartbeat against his ears. Breath shuddering and hiccupping, Inuyasha tried to only focus on that as he pressed his slightly runny nose against his brother. His cheeks were sticky as his tears began to dry, but his body was still wracked with shudders as he whimpered. The hanyou sniffled and whined, wrapping his trembling arms around his brother.

Sesshomaru could not recall a time where he himself had acted this way. Even if natural occurrences such as storms, or the dark, had frightened him, he certainly would not have had anyone to seek comfort from. Furthermore, the youkai's deep sense of pride had begun developing at an early age. So even though his parents would not find such behavior from him acceptable, he would not have allowed himself to show others that a terrified side of him existed. He wanted to be strong.

Sesshomaru cringed lightly as a stream of what he knew to be snot, seeped from Inuyasha's nose. Since the storm had quieted significantly, the youkai removed his hands from Inuyasha's ears and quickly swiped the sleeve of the stolen night robe under and around Inuyasha's nose, dabbing his own chest of moisture in the process. "This entire room will smell of human now, I hope you realize," grumbled Sesshomaru half-heartedly.

Inuyasha sleepily rubbed his puffy eyes, exhausted from crying and staying awake so late. He'd nearly fallen asleep while his brother had covered his ears. The boy nuzzled his face against the youkai's chest and closed his eyes. "Aniki..." His voice was quiet and hoarse as he spoke.

"...Inuyasha." Sesshomaru tipped the hanyou's face up and cupped his jaw to keep the drowsy hanyou upright. "Why is it you appear human? Is this permanent?" He furrowed his brows. Would Inuyasha be cast out immediately if that were the case? This was no place for a human. Accept perhaps the occasional human slave or healer.

Blinking slowly, Inuyasha gave a short shake of his head. "Jus' when the moon needs a breakMama said.. She called it.. The new moon. But there's no moon, aniki. It can't be new 'cause it's not there." The hanyou closed his eyes with a slight, tired giggle at his rambling, jaw still resting in his brother's grasp as he relaxed. "Mama said not to tell anyone, but I told you, aniki."

The new moon. A set day where all of Inuyasha's youki escaped him, leaving behind a humana far more vulnerable creature. The noise of the storm, coupled with the stress of being human, must have heightened Inuyasha's sense of terror.

Sesshomaru circled the hanyou's chin with his thumb while staring at his brother curiously. "You have not been around me long enough to understand my intentions. It was dangerous for you to give up your weakness so easily. Humanity offends most youkai. That is why you are hated."

"Aniki doesn't hate me though," Inuyasha stated with a sleepy confidence. After tilting his head back slightly to yawn and then unknowingly puffing his breath into his brother's face, the hanyou gave a small smile. "You came back and got me.. That means aniki loves me."

Sesshomaru's mouth twitched as he gave the hanyou a blank look. Love? No. "...I have not decided." Honestly, was Inuyasha truly so socially inept? This family did not function with love. There was only unity and competence. Inuyasha, however, was young, foolish, weak, needy, and likely harbored the competence of a cat, at most. He simply did not fit within the picture. "Regardless, there is this side of you to consider. Your raw human side. Do not tell or show anyone else, is that clear?"

The hanyou nodded his understanding, "Hai." Then he pressed his cheek back down against his brother's chest. "I'll just stay with aniki forever and you can kill anyone who sees me."

"Do not assume such things. You are the one I would kill for allowing yourself to be seen. A human in the family? Disgraceful." Sesshomaru removed his hand from his brother's face. "When you are old enough to care for yourself, you will likely be sent elsewhere to live alone. There is no place for you here." All along, this was meant to be a temporary arrangement.

"But... I wanna stay with aniki." Inuyasha glanced up, resting his chin on the youkai's chest. "..Don't you want me to stay? I mean, I.. I'm not human all the time.."

"But humanity will always be a part of you. I know this. And so does everyone else who resides here. You should not stay where you are unwanted, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru stated firmly. "But you still have time to realize that. A few years, perhaps. You will be taught to fight and survive. And then, you will be on your way."

Lip trembling, the hanyou clenched his jaw and sat up. No one ever wanted him to stay. Only Mamabut she was gone now. He'd been so sure that Sesshomaru was differentthe youkai wasn't nice all the time, but they were brothersfamily. They were supposed to stick together, right? He didn't want to be wrong, but Inuyasha realized he might be. "I should jus' leave now then. I... I can run away a-and aniki won't have to deal with me no more." Looking down with watering eyes, the hanyou sniffed and started to move away from his brother. "M-maybe somethin' will eat me and.. And.." Words were lost to more tears and a quiet sob as his feet touched the floor. He didn't want to be alone, but everyone wanted him to leave. The hanyou's knees buckled and he buried his face in his hands, still covered by his brother's robe. Tired and scared again, Inuyasha just wanted to sleep. He didn't think anyone would care if he never wanted to wake up again.

With a look of surprise and discomfort on his face, Sesshomaru reached down to where Inuyasha was huddled on the floor and picked him up by the back of the loose robes he wore before he could escape. Though Sesshomaru doubted he would actually attempt what he spoke of. This time, the youkai cradled the hanyou on his back with both arms so he could look down and see the hanyou fully. The distressed hanyou refused to look Sesshomaru in the eye. "You cannot run away because, for now, your place is here. My 'dealing with you' is no concern of yours, runt," he affirmed with notable softness. "And nothing will ever be able to eat you because I am going to teach you to fight. Until you are old enough to care for yourself, you have my permission to remain at my side."

Inuyasha bit his lip as he listened, but he couldn't deny that his brother's words calmed him slightly. Quickly, he risked a glance at the youkai, only to look away just as fast. Sesshomaru was still looking at him. A moment later, the hanyou ducked his head beneath his brother's chin and wrapped his arms around the youkai's neck. Still sniffling, Inuyasha closed his eyes, feeling a few more tears slip down his cheeks as he hugged his brother close.

Maybe Sesshomaru didn't want him around forever, but at least he wouldn't have to leave his aniki right away... It seemed like as good as he would ever get since the only one who loved him unconditionally was dead. At least.. Someone wouldn't mind him being around for a little bit.. Now the hanyou saw no choice but to agreewhat if Sesshomaru got tired of him and his whining? He'd have to be extra careful after tonight. "Okay, aniki..."

Nodding resolutely, Sesshomaru slid forward in the bed and leaned back until his head met the pillow. He shifted Inuyasha so that the boy could lay beside him and share his pillow. He saw no point in depriving the hanyou of his contact. After all, Inuyasha was being surprisingly pliable at the moment. His brother seemed to have given up on the idea of maintaining this way of life forever. Though Inuyasha's sudden firm grip on the youkai's arm suggested otherwise...

Sesshomaru would need to spend much more time with the hanyou if he was to train him to be independent. The results were inevitable. Too long in Sesshomaru's presence and Inuyasha would begin to hate him. There was no doubt in Sesshomau's mind.

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