Case 039 :: Felicity's Lullaby

Deneb shuts the door to Justice's quarters behind him as quietly as possible. It's late, but not late enough for all of the lights to be off, which they are. Justice sits on the couch with her knees drawn up to her chest, staring off into space.

"It's over?"

"Yeah. It is." His voice breaks a little at the end.

Because you pulled the trigger yourself.

I had to.

No, you didn't, you coward. She was begging you not to.

I didn't have a choice.

"She's dead, then?"

"Yeah. She is."

Justice nods like he's talking about the weather, and he shifts awkwardly. She's shut off since the night in the woods. So has he, maybe. Maybe he's just shut off since today, this afternoon. He should be worried, but he's too busy being in pain to be worrying.

He should say something else, come up with some comforting words, but he doesn't know any that can soothe her. So he stays quiet.

Your best friend is dead and you don't even care.

I do care; I just… can't realize it….

You need to wake up.

I can't….

Finally, he sits down next to her, but far enough away that something like a cold space settles between them. It's quiet, and dark, and he feels like he can taste death in the air. "It'll be okay," he tries, although he sounds unconvinced.


"It will be." His eyes shine with tears again, looking bluer.

Justice doesn't notice.

So he doesn't say anything.

After all of the executions, he went back to what had been Felicity's cell. The body was gone, but there were still splatters of blood on the tiles. He took things out of a supply closet and washed the blood out and cried for the first time in a long time.

It's all too perfect of a reminder of the dangers they try to forget, and now all of the fear is thrown back in their faces. Either of them could die, any second, especially now. Or both. The first would probably be worse for one of them.

What they need now is strength.

"We should say a hymn," she says.

He gets up to find a Record book that has one inscribed in the back.

She didn't work today, and took an extra (few) hour(s) to get out of bed, and just moved to the couch— didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't move. She watched the sunrise and sunset that Felicity would never see and stared.

"Praise the fallen heroes who were sacrificed, and may they rest in Elysium forever. Amen."


"Bless the good souls of innocence with health, happiness, love, and wealth. Amen."


"Let those who live remember, and keep them in their hearts forever. Amen."