And here's a drabble. Of Hugh and Elesa.

I think one day I'll be famous for writing crack pairings. Oh well.

Pokemon's not mine, duh, and all that shit that I don't own will one day be mine... ahhahahha i'm kidding, bros. ...I'll shut up now.

She always spots him waiting for someone (that girl, perhaps?) at the Ferris Wheel, but after the day is over, he leaves just as quick, as if he was never there.

She watches him walk in a fit of rage and melancholy, two things that should never be put together, and she has to wonder if he's in love with the girl or not. He's always waiting and storming off in the end, and yet, the girl just never shows.

Maybe it's a motherly side of her, maybe it's a sympathetic or empathetic side of her, but she feels bad - she thinks that waiting there every week is sweet and romantic, but yet he does so to no avail.

Still, the Ferris Wheel spins.

She lets herself watch him every now and again, his eyes peering at the Ferris Wheel, his eyes yearning for the sky (Skyla would tell him to take action, and then he could fly, but Skyla doesn't have anything to do with this), yearning for the sun.

And she has to wonder if he's waiting for the girl - she must mean a lot to him - or if he just wants to ride the Ferris Wheel.

She decides it's the former. It's the way he storms off every time she doesn't show that proves it. And Elesa still watches and wonders if he'll ever realize that she's probably not coming.

But still, the Ferris Wheel spins.

It's the next time she watches him every week that sets her off. His eyes show no emotion, just sadness, if anything was there, and he's going blank. He's going to depart without riding the Ferris Wheel with this girl.

This girl who cannot tell that he's in love with her.

Elesa wants to step in, to do something about it, and yet, she doesn't want to invite herself to be involved with the affairs of his own heart. But yet, she swears he's breaking down - and so is her restraint.

Through all of this, the Ferris Wheel goes on, even when it's loyal city cannot.

Elesa peers at the boy for the final time, because she'll no longer watch him - instead she joins him. And for the most part, he seems to be dying inside, just dust. He's disintegrating. He doesn't talk to her, instead stares at her with a burning glare, but a part of her knows she's done something right.

She's easing him.

And, the Ferris Wheel spins.

And when they begin to ride the Ferris Wheel together often, and when she kisses him on the cheek, and when he smiles at it, she feels at ease herself.

It's not until they actually kiss that the girl he's in love with shows up. But they're already on the Ferris Wheel, and he's already whole again without her.

And even so, the Ferris Wheel spins, with a newfound happiness.