A short little crossover set in Amity Park.

Stranger Than Normal

March 16, 2013

They walked into the Nasty Burger as a unit, on the lookout for any strange (well, stranger than normal) looks tossed their way. Ed was especially paranoid about someone discovering Al's secret, which, though justified to some extent, seemed unnecessary to the rest of Team Phantom. This was the most haunted city in the world and besides, body-less armor didn't have the same consequences here as it apparently did in Amestris. Still, Ed was being particularly annoying and on edge as they entered the restaurant.

They stepped up to the long line and by the time they got to the middle and no one was stopping them, Ed began to loosen up enough to talk to the rest of them instead of glaring daggers at every single teenager who happened to look their way (which was what actually made them look in the first place).

"So, Alphonse, do you know what you're getting?" Tucker asked absently as he eyed the menu.

"Ummm…" Al froze, as did everyone else in the group. They were pretty sure they'd gone over this before. "I'm not going to have anything. I'm not very hungry. I had something to eat right before we left, so…" his high voice trailed off at the end of his rambling.

Tucker still didn't seem to know what he had said wrong, but he did understand that he had done something what with Sam sticking him in the ribs and everyone else staring at him.

"It's okay, Alphonse," Ed said with a stiff crack to the arm. "I'll eat enough for the both of us, 'kay?"

Tucker cleared his throat and decided to lighten the mood the only way he knew how. Turning to Ed, he challenged, "Well bet you can't eat four mega mighty meaty melts and all the fries." He smirked when the boy's eyes glittered gold at the idea.

"Bet you can't eat five."

"You're on!"

"Whoa," Danny's eyes went wide, impressed with the stakes.

"But brother," Alphonse protested, "you don't even know what those are!"

"I know, Al, but we both know that whatever they are, I am more than up to the task."

Sam rolled her eyes while muttering something sounding suspiciously like, "boys."

Danny laughed and began to gleefully knock Al where his ribs should have been and raised the bets on which boy could consume the most food. He and Al both seemed to have insider information about their man and spirits were running high as they claimed a booth and pulled over a spare table.

A team of staff had to bring the order out in batches and if armor's eye sockets could have widened, Al's did so. Tucker smirked as he laid out his food. Ed stared at it all for a while until a big grin threatened to split his face.

"Ready?" Ed asked.

"Set?" Tucker responded.

"Wait wait wait, guys!" Danny protested with outstretched arms. "We haven't figured out rules yet!"

"GO!" they both shouted as they dove for their first burger.

For once, I can almost guarantee that there will be a part two. ;)