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The Epilogue I promised:

Several months later:

It finally started to get warm again. It was only going to be a short time before the soothing temperatures became unbearably hot and humid. Daryl leaned back in the grass with his feet up on a box. Even with his eyes closed felt a shadow block his light. It was the same person who met in the same spot and the same time for the past three weeks.

"Hey, I think this is yours," she paused. "Well technically it's my dad's but I guess it's yours now." Beth had begun to really like getting back to the way things were again, like finally comfortable starting up a conversation.

He opened his eyes to Beth. She waved a book around that he nearly completely forgot about.

"You found that?" Daryl sat up and took the book with barely restrained mirth.

Beth made a guilty face, "I found it a while ago, but it kind of got buried."

Daryl flipped through it; just glancing at the front inside cover for a millisecond then closed it and put it beside him leaning back into his prior position. "Never even read it," he said with a small smile.

"It's not that good," Beth admitted with a smile back. "Not much of an apology is it?" She referred to the note in the book, figuring out it was Andrea's message a while ago.

"Nah, but that's why I like it." Daryl shifted his shoulders and watched Beth stand there awkwardly. Their interactions had slowly risen to a once a week occurrence.

"Well, are you gonna stand there or sit?" He asked. It was slowly getting better between them. He forgot what it was like just to be friends with her.

Beth took his invitation beside him. When she glanced at him, his eyes were closed again. She leaned back, mimicking his position, and then sighed contentedly. The grass was soft and lush already.

Maggie stopped as she passed them, sweaty from hauling boxes from the truck back inside for the past hour. "Hey don't worry, you two, we got this," she said snarkily.

"Thanks!" Daryl shouted out smirking. And Beth quietly laughed beside him. He turned his head to her. "Bout time some these other people do somethin'," he said eying around them.

"Really, you mean the old lady in the wheelchair?" Beth asked, looking at the closest person nearby.

The older lady saw Beth look at her, so Beth leaned up and gave her a pleasant smile.

"You two are so adorable together," she said.

Beth blushed and fought a grimace, while Daryl made a small noise in his throat, his feet dropped from his box to the ground as he sat up.

"You're a lucky man; you have a very beautiful daughter."

Beth had to elbow Daryl in the ribs as he began to sputter a curse. "She has dementia," Beth hissed. "She keeps thinking my dad is my grandfather." Beth turned back to the lady. "Thank you!" She shouted back, knowing the woman couldn't keep track of who was related to whom after all this time.

"Fuck," Daryl grunted. "Do I look that old to be your dad?"

Beth scrutinized him carefully for a moment, "Oh yeah, totally."

"Bitch," he nudged her hard with his shoulder. She toppled over laughing.

"Come on," Daryl stood up and straightened his jacket. "Let's go help before your sister glares us to death." He gestured in Maggie's direction and held out his hand helping her to her feet.

She smiled at him as they walked together. "You don't look that old."

"Pff," he rolled his eyes. "Thanks."

"But you are technically old enough to be my dad."

"And here I was gonna go out for a ride later, and see if you wanted to come," he gave her a small glare.

"You were?" She nearly faltered in her steps. It had been so long.

"Yeah, was." He gave her a look. "When you were being nice."

"Oh come on. I was joking," Beth swung in front of him with her hands on her hips.

Daryl had to stop at the Beth roadblock and shrugged his shoulders with a smirk. "Karen was asking about going out on a ride not too long ago, so I could always take her."

She impressively did not make any sort of face at that. But neither of them moved.

Maggie huffed and looked to Glenn. "What the hell are those two doin' now?"

Michonne walked by them with a loud sigh. "Here we go again." Daryl and Beth cringed simultaneously.

"Here what goes again?" Glenn asked bewildered.

"I..um," Beth frantically glanced around. "Got some stuff."

"Yeah, I've …things," Daryl said quickly.

They both realized what they said was ridiculous and made no sense, but took off in opposite directions. Leaving Glenn and Maggie confused.

"Did I miss something?" Glenn asked. "I always feel like I'm missing something."

The end end.

It's The Walking Dead…so I decided a few days ago to add an epilogue before I posted chapter 11, because I couldn't have it end so terribly sad. You know ,since it won't be that tone at the opening of season 4. I wrote this drinking a half a bottle of champagne. So I was in a good mood writing it.