I had sat and planned over and over, trying to figure out a way to get rid of Newton, but nothing seemed to be good enough. This wasn't just some little punk that tried to get one over on us, no, this one had actually began to harass My Isabella. And that, if you didn't already know, was not something you were allowed to do. It was one of my most important rules.

She was out of bounds, to anyone that wasn't immediate family.

I couldn't kill him, not yet anyway. I wanted him to suffer. I wanted to see his life crumble right before his very eyes, I wanted have front row seats to watch as his life ended. He thought he could become one of my men, albeit not a very important one, and start mackin' all over my woman? Nope, no way. Not in his worthless lifetime.

I would watch him for now, give him menial jobs, things that kept him as far away from her as possible. And if that didn't work, then I'd just go to my father, he would be able to help me. He'd had a similar problem, my mother had her own stalker, somewhat like Michael. Except hers hadn't made it so obvious as to what he had been doing.

In the end-up, hers had made the biggest mistake, he'd sent her flowers. With a card attached, professing his love for her, he had even signed his initial at the bottom. At first she had thought they were from my Father, seeing as they had the same first initial, but when he had denied sending her such cheap-looking flowers, she told him everything.

My Father was not a patient man, he wouldn't sit and plan out a way to kill someone that had wronged him. No, he had called the man into his office, sat him down and told him everything he knew. The man, named Caius, sat shaking, pleading for his life. In the end up, my Father took him to some location, somewhere in the warehouse district, and shot him between the eyes.

So, if Michael made even the slightest move toward my Bella, he would die. There was no doubt about that. And, to make things even harder for him, she would now have around the clock security surrounding her, wherever she went, at all times. If he managed to be within fifty feet of her, he would die. Even if I wouldn't be there to do the deed myself, he would die.

Slowly, and painfully.