Ava's POV

sorry for all the grammar mistakes.

After a long, grueling train ride we were in Columbus, Ohio. We got a taxi to the Suco's flat. When we walked in Abby hugged us both and took are bags. Ambre filled Austin in with everything he missed. Abby and Alex debated the national debt. I walked to window. I looked at the city sparkle. I watched the moon, looking for a face to watch me back. After the 2 day I got home sick. I was with someone I loved. So why was I home sick? The Cullens were the back in of my mind. But they were still there.

I was the third wheel. Ambre and Austin were the closest sibling I have ever seen. They would do everything together from hunting to reading. Whenever we played monopoly Ambre and Austin would be on the same team. I may suck at monoploy but my boyfriend should be on my team. I got the idea on July 14th when I was hunting alone. If the Cullens would run after me so would the Sucos, if they loved me. I whispered to Austin" meet me at the ballpark." I went and waited for 5 minutes. I texted Austin. I waited and waited. After him not coming after 2 hours I got worried. I ran back to the Suco's apartment building and climbed up the side. I looked in the window carefully so they wouldn't see me. Ambre and Austin were playing Quelf my favorite game ( it's a real game, It is so fun.) I called Austin. He pick put his phone and looked at the name . He didn't answer. I left a message. We are done and send my clothes to the Cullens, I wouldn't see you soon. Have a bad day. I went to the train station. jumped on the train and started my trip home.