This a SasuNaru fic, past SaiNaru

Warning: Yaoi, meaning Boy X Boy if you do not like it then don't read it. Please no flames.

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By the way, Naruto is in his Junior year of High School.

Today is going to be the best. I am actually excited today. No fake smile on my face like there often is. I am really happy. Today is one year after me and Sai started dating. I know its really girly for me to care about these things but… I don't care. I can be happy if I want. Sai promised to take me out for a nice dinner tonight but he didn't tell me where. I really can't wait to find out. Geez, I'm so happy and excited even I find it weird. It's Sai's fault though. He's the one who makes me feel this happy.

"Naruto. Naruto! Narutooooo!" Bam. I got hit on the head.

I groaned as I rubbed my head, "Sakura why's you hit me on the head? I'm losing brain cells here."

Sakura huffed, "It may be a free study period in class but it's your fault for zoning out on me. You have too many brain cells anyways." (1)

This was Sakura one of my closest friends. She is really kind but if you make her mad, watch out because she will punch you hundreds of meters away or crush you. Trust me, I know. She is also super smart and all of her classes are honors. She is planning to become a doctor.

"What!" I gasped. "I do not. I am always losing them from getting hit in the head by you. I have very few left."

"Yet you still manage to get straight A's," Gaara pointed out.

This was Gaara. He is my best friend and has always been there for me. He is a really quiet person but he is strong and smart too. Even though people find him hard to approach, he is a really good guy and he's kind too. As long as you don't mess with him, that is.

"That's only because Sakura-chan helps me," I smiled.

"You would do well without me," Sakura muttered as she rubbed the bump that was forming on my head. "Come on," she exclaimed as she got up.

"To where?" I asked, confused.

Sakura put her hands on her hips. "To the nurse's office obviously, we need that bump to go down. You have plans tonight, don't you?"

How can she be so nonchalant? I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks and me grinning at the same time. Geez Sai, you're the cause of this. I could feel Sakura's smile on me.

"Its ok Sakura, I can take myself," I tell her as I get up and out of my seat.

"You sure? Tsunade-san might be sleeping."

"Yeah, I'm sure. Plus, if obaa-chan is sleeping there is always Shizune-san. If they're both out by some chance then I can always treat myself, I know how to," I assure her.

"Kakashi-sensei!" I call out from across the room.


"Can I get a pass to go the nurse?"

"Couldn't you just go there with out one?" He asks lazily. Even if the only thing visible is his eye I can tell he is being too lazy to write one.

I shook my head no before I grinned, "I can't afford to get a detention today. Plus, I think the hall monitors are out to get me."

Kakashi-Sensei sighed, "Fine. Naruto." He had scrambled through his papers and eventually found the hall passes. After quickly signing it and writing down where I was going, he handed me the pass. "Here you go."

"Thanks!" I say running out the door as I wave goodbye to my friends.

"Naruto don't run in the hallways, I'll get in trouble!" Kakashi called out behind me, though even then I know he really didn't care.

"Geez, Naruto, why do you get yourself hit in the head so much," Tsunade sighed as she handed me an icepack.

"It's not my fault obaa-chan!"

She promptly pummeled her fist onto my poor head. "Don't call me Obaa-chan, squirt."

"Why'd you have to hit me too," I grumbled as I rubbed my head. If I get a noticeable bump on my forehead because of this I'm totally going to be pissed. I have a fancy dinner tonight with Sai.

"It's nobody's fault but yours for getting hit by Sakura or me, Naruto," Tsunade sighed.

I knew that it was my fault but it didn't mean I had to agree aloud to it. I took the icepack from her hands and placed it on my head.

"Now get back to class, kid. I'm busy," Tsunade ordered.

I laughed and ran to the door as I held the icepack to my head. "See you later obaa-chan!" I shouted before running for my life. She could be scary when angry, I'll never learn.

"Narutooo!" I heard her yell though she didn't chase after me. For some reason, I had felt her smiling softly at my back.

"Now, time to get back to class," I muttered as I continued to put the icepack to head. The cold was reducing any swelling that was there earlier. That was Obaa-chan for you, she made it seem like your injuries never happened or were really small. She is a pretty good doctor though I would never say it out loud unless I needed to.

Suddenly, I saw Sai walking around the corner. "It wont hurt to get back to class in a few more minutes," I told myself as I followed Sai. "I wonder why he isn't in class, anyways."

"Are you sure we should do this in school?" Sai asked nervously.

"Don't worry," she laughed.

"But what about Naruto? He might see."

"Naruto is in class, Sai, and stop talking about him when it's only us. Otherwise, I'll be jealous."

"Yes ma'am," he smiled.

She nodded approvingly. "Now, come here," she smirked as she pulled Sai by his shirt and brought him toward herself, bringing him into a kiss.

"Mmmm, you're such a good kisser Sai. I wish you would just be with me," she whispered into the kiss. Then she turned away, "I feel bad that we're doing this to Naruto but... I can't help but love you. I want you to be mine. I'm such a terrible person, aren't I?"

He pulled back and held her by the waist as he gazed lovingly into her eyes. "I want to be with you too. So don't worry, I know that Naruto is really understanding. He may be hurt at first but he will forgive you and me for sure."


Sai put his finger to her lips, "No buts. I'm going to break up with him to be with you. It is what you and I both want. I love you, not Naruto."

"Really, Sai? You mean it?"

"I'll break up with him tomorrow. I can't tonight otherwise it would hurt him too bad and it is me cheating on him. I'll be with him tonight and tomorrow we will be over," Sai smiled once again.

"I can't help but feel happy knowing you'll be mine even though I feel bad about hurting such a good person like Naruto," she smiled as she leaned in and kissed Sai's pale, soft lips.

There eyes closed and they were so lost in kissing each other that they didn't here the footsteps coming towards them until it was to late.

An icepack crashed onto the floor. Lips quivered as he choked on his words, "S-Sai?"

(1) Sakura and Gaara aren't Naruto's only friends but they are the Naruto's only good friends in the class specifically. At lunch the whole gang will be there and during the other classes, the rest of them will be there too.

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