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Warning: Boy x boy. some angst.


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The group was loud as usual. Neji was glaring at Kiba, as the dog-lover was holding his blushing-red, likely to faint soon, cousin, Hinata, very close. Gaara was stealing a secret glance at Neji as he talked with Kankuro and Temari. TenTen was slapping the back of Lee's head, telling him to shut up about the fountain of youth and how love was in the air. Shino was reading his biology book intently and swatting away anyone who tried to take it away, which led to Kiba teasing him a lot. Choji was about to get up to get another tray of food while Sakura and Ino were bickering on and on with each other. Shikamaru yawned tiredly, deciding that saying anything right now would be too troublesome. Sasuke was the only one actually quiet, but that was a given since Sakura and Ino had been fighting over which of them would sit next to him until he had given them a death glare. After which, they decided to sit across from him and bicker about whose fault it was.

Naruto slowly walked into the lunchroom, in which his friends sat. He immediately spotted them in their usual space and went toward them, a grin plastered on his face. He had checked in the bathroom earlier, his eyes weren't red from crying anymore. They were blue like they were supposed to be, but if one looked closely they would have been able to tell that they were a dull blue, darkened by emotions that were consuming the owner of those eyes.

"Hey, what did I miss?" Naruto asked as he slid into the only available chair left, next to Sasuke. He could feel the Uchiha's gaze upon him but chose to ignore it.

Shikamaru looked up, he couldn't help but feel as if something was wrong. That and the fact that Naruto was without Sai proved something was off. The two had always been together, usually teasing each other. He shrugged it off, he wasn't going to say anything about it unless Naruto did first.

"Not much in Kakashi-sensei's class," Sakura answered as she passed him his bag. "Did you manage to take notes in your next class? I tried to find you once the period ended, but Tsunade-sama said you had already left to go back to class quite a while before."

"Oh, I didn't," Naruto laughed as he placed his bag onto the ground next to him.

Suddenly, Kiba interjected, "That's right! Where were you Naruto? Iruka-sensei was really mad when he learned that you were ditching his class."

Naruto groaned, dealing with an angry Iruka was scary. "How did he even know I was here today?"

"Probably because you had said asked him to treat you to ramen tomorrow more than twenty times before then," Kiba joked.

The blonde face-palmed, "There is no way he is going to treat me to ramen now."

Kiba laughed, "He's probably going to make you do extra homework instead."

"Noooooooooooo!" Naruto whined, as he raised his fists up in the air, almost as if asking it why this was happening to him.

Neji placed a few sheets of paper in front of Naruto, "Here are the notes for you from class, study them well. Iruka-sensei is giving a quiz on today's lesson tomorrow since you were gone."

"Kill me now," Naruto sighed as he thanked Neji for the notes and put them in his backpack. He would look over them later, he had no plans tonight anyways.

Usually, Sai would pat Naruto on the back at this point and say "There, there, its not the end of the world," or something like that. But Sai wasn't there, and the rest of them realized that. Naruto hadn't even mentioned where Sai was, which he usually did if Sai wasn't with him and was running late. Something had happened. (1)

"Hey, Naruto?" Sakura was the first to ask, hesitance was evident in her tone.

"Yeah, Sakura?" Naruto answered, as he nervously scratched the back of his head while grinning wider than usual. He could feel the rest of the gang looking at him. "They finally realized that he isn't here, haven't they," Naruto muttered. "I don't really feel like talking about it but, I dont want to see their faces if I don't tell them..."

"Where is Sai?" You could hear the others gulp in anticipation and anxiety as soon as those words passed her lips. They all knew how scary an angry Naruto could be and if this pushed his buttons they were going to have to high-tail it out of there.

Naruto knew that she was going to ask this but he still froze. He could feel himself choking up, the words wouldn't escape him. His eyes were beginning to burn too. "No way in hell am I going to cry again," he told himself. The longer he took to say it, the more worried his friends were becoming. He did not want that. He hated it when people worried about him. "Well... um... about that," Naruto began.

"Sai cheated on Naruto. They broke up," Sasuke suddenly interjected. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, as the others stared at him. Even Naruto had his eyes wide open, staring at him in shock. The whole table was silent

"I-is that true Naruto?" Ino was the first to speak up and ask.

Hearing Ino speak, Naruto was snapped back into reality out of his daze. Time began to move once again.

Naruto eyes fell to the floor, "Yeah, its true."

He could hear the girls gasp and, when he looked up, he was surprised to see the other girls getting out of their seat, running towards him. He held his hands up in front of his face, he knew he was about to be mauled by hugs. Sasuke immediately moved himself and his chair out of the way from the girls, no way was he going to be run over. He already had enough with avoiding fan girls who tried to run him over with hugs... or worse.

"Lets go give Sai a piece of our minds," Sakura declared as she squeezed Naruto close to herself before letting go of him.

"Yeah, we can do it right now," Ino agreed. The two girls had forgotten their 'fight' and had resolved their friendship for the sake of Naruto and revenge.

"I have the means," Ten-Ten murmured suspiciously. (2)

Ten-Ten, Ino, and Sakura had begun to plan their attack on Sai already when Hinata decided to speak up as loud as she could while still being quiet enough for the other tables not to hear. A few students had been staring at their table since the girls had jumped up to give Naruto hugs.

"N-Naruto-kun, a-are you going to be alright?" Hinata stuttered to say, her voice had come out in a whisper nonetheless. Still everyone was used to how soft-spoken Hinata was and could hear her clearly.

Everybody's attention turned to Naruto. Curious, and more so concerned at what the blonde's response would be, Sasuke also gave his attention, but more discreetly.

Naruto smiled softly back at Hinata, though the smile could not light up his dim, blue eyes in the least bit. "Honestly, Hinata, I don't know."

(1) No duh, something happened. It doesn't need to take a Sherlock Holmes to realize that. Well, in this case Shikamaru realized it, but... oh well. (I'm so out of it, please excuse my commentary.)

(2) This means that she has stuff that can be used to beat up Sai, physically or mentally. Its up to your imagination as to how.

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