Hey everyone! So I'm in a traumatized state and it's safe to say that Wally is my favorite superhero (along with Robin/Nightwing but thats beside the point) and I am writing this to vent because of the last episode, Endgame. Spoilers for said episode but I'm just writing about how I think the ones closest to Wally would be dealing with it.

I do not own Young Justice because if I did, none of this would happen.

Artemis woke up slowly, not wanting to move from the bed that felt so uncomfortable and unknown to her. Everything seemed so uncomfortable and unknown to her now. After the world had celebrated the liberation from the Reach, the Justice League and Young Justice stayed at the Watchtower. Batman declared this place the new home for the young team, but Artemis had barely listened.

She sighed and sat up; blankly looking around the plain room she ended up in. Nothing decorated the walls and there was only basic furniture present. She didn't have the heart to go back to their…her apartment and bring things to fill the room or make it look more like, well, like a hospitable place to her.

She slowly got out of the cold bed and changed into a pair of dark skinny jeans and a dark gray long sleeved shirt. As she closed her closet, her eyes caught a glimpse at her forest green uniform she had ignored for two days.

Two days…

It felt like a lifetime to her. Without him…how long would a lifetime feel? The past two days have been spent crying, not eating, and pushing everyone away who tried to comfort her.

Artemis moved across the room and looking the mirror. She took in the dark circles under her eyes and the puffiness of her eyes. She hadn't been sleeping much either. When she would lie down, she would have time to think, and thinking only brought back painful memories and the impossible fact to remember that he was gone.

She pulled her hair into her usual pony tail and exited the silent room. Her barefoot steps left a soft patting as she walked down the hallway. By the soft light that came from the sun not yet passing the horizon, she'd say it was about 6:30. She quietly made her way to the little living area in the Watchtower. She poured a cup of coffee for herself, absentmindedly wondering who else was up to make coffee already.

She leaned against the counter while she blew on her hot dink, waiting for it to cool. Flash had left after she started sobbing her eyes out in the arctic.

"Artemis…I'm sorry…I'm so, so sorry…" He said, but the voice didn't sound like his. It was the voice of the happy-go-lucky, always smiling, always happy Flash. It was the voice of a man who had just lost his son in every way but blood. Artemis looked up at him and he wouldn't meet her eyes. Even though there was sorrow evident on his face, his eyes were as dry as ever.

She stood, her anger rising. "You did this!" She screamed. "While you forgot about him, running along with your new little partner, he tried making a life for himself…tried making you proud! You never acted like you needed him but he was there anyway, helping you because that's what he did. He helped people!" She cried, her voice rising as tears flowed down her face. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, shouldn't be yelling at him for this. The Flash took her in like one of his own. He was more of a father to her than she had ever had. But he was here and Wally wasn't and it just hurt so bad…

Flash took a step back. "Artemis…I tried…I tried to slow down…" He said, his voice broken.

"How could you? You never slowed down for him! He was the fastest kid alive but that just wasn't enough, was it!?" She continued.

"Artemis, that's enough." Nightwing said, stepping forward and putting a hand on her shoulder.

Artemis shrugged out of his grasp and turned on him. "Don't berate me like I'm a kid, Nightwing!" She yelled more. "He was your friend too, but apparently you forgot about that. You pushed him out of your life after we tried living a normal life. He never forgave himself for fighting with you all those times and now….now…" She choked back a sob and couldn't go anymore.

Artemis sank to her knees and sobbed into her hands. This time though, M'Gann didn't comfort her. No one did. Nightwing lowered his head and turned away, his fists clenched and jaw set.

Flash took a different approach. He looked down at Artemis and felt his heart break more and more. He turned too, glancing at his nephew's girlfriend once more. "You're right…" he said softly but the cold arctic wind picked up and everyone heard it. Before anyone could realize what he was going to do, Flash left, running across the arctic and the water, leaving the little pack of heroes in the snow and ice behind him.

Artemis was shaken from her thought when Nightwing cleared his throat. He looked at her from across the kitchen, a mug of coffee in his hands too.

So that's who is up. Should have known. Artemis thought to herself. Nightwing had stepped down as leader of the Young Justice to take a break, or so Aqualad said. So now Dick was standing across from her, wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, a gray hoodie over it. He had his signature sunglasses on, covering up his emotions. He could cover them up just as easy even without hiding behind the sunglasses. She thought again.

They both stayed quiet for a few moments. Neither had talked to each other since Artemis blew up at him in the arctic and he hadn't been around much. Truthfully, Artemis felt guilty for accusing him of not being a good friend. All the years with Wally had made her a better person. She became a nicer, more patient, Artemis because of him. But when she realized he died, something in her snapped. She thrashed out at her friends…her family.

Her actions had caused Flash to run away, no one getting in contact with him since. Artemis had to tell Wally's parents about their son's fate by herself. No doubt it would have been easier to have Barry Allen to be there with her, but she wouldn't blame him if he never talked to her again.

"That coffee will get cold if you wait any longer." Dick said softly. She glanced up at him before looking back down at the dark brown liquid in her mug, saying nothing. Dick was so different now. She remembered back when they were kids and he would pull pranks with Wally and give his signature cackle as he disappeared into the shadows. But when they grew up and he denounced his title as Robin, his laugh disappeared. The tension between him and Batman was thick and Nightwing walked like the weight of the world was crushing down on his shoulders. She remembered when the next Robin died and he wasn't seen for weeks, his smile only available if he didn't know you were looking. But he always knew. Once a bat, always a bat.

Now though, Artemis had never seen Dick look so defeated. When the team was watching the news of celebrations around the world, Dick would leave the room, muttering about the priceof the world being too high.

"I know I'm probably the last person you want to talk to right now but—" Dick started again but Artemis cut him off.

"Don't." She said, keeping her eyes down. She didn't trust herself at the moment and when she saw Dick, all she could think about was Robin and Wally laughing over an obnoxiously large bucket of popcorn as they tried to kill each other on Mario Kart. Wally would always accuse Robin of hacking into the game and cheating but Robin would just laugh and beat him anyway.

"You need to talk to somebody…" He tried again.

"No." She simply said and didn't say another word.

Dick sighed softly and turned. "I can't say that I blame you." He said. "I won't talk to anyone either."

All Artemis heard next was the sound of his footsteps as he walked away, leaving her alone in the kitchen. That's just like you, Artemis. She thought. Way to go, pushing away anyone who just wants to help. That's just like you…

What do you guys think? I'll alternate between Artemis and Dick and possibly Barry but who knows. Thanks for reading and please tell me how I did!