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Jinx scream echoed and Raven used her soul-self to transport her to the whereabouts of Jinx in the tower.

"Jinx are you OK?" Raven asked concerned only to find the pink headed girl in a bubble bath, now up to her neck in the water and face bright pink.

A weird sound made Raven frown and suddenly she witness Silkie in the bath, "I tried taking him out but he just got back in…" Jinx said and took Silkie out of her bath only for seconds after to get a splash in her face by the jumping worm.

Right about now in Nevermore-

"Oh Rage!" Lust got closer to the girl in red,

"Get the hell out of my space Lust!" Rage told Lust, her body got larger as her four eyes stared at the girl in black.

"But Rage can't you see that someone is bothering what's ours?" Lust asked her and Rage showed her fangs.

"What are you talking about?" Rage used her soul-self to make her even bigger, Lust was holding herself in place, trying not to show any fear against this evil demon that probably wants blood by now.

"If you'll get relaxed… I'll show you" Lust told her and Rage took a while to get back to her normal size, not satisfied at all by being told to relax like that. Lust got close to Rage and stood behind her, she waved her hand to show Rage what Raven is seeing, Jinx and Silkie bothering her in her bath.

"That worm is bothering the cute little witch" Lust whispered to Rage "Look how vulnerable she is in that bath and that worm is invading her personal space"

"You said that is was thing that was ours, Jinx isn't in that category…" Rage told her trying to keep her cool.

"Well… isn't she ours?" Rage eyes got bigger and Lust stepped back with a smirk on her face "And since she's ours that worm is invading our space" she added "The same thing happened with Cyborg, he stared at what ours… I remember that you didn't like the looks they exchanged…"

Back in the Tower-

Jinx looked at Raven a bit surprised as her eyes turned into four red eyes, she looked really angry. Her soul-self moved and pulled Silkie out of the water, she pulled him closer to her face.

"OURS!" Raven told him in plain rage, Jinx noticed the worm trying to escape the black magic grasp, squirming as it started to squeeze him, making him whine in pain.

"Raven stop!" Jinx jumped from the water but Raven didn't listen, Jinx tried to punch her but her soul-self block her attacks while hearing the calls of pain by Silkie.

"Please stop Raven, Don't hurt him!" Jinx yelled "He didn't do anything, please!" she tried to hit Raven but it didn't help. Tears started to go down her cheeks, "Please…" Jinx said weakly as a tear dropped on Raven soul-self.

Raven blinked, her eyes back to normal, looking at what she's doing and then at Jinx who is now crying. "I'm… I'm so sorry" Raven looked in shook at what she did. She took Jinx into her arms in a cuddle, her soul-self still holding on Silkie. "I have no idea what just happened…" she caressed Jinx bare back, letting her cry on her shoulder.

"What about Silkie is he?" The pink headed girl couldn't finish and Raven made her turn around, holding her from her back.

"He'll be just fine but he just needs your help…" Raven told her as her soul-self brought the hurt worm closer to them. Raven gently took Jinx's shaking hands in her own and put them softly upon Silkie. A white light covered Silkie little body, healing him. "He needed your help just like I did…" Raven whispered to her "Please don't tell the others yet… I'm trying…" Raven told her as she let go off her hands. Jinx turned around and hugged Raven.

"I won't but you have to try harder… what if next time it will be me?" Jinx asked her scared and Raven could feel her body shiver, she could sense as if it's a familiar thing for Jinx, being hurt like that.

"I will never hurt you Jinx, please trust me on that, I just want to protect you" Raven told her, her fingers gently lifting Jinx chin up. "Please? I will make it up to you and to Silkie, I promise" Raven gave her a smile, Jinx put up a little smile but then notice that Raven is blushing, more like turned pink as her hair.

"Raven, are you alright?" Jinx asked and Raven moved her face aside, "Yes, it's just the fact that you're naked" she answered shyly. Jinx looked at her self and jumped away and wrapped a towel around her, "I'm s-s-sorry" Jinx mumbled embarrassed making Raven smile, "I didn't mind it at all" she replied shyly.

"I'll go dress up and make us some lunch, be nice to Silkie, OK?" Jinx asked Raven with a worried look on her face, Raven nodded and petted Silkie.

"I promise I'll be good on one condition…" Raven said and her cheeks turned pink, the petite witch turned around and looked at her.

"What condition would that be?" she asked a bit surprised, Raven looking deep into her now big glossy pink-cat eyes.

"N-never mind…" her face burned with shame of even thinking about asking her that.

The pink witch walked back to Raven and softly planted a light kiss on her cheek; "Be good Raven" she told her and walked outside the bathroom, leaving the violet haired girl blushing.

"I guess I got what I wanted without asking" Raven gently touched her cheek, just where Jinx had kissed her. "Well Silkie, I'm going to make it up to you… Let's start with pizza for lunch and I'll make you a big bubble bath of forgiveness OK?" Raven told him, Silkie was a bit scared of her, then again, who wouldn't?

Jinx got out of her room dressed in a little pink tight jeans and a black shirt, she walked to the common room to see Raven holding two boxes of pizza.

"I thought I was cooking lunch and not ordering" Jinx looked a bit confused,

"Well Silkie loves pizza so I ordered us some, I'm hope you'd be ok with the toppings I choose for you" Raven opened one box of pizza to show the pink girl pizza with anchovy, her cat-like eyes opened wide and a huge smile grow on her face.

"How did you know?" she asked her and sat by her at the table, taking a slice.

"Let's say I got some sense in what cats like" she moved a stray pink hair from her face,

"Thank you" Jinx blushed and took a little bit "carrots? I know that that's what bunnies eat" she laughed when Raven put on a frown while her face was red.

"I think you forgot that my name is Raven, a very smart bird and I like corn as toppings" Raven told her took a pizza with corn,

"I know a very smart bird, your name suits you well" Jinx told her while finishing her slice, looking at the other box "what's in the other box?" pointing at the covered pizza.

"Well Silkie and Starfire favorite… pineapple, tuna and green peppers" Raven told her and opened the other box, showing half with the toppings she mentioned and the other only with tuna. Raven picked Silkie and put him by the pizza which he gladly started to eat.

"Now you are spoiling him rotten" Jinx laughed "getting him a whole box of pizza, he won't be able to finish it!"

"Well I was counting on this little pink cat I know that would share with me the other half of tuna topping" she whispered in her ear, making the bad luck charm to shiver.

"Now you are spoiling me rotten?" Jinx asked shyly,

"Well since you are still a resident of my bed, you should at least add some softness to your body, you are all skin and bones" Raven leaned down to Jinx, making the pink girl even pinker, hot pink!

'She's not going to kiss me, even thou she is sure close to me like that…' Jinx brain was over-processing what's happening as Raven natural pale color lips got closer to hers.

"What if I would kiss you?" Raven whispered on her lips and before their lips touched Raven leaned down and took a bite of Jinx slice leaving her with heavy breathing and rosy cheeks.

"So… your point is "have more curves or out of my bed?" cause if it's…" Jinx started as she looked down but Raven stopped her with a little kiss on the cheek.

"No… I love how you look when you are the usual self, now you are much skinnier then how you were, and I do remember you growing some lovely curves about a year ago" Raven said softly "Then I bet no one could resist you" she bit down on her own slice, making the pink witch blushing and hurrying to finish her slice.

"I can't anymore Raven, it's too much!" Jinx whined as Raven offered her the last slice of pizza with tuna.

"I'll help you, I promise…" Raven let Jinx take the slice between her teeth only to take a bite herself from the slice "Today you get to rest anyway" she added.

"No training today?" Jinx asked with joy in her voice and eyes,

"No training" Raven was amused by her reaction,

"Then we can go to the mall, I bet you could buy Silkie something cute so he could forgive you" Jinx suggested making Raven smile.

"If you want me to buy something nice you could've asked, although you would have to pay me… in kisses" Raven told her and Jinx almost chocked on the bite of pizza she was eating.

"Kisses? But…" Jinx was embarrassed , "Well you were the one who thought I was about to kiss you before, why not pay with the kisses you curve to give… and get" she whispered in her ear, blowing some hot air, making the petite witch shiver all of her body.

"Fine but you don't have to be all over me, if you wanted me to kiss you, you could've asked" Jinx said and made Raven smile as her witty comments were starting to come back, slowly but surely.

"WOW the mall is packed today" Jinx said as crowed of people were almost running her down but was saved when Raven pulled her aside with Silke on her shoulder.

"I've noticed, just hold my hand so you won't get lost in the crowed" Raven said as she offered the pink girl her hand which she shyly took, squeezing it softly. "I can't believe I followed what you said and got Silkie some play toys that usually for dogs or cats".

"But look how he enjoys it Raven" Jinx got closer to Raven's body then looking at Silkie with a dog toy in a shape of a banana in his mouth, making few squeaky sounds " I can't believe he can hold it like that while he's on your shoulder…" she looked a little amazed.

"Well he is the special moth baby there is, right Silkie?" Raven told both Silkie and Jinx and he was looking really happy, gently rubbing into Raven's neck while the banana was hanging in one side of his mouth.

"I can't believe it's this Friday as well, it was on September too" one girl that walked by them said, "It's only Friday the 13th, not some opening for Satan" her seem to-be boyfriend told her.

Raven looked at Jinx who looked down at the floor; she could sense that she's really sad. "Are you OK?" Raven asked her concerned and Jinx looked up at her, "Yes it's just I'm supposed to be 17 this year…" she told Raven who only gotten more confused, "We'll celebrate so don't worry" she tried to put a smile on her face.

"It's not that… I don't know what my birth date is, in the have they checked my teeth to find what age I am and wrote on my birthday Friday the 13th, kind of lame huh?" she asked a bit ashamed of her story, "Not really, Friday the 13th happens almost every year and even two time a year, you get to celebrate twice" Raven hoped it will cheer her up and lucky it did, it made Jinx laugh. That made Rave smile.

"It's true I did get to celebrate twice a year few times" Jinx held on her hand and gotten closer to Raven's body "I can't help to want to know when was I born, where and to whom" she shared it with Raven who carefully listened to what the pink girl had to say "As you probably guess I didn't have the best childhood, being in a foster houses up to the age of ten most were bad and very little were good, in one house I was taught to make curry that I make today, but they could keep me so I was in another house until I could help it, I had to run away, then the HIVE took me in, from there you already know my story" Jinx let out a sad laugh, Raven pulled her in, hugging her in her arms.

"It's OK now Jinx, you got us now… you got me" Raven told her quietly, as Jinx slowly nodded they continued on their mall trip.

"I can't believe our extra week is over tomorrow" Raven said as she starched, their work out was a bit rough but they both handled it pretty well, always keeping an eye on each other as the other practiced.

"ha, yeah…" Jinx wasn't too happy about that "I guess I should find a place to crash until I'll find a steady job, maybe I should go to another city to try my luck" at her last word she laughed.

"What are you talking about, you'll stay here, like I told the guys, you'll be staying around a bit more, I never said you'd be leaving…" Raven told her with a serious tone "I'm sure Cy could fix you something that will help you get jobs like the gadget her used to get into the HIVE" she smiled.

"Hearing you talking like that would make me feel that you just don't want your bed buddy to leave you" a smile on her face as she made the remark to the violet haired girl, "Well I guess your witty comments are back as well and for the record, you are the one who's holding me tight at night and not the other way around, maybe it's you who doesn't want to leave my bed" Raven got her and she knew since the witch turned pink as she blushed "Let's get something to drink before dinner" she gently took Jinx hand and pulled her back into the tower luckily before the snow started to fall.

"It's beautiful!" Jinx said as she put her face into the window at the common room, "huh? A cat that loves the snow? What more surprises are you hiding from me?" Raven laughed and a squeaky sound was heard from the counter, Silkie was playing with another toy.

"So what do you want for dinner?" Jinx asked her and walked to be by Raven who poured two cups of water, "Make your special curry, Silkie loves it" Raven told her with a smile and gave her a cup.

They both drank from their cups, "Silkie or you?" the pink witch of bad luck winked at Raven who slightly chocked "But fine, I'll make us some curry" she finished her cup and walked to take the ingredients from the fridge.

"You got no prof! But for now I'll go take some care of business before dinner; I hope to make it in time" the violet haired girl told her pink one before heading to her room.

As Raven got to her room she took her mirror and looked into it.

Raven fell into Nevermore with a smile on her face which she didn't seem to notice she kept so often.

"Oh Rage…" Raven said as Rage turned to look at her only to be hit by Raven's fist. Rage grow bigger and of course angrier.

"What the hell was that for?" Rage asked her pissed off,

"That's for taking control and almost killing poor little Silkie!" Raven yelled at her making Rage get smaller but only made her take her tentacles out "You are my emotion, I use you and you don't use me understand?" Raven told her and she took few breaths making Rage to turn to her usual size again "You might think this is your place but this is my mind".

"So what? He shouldn't have bothered what's ours" Rage stood after her words "He got into OUR personal space and no one is allowed in OUR personal space" She grow bigger again.

"Jinx isn't our personal space… now you are just playing crazy" Raven shook her head.

"Jinx is OURS!" Rage yelled at Raven as she grows bigger, her big red eyes were giving the death glare to Raven.

"Rage RELAX!" Love stepped in between them "Take deep breaths…" Rage took her breaths and gotten smaller.

"Love, I haven't seen you last time, I don't understand why would Rage think Jinx is "ours", she's a human being" Raven asked Love,

"Well as you know, us, your emotions know best about your feeling and well… I can't say that your flirtatious ways and heroic ones haven't, well, gotten a little mixed with Jinx" Love told her "I, myself, know exactly what kind of feeling you hold for her and so does everyone else here in Nevermore"

Raven looked at Love shocked but then everyone started to come, Sloth, Timid, Wisdom, Happiness, Rude but only one didn't show up… Lust.

"Are you giving me an intervention?" Raven asked surprised at her own emotions.

"You come to us for answers well, we'll give you the answer of why not just Rage said what she said about Jinx but on the way you acted when Cyborg and Beast Boy called you and talk to Jinx or you" Wisdom talked and fixed her glasses.

Back in the tower

"I wonder what is taking her so long…" Jinx said to herself a bit worried and started looking for Raven, first stop her room which is empty and then the whole tower.

"It's being 2 and half hours…" Jinx got back to Raven's room and lied down on her bed only to bump into her mirror. Jinx didn't even pick it up but only look at it as she saw what she thought to be Raven wearing all black suit that pulled her into the mirror and into Nevermore.

What is Lust up to this time? What will Raven's emotions do or/and tell her in the intervention?

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