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Chapter One


It was Harry, Hermione, and Ron's sixth year at Hogwarts. Everyone had wondered with Voldemort on the prowl, whether or not they'd even have a school year.

During their fifth year, Voldemort had gone on many Muggle killing sprees. However, he'd yet to harm a single Witch or Wizard to the ministries knowledge, and they'd been yet to catch him.

Right before the students of Hogwarts took their final exams for the year, Voldemort's Muggle attacks stopped. No one had seen him since.

Many suspect he's been planning something larger, an attack on the wizarding world. Other's pray something or someone defeated him. There will always be those who try and deny the truth.

Wanting to protect the students of Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore felt it best for them to be under his watch. With the entire wizarding world now of edge and waiting for Voldemort's next strike, he also wanted to keep the public at bit at ease with the knowledge Hogwarts was still in operation.

Much to everyone's relief, all of the students arrived safely for their sixth year of studies, and Voldemort had still yet to resurface.


It was a lazy Monday afternoon after classes. It was too hot to go outside, the strong summer sun made that impossible. Instead, students found refuge within the cool walls of the Hogwarts castle.

"Hermione, put your book down and come play chess with us," Harry called over his shoulder. He and Ron were emmersed in a game of Wizard's chess.

"But I haven't finished next monday's reading assignment," said Hermione, who still had her nose buried in her book.

They were all in the Gryffindor common room. A few other students were lounging around. Some were playing games as well, other's, like Hermione, were reading or doing their homework.

"You play winner then," said Harry, not looking up as he was deep in thought. Even though he undoubtably knew Ron would beat him, this was the closest he'd ever been to Ron.

"Fine," Hermione relented, flipping another page in her book. As she did so, Crookshanks, her cat, jumped up into her lap and began rubbing its head on the corners of Hermione's book. "Not now Crookshanks, I need to read," she patted her pet on the head, then gently sat it down on the floor.

Crookshanks tossed her a look with its big, bright green eyes, but left, walking across the room and stopping infront of Harry and Ron. If anyone in the room had been paying attention, they'd have noticed the cat seemed to be watching them intently play their game.


'I can't do this anymore,' she sighed to herself. She'd been resting, curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed. Everyone else in the castle had gone to dinner. 'I need to tell him, it's been sixteen years.'

Standing up, she stretched her legs and back and jumped down off the bed. Walking out of the room, she continued out in the Gryffindor common room, then took a turn and headed up to the boy's dormitories, stopping at the 6th year boy's room.

Sighing, she walked over to Harry's bed and jumped up on it. Walking across it, she stopped in the middle and curled up again. 'I need to tell him, but is it really safe?' she wondered to herself. There was so much at stake.

'And what about Sirius? I know he understands why I can't tell Harry yet; he's been one of my biggest supporters,' a small frown crossed her face as she thought. 'I know I can protect him, but he needs me. It would mean so much to him if...if he knew he still had his mother.'

"Crookshanks, what are you doing in here?" Ron had entered the 6th year boy's dormitory, having finished his dinner. "Shoo now and go back to Hermione's room before she discovers you're missing." The cat stood up off Harry's bed and shot Ron what he thought looked like a nasty glare. Slowly, as if to perturb him, it walked out of the room and down the stairs.

"Ruddy cat," Ron sighed as Harry walked in through the door.

"Was Hermione's cat in here again?" said Harry, walking over to his bed and inspecting it for cat hairs.

"Ya, I dunno why it's always in our room," Ron shrugged.


FLASHBACK to the Night Harry's Parents Died

'This is it,' Lily Potter thought to herself. 'He's outside and there's no turning back now. I have to make sure I'm there to protect my son.' Lily was leaning over Harry's crib. He was sleeping peacefully. A small tear trickled down her cheek. With one last look at her son, she pulled out her wand and tapped herself on the top of her head with it. She muttered a few words.

There was a brief sparkle of green. A moment later, an exact duplicate of herself stepped from Lily's body. It walked over to Harry's crib, then turned and looked at Lily. It smiled at her and nodded.

When he arrived, he wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't her. For the past few years, she and her husband James, along with the other members of the Order of the Phoenix, had been researching body duplication. The replica she was leaving with her son was a perfect clone of herself. Luckily, it was made to disappear within a month, so if anything went wrong, there wouldn't be two copies of her running around.

Other than sounding like her and looking like her however, it was not truely alive but in spell.

Lily walked over to the window and watched in horror as Voldemort walked up to the front door of her house. A moment later, she heard the loud bang of the front door flying open and James yelling.

Reaching for her wand again, Lily whispered a few words and tapped herself atop the head with it again. A moment later, everything around her had grown immensley in size. Quickly, she scrambled under Harry's dresser and out of sight. The ground beneath her, she could see the feet of her double walk over to the crib and protectively grab Harry out of it.

Within a minute, the door was burst open and there was Voldemort. He argued with her double then utimately demised of her. He then turned on Harry. Holding her breath, Lily waitied for the moment she knew would happen.

With a roar, Voldemort shouted "Avada Kedrava" and aimed his wand at her son. It had all been planned out. She knew he would come to kill her and James. She knew he would turn to Harry. In preperation, she'd instilled within her double all of her love for her son. She also knew about the deeper powers of magic. It would be her love that would save the life of her son that night.

There was a flash, a burst, of green light. Voldemort let out a horrid yell and disappeared. When it was safe, Lily walked out from under the dresser. Her double was lying motionless on the floor. Harry was crying.

A moment later, the door to Harry's bedroom flew open again. This time, it was Sirius.

"Lily?" he asked, looking at the cat in the middle of the room. His eyes were filled with fear, hoping the plan had worked and the body he saw on the floor was not really hers.

The cat morphed into the human form of Lily Potter. Sirius breathed a sigh of relief and enveloped her in a hug. "I want to take Harry with me instead." He spoke after they pulled apart. "I know Dumbledore and the rest of the order will be against changing the plan, but I want to be there for my godson."

Lily walked over and picked up Harry. She held her son gently as his tears subsided, feeling his mother near him.

"I don't want him to go live with my sister and her wretched family, but I know Dumbledore will believe him safe there," she sighed, handing him gently to Sirius.

"I'm still going to try, Lily," he gently accepted to boy from his mother.

"I know," she sighed and took a step back.

"This isn't it you know. It's not forever," he looked at his dear friend, tears glistening in her eyes. All she could do was offer a quivering smile.

He looked at her with deeply saddened eyes, "James is already gone." He bowed his head, then looked up at her again. The tears were threatening to spill over as she gave one last look to her son. "Quickly change back and leave."

She looked up at him with hesitation. She wasn't ready yet.

"Go, go now!" yelled Sirius. "Hagrid will be he any minute to take Harry. Go!"

Lily nodded and shifted back into her animagus form. Leaving her son behind that night was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do.


End of chapter one

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