Hey guys, I'm Catherine and this is my first Divergent fanfic, which is basically just the book from Tobias's point of view (which I know has been done loads of times before). The only other fanfics I have on my account currently are two unfinished Percy Jackson stories, which I will probably never get around to finishing. I recently just got into Divergent two weeks ago, and it's an absolutely amazing story, so I've decided to give this a shot. I am completely open to constructive criticism, and encourage you to do so if you think the story can be better. Okay, that's pretty much it.


Chapter One

There's a loud banging sound on my door, and I immediately open my eyes at the noise. I groan and cover my head with my pillow, trying to block out the consistent knocking. It doesn't work though, so I give in.

"It's open!" I yell, which might not have been a good idea considering I have no idea who's on the other side of the door, but I'm way too tired to actually care about that.

Zeke slams the door open and scans his eyes across the room until he finally spots me lazily lying in my bed. He rolls his eyes and marches over to me, yanking me up by the arm to try and get me to stand up.

"Come on dude, we have to go, the new initiates are coming in today; we have to be there in five minutes. And since were the instructors this year, we have to show up for it."

I heave a big sigh as I recall what day it is. Zeke and Lauren were going to be training the Dauntless born people this year, while I was stuck with Eric for the next few weeks while I watch him torture the transfers that probably had no idea what they had signed up for.

"Alright, I'm up, just give me a sec," I say to him as I slowly push myself out of bed.

After I'm ready we leave my apartment and start walking together. Zeke has a wide grin on his face and is very excitable.

"I bet my brother will be the first to jump," he says as we get closer to the net. I just roll my eyes at him in response.

"You know, I'm surprised you weren't the first to jump in our year, what with you ranking first and only having four fears," Zeke comments while raising his eyebrows at me.

I give a small gulp and try to relax my shoulders; I had been the fifth to jump, which I still found kind of impressive, considering my fear and all. It was actually at that event in my life that I discovered I had I strong disliking of heights. Then, after finding out exactly how many heights the Dauntless headquarters had, I realized I would just have to swallow my fear and pretend it wasn't there, even if it still scared me. I wish I could do the same with Marcus. After that discovery though, my ranking quickly moved itself up.

"Man, it's going to be a lot of fun training him and making his life a living hell," Zeke says, affectingly distracting me from my thoughts as he went back to thinking about torturing his sibling.

"You know, I've always wished that I could have a brother like you," I say sarcastically as he just continues chuckling.

"Whatever man, I just know that this is going to be the year," he says dramatically as he hops up and down a bit.

"The year of what?" I ask questioningly; I have no idea what he's talking about.

"You know, I year full of awesome things, and awesome stuff, and awesomeness," he replies back, as if that was supposed to make any sense to me.

"You're range of vocabulary would astound even the Erudite," is the only thing I say back to his weird statement.

"Just you wait, Four; soon enough, I'll be proved right," He punches me in the shoulder and then runs off to go to talk to some other Dauntless members. We've reached the net area and I tell myself to remember to check Zeke's mental stability later.

I walk over and stand with Lauren while we wait for this year's round of initiatives to come plummeting down from the roof of the building. She's already impatient even though it has only been ten minutes since she got here. Her arms are crossed and she taps her foot against the hard floor beneath us; her piercings glint as she flips her dark hair over her shoulder.

"Oh my God, how long is Max going to lecture them up there? I swear he didn't take this long with us when we were initiates," she groans loudly, her foot tapping only getting faster.

I only give her a small smile in response; Lauren definitely wouldn't be cut out for the peaceful natures of Amity or the selflessness of Abnegation. Then again, most of the Dauntless aren't.

Lauren begins pacing back and forth as I stare upward, my eyes searching for a body standing somewhere on the ledge of the building, even though I know it's way too high up for me to see or hear anything. Still, I keep looking, thinking that I'll get lucky and maybe spot something, but I give up after a minute or two.

My thoughts quickly shift to what my last few weeks here in Dauntless will be like while I train the initiates; spending my time training innocent people, and how to turn themselves into blood-thirsty, foolish soldiers. The best part was that I got to do this alongside the most blood-thirsty, foolish soldier of them all, Eric. I grit my teeth at that thought, I try not to make a habit of hanging around people who could easily kill me without a second of doubt in their mind, but I calm myself with the thought that I won't have to ever see him again after I survive the next month or two.

I had made the decision to leave Dauntless one night while lying in my bed at my apartment. I would rather be factionless than have to deal with watching the leaders slowly turn the meaning of courage and bravery into a sick, twisted form of extreme selfishness and a bad case of arrogance. My plan was to finish training this year's set of initiates, and then I would sneak off in middle of the night, leaving behind the faction that I had once chosen as a place to keep me safe from my abusive father.

For a second I think back to my own Choosing Day and Marcus's face as I poured my fresh blood onto the coals representing my new faction. His lips had formed itself into one thin, tight line, and his eyes had a fire in them that I had gotten quite use to seeing over the past few years. I knew that if we were alone, he would have a belt in his hands, and I would be kneeling before him, cowering in fear.

I was Dauntless now though; I was supposed to be brave, I was supposed to suddenly be unafraid of my father, and all of my fear would vanish, but I quickly realized that's not how it worked. Every initiate in my year was immediately thrown into their fear landscape once they arrived, and that's when I found out that I could never really escape my father.

I was about to go even deeper into my thoughts, when something distracts me. There's a flash of grey clothing falling through the sky, and I quickly realize that it's the first jumper. There's no scream coming from her mouth, which is why I didn't notice her in the first place; she just keeps falling silently until she hits the safe net expanded out beneath her.

After her landing, she immediately covers her face with her hands, and for a second I think she's going to collapse into sobs, but then I hear a laugh escape from her lips. It sounds almost hysterical, and I quickly reach my hand out to her to get her off the net. She grabs it and rolls off, almost falling down in the process, but I steady her. It would be quite unfortunate if she jumped off the roof of a building, only to be stopped by a broken nose.

"Thank you," she says to me as she straightens herself out. I am almost immediately taken aback and stunned at her appearance.

Her blonde hair is wind-blown from the jump, strands of it still settling down around her shoulders, and her wide blue eyes are surprisingly piercing. She's definitely one of the smallest people I've ever met, but she carries herself with such a way that I feel like she could have easily been six foot as well.

"Can't believe it," Lauren's voice interrupts my strange thoughts from behind me, "A Stiff, the first to jump? Unheard of."

Once again, I take in her appearance and finally realize the grey clothing that she adorns. She's obviously Abnegation, but I didn't realize it at first because she's only wearing a tight grey tank-top with no sight of the matching coat, something an Abnegation member wouldn't be caught dead without. Then again, if she wanted to be Abnegation, she wouldn't be here.

"There's a reason why she left them, Lauren." My voice comes out a bit sharper than I mean it to, but I know Lauren won't take any offense by it. I turn back to the girl.

"What's your name?" I ask her, and for some reason I am genuinely interested in knowing it, not just because I have to make the announcement.

I can see her hesitate; she seems to be thinking it over and I can feel a faint smile make its way across my lips.

"Think about it, you don't get to pick it again," I say to her. A fire seems to go into her bright eyes when she hears my words, as if the thought of getting to pick a new name and start all over gives her a new meaning; which it does actually.

"Tris," she replies back firmly, sounding much more confident than most people would expect from someone of her size. I will definitely keep my eye on her for the next few weeks.

"Tris," Lauren repeats, now standing beside me with a grin on her face, "Make the announcement, Four."

I turn my head around and look into the darkness, that appears to be empty, that's ahead of me and shout, "First jumper- Tris!"

Members of the brave faction appear all over us, looking like they showed up out of nowhere. Their shouts are loud and high, people are stomping their feet and yelling their heads off. One thing I will say about this faction is that they truly know how to show enthusiasm.

Their cheers quickly turn into laughs when another girl comes flying down from the top of the building, this one screams all the way down. The people' laughs quickly turn into cheers again and I turn to Tris.

I set my hand on her back, feeling a small spark when I do, which I choose to ignore for the time being, because I don't know what it means. I lean in a bit closer to her and make my voice louder so I can be heard over all of the shouting as I say,

"Welcome to Dauntless."

Alright, so that's the first chapter, thanks so much for reading! Please tell me if you think it's too short, because I always fret over the length of my chapters, because I'm never quite sure if they're long enough. It's exactly 1,832 words without the author notes and stuff, LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT IT TO BE LONGER! Please, don't be afraid to critique me! I'm going to try to update at least once a week. Thank you!