No More Games: The Shadow Will Arise

Prologue: The Starlight dawn's entrance, the mystery begins!

Once in times gone... This world was very different, Beyblades showed emotion towards their master's and formed kingdoms of great power and size. Unfortunately after five millennium of peace, two kingdoms: Illia, the kingdom of Pegasi and Garru, the kingdom of Wyverns. War broke out and within a full cycle of seasons... All the kingdoms vanished and Beyblades mostly went silent, but before that cam to pass a magnificent Star Dragon to whom was named: Spectrum or Spectra for short left an promise which was:

"Our Voices will not show our feelings no longer if we are to talk... Our emotions will still be felt but not heard... Until Pegasi and Pantra reunited by bond of blood and Wyverm are forgiven for a unforgivable sin. We shall not show our true intentions till day when the one who is of both Pantra and Pegasi, shall survive an imposaiblity, then shall both Light and Darkness be killed. This can only come to pass if: The Pegasus, Arcani and Pantra, Parviz direct desendents are their parents...Thus blood combined"

Upon finishing the promise, Specta threw to himelf to his death by within an inferno created by that unfortunate battle...

Present Time~

It was a overcast day and Metal Bey city was covered in a layer of grey, that gave the feeling of that something's going to happen and it could be important. It was nearing the end of winter and in the B-pit, Ginga being himself was asleep on a computer chair, and Madoka was repairing beyblades as a lone girl walked in and because Madoka was in the workshop the girl asked

"Excuse me is anybody here? Heard that the Mechanic here is excellent at her job! Also do you know where the nearest hotel is?" The girl was wearing a brown beaten up cape with it hood up which covered up a pale yellow scarf, a shirt that was a few shades darker, blue knee length jeans and white trainers was in the store part of the B-pit. Madoka who didn't want to make any customer wait said to the girl,

"That's me! If you don't mind there is a flight of stairs going down on the left, please come into the workshop as I'm multitasking. Is that ok? " The girl nodded and came down the stairs and said

"I don't mind, as a stitch in time saves nine..." The proverb the girl said confused Madoka asked the girl

"Well if it's ok, I would like know your name and the meaning of 'A stich in time saves nine'?" The girl took down the hood, which reviled her red hair the fount of her hair was spiked while the back was platted and her golden brown eyes where crystal clear. The girl then smiled

"My Name is Suika Ceile and the proverb means that a job done now is effort saved later." Madoka nodded understanding what she meant replied

"Well there's no hotels that are good nearby, you can stay hear for awhile I don't mind as long as you don't destory the place, ok? And may I see you Bey?" Suika nodded and place an yellow and silver bey in Madoka's hand and Suika said

"It's called: Hurricane Pantra 125RF. I've had Pantra for eight years now." Madoka looked at Hurricane Pantra and was surprised that she never seen a beyblade like Hurricane Pantra before and placed it on the scanner. Ginga who had just woken up said

"It looks like you've got a new customer, Madoka. Name's Ginga Hagane, And your name is?" Suika who since she was young got very nervous around certain bladers, introduced herself while Madoka looked at the scanner's findings.

"My name... is Suika Ceile." She then politely shakes Ginga's right hand with her left and a few seconds later Madoka asked

"Ginga! Come look at this! Hurricane Pantra is remarkably similar in design to Storm Pegasus!" Ginga jumped of the chair he was sitting on and looked at the screen and commented,

"It does... Maybe they are somehow connected? But that's probly me being a optimist after Galaxy Pegasus miraculously returned after that battle with Kyouya, I'm still wondering about what happened to Cosmic Pegasus..." Suika also looked at the screen which gave Ginga another thought. "Hey, Suika do you know anything about your Bey's origins? " Suika still looking at the screen said

"Well I know Hurricane Pantra roughly the same age as Storm Pegasus but Storm Pegasus was made by Koma Village, but Hurricane Pantra was made by people that resided in a area called Kifume Valley which has fallen into ruin after a certain inncidnt... Which I request you don't ask about... It brings bad memories to me..." Ginga respectfully changed the subject.

"Suika do you battle?" Suika nodded

"I do, haven't in a while because of injury but since I've just recovered, before you ask... Yes you can battle me..." Madoka then quickly asked

"What sort of injury?" Suika chuckled

"I managed to break my wrist when I missed when retrieving Hurricane Pantra and it's fusion wheel also managed to maul my arm quite a lot. Because of that I haven't battled in four years, as the doctor I saw when I first did it recommended .." The conversation lasted for several hours after which they ate, Ginga went to bed and Madoka showed Suika where she could sleep and a hour later she looked at the clock which said 11:15pm and noticed something and asked herself:

'Ginga and Suika share many similarities like hair, eyes and personality my opinion is that it might not be coincidence...'

I'm back! After... I think about roughly a year give or take because of writer's block and a few other things and I finally wrote something after finding out that person on my Minibus that takes me to school also writes gave me some insperation which later on you'll see.