Okay so this will be a teen titans and Danny phantom crossover... Basically PP never happened and right after D-stabilized... And Ouija boards...

"Dude! Come on and try it with me!" A green changeling yelled while chasing after a half robot-half human.

"Beastboy, I said no. How many times do I have to tell you." The robot said and continued his walk towards the ops center.

"You're just scared and that's why you won't do it." Beastboy murmured, and continue chasing after Cyborg. He ran right into Cyborg's back. "Owww." He groaned and fell backwards.

"You did not just say I was scared of a piece of cardboard." Cyborg said and turned to face Beastboy.

"You would do it with me if you weren't scared of Ouija boards." Beastboy smirked.

"Oh that's it." Cyborg grabbed Beastboy and dragged him to the ops center to play this dumb game of his and get it over with.

"Awesome!" Beastboy grinned and 'followed' (dragged behind helplessly). Entering the ops center Raven was meditating silently. Opening an eye she looked at them before sighing. "Raven, want to join us?"

She just stares at them for a bit then nods. Beastboy and Cyborg gasp and stare at her disbelieving.

"What?" She asks.

"Nothing, it's just you never want to do anything with us." Cyborg said. She just shrugged a response and they sat down in a circle. The second they touched the Ouija board Raven's eyes turned white and an unknown screaming came from the room. The lights flickered on and off and the alarm blazed. A glowing figure stood in the middle of the room screaming in agony.

~~~ Amity~~~

Three best friends gathered around an ouija board. There were two boys; one scrawny jet black haired, the other an African-American holding a PDA. There was a Goth girl, holding a book of instructions for the Ouija board.

"It's simple, basically just put your hand on the key, and spirits will talk." The Goth girl said.

"Sam, I'm part ghost. I talk to spirits all the time." The boy with jet black hair said.

"You talk to ghosts, spirits are completely different." Sam said. "Tucker, put down your PDA and come over here."

"Okay, okay." Tucker said putting down his PDA. He put his hand on the key on the ouija board next to Sam's. Danny put his hand on the board. Suddenly his eyes rolled back, and his ghost sense went wild. He started screaming in agony and was forced into his ghost form.

"DANNY!" Both the teens screamed. Danny suddenly vanished. Leaving Tucker and Sam confused and scared for their friend.

Raven was snapped out of her trance when she removed her hand from the board. Screaming shook the house as the floating glowing figure suddenly fell on the floor. Robin and Starfire burst into the ops center.

"Titans! What's going on?" Robin the team leader yelled. Robin looked down and saw a glowing teenage boy with pearl white hair. The boy groaned and tried to sit up.

"What happened?" The boy looked around. "Oh my god! Where am I? Oh my god! Who are you?" He started yelling. Then he stood up and went into battle stance. "What have you done?" He growled.

"Calm down. We are the Teen Titans, and you are in our tower. How have you gotten in our tower?" Robin said with his hands up. The ghost boy relieved his battle stance.

"I didn't want to be here! Someone summoned me. I was hanging out with my friends and all of the sudden I was on fire and I ended up here! So who summoned me here?" He yelled at Robin. He threw his hands up in frustration. "Why won't everyone leave me alone?" He whispered barely audible, but Beastboy heard.

"G-G-Ghost!" Beastboy yelled and hid behind Cyborg. Cyborg scrambled and hid behind Raven. Raven stared at the glowing kid in confusion. She couldn't read his emotions; he must have a strong mental barrier.

"Yes a ghost and I guess you summoned me. Now how do I get back?" Irritation deep in his voice. He flew up a little. "By the way, what city is this?"

"G-g-ghost..." Beastboy continued to stammer.

"What is your name?" Robin asked.

"Phantom." The ghost said.

"We want your name, not your rank." Raven spoke up. She remembered that ghosts have special ranks.

"It is Phantom, Danny Phantom. Now what city is this? I have to get back to Amity Park." Danny said.

"What so you can haunt it?" Raven asked still monotone.

"No I can protect it from ghosts that give my kind a bad name." He glared down at her. She stared back at him and lowered her hood.

"Sam?" He said confused as recognition crossed his face. "Wait no... Wow I'm stupid. Sorry ummm?" Danny stared down at her.

"Raven." She said.

"Yeah." He sighed. "City please? I need to get home."

"Jump City, California." Cyborg spoke up.

"California? This is going to be a long trip." With that he flew out of the tower.


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