WARNING I SEE IT, I SHIP IT. Lots of ValxDanny hints here.

Pacing REALLY relieves stress. It has been an hour and a half, and Robin still wasn't finished interrogating Val. What if they were doing something unspeakable. I'm going to go insane at this rate. Maybe just a peak, just to make sure they aren't doing anything they shouldn't.
"Nerve racking isn't it?" Raven came up behind me. I shiver and turn around to face her. I don't know why, but she scares me. Then again Sam scares me too.
"Yeah." I say and shift uncomfortably.
"What are you hiding from the team?" She asks suddenly. I gawk at her. Had she really figured out that I'm different than other ghosts, or that I'm only half a ghost?(I hate it when Raven finds out Danny's a halfa first.)
"Excuse me?" I ask trying not to stutter.
"What are you hiding? You have two auras, and that's almost impossible. Unless you have two souls I don't see how you can have more than one." She crosses her arms and continues to stare.
"Oh that? I have an ice core which should be blue for loyalty. I normally glow white so that might be my other aura, but I don't know." I smile and shrug. She nods satisfied and leaves.
Well... Ok then. I continued pacing. I will just take a quick peak and make sure they aren't doing anything unspeakable.
I stick my head through the floor and I don't see anyone below me. The lights are out, but I can see in the dark. Thank you ghost eyes. Something kicks me through the floor completely. The wind is knocked right out of me as I fall on my back. I slowly sit up after a minute of trying to catch my breath. What the heck just happened? Did someone really just kick me through the floor? I fly through the roof to the ops center and see Valerie laughing her heart out.
"Was that necessary Valerie?" I glare at her.
"Serves you right ghost! Don't try to snoop on someone's conversations." She continues to laugh at me. Robin walks behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder. Instincts must have taken over, because I fired a small ectoblast at his hand. He drew back his hand and glared at me. Valerie didn't seem to notice him though.
"What the heck was that for? I was just trying to get her attention!" Robin growls.
"I-uh-sorry?" I back away with my hands in the air. Smooth Fenton, real smooth.
"Anyway," Robin turns his attention back to Valerie. "Thank you for the ghost information, and equipment. It is highly appreciated." Robin turns and glares at me one more time. I don't know why but I can feel a blush coming up. Funny thing is ghost blushes are green rather than red. Robin leaves the ops center, leaving Val and I alone.
"You gave them your equipment?" I ask in a hushed tone.
"Yeah, but only my old stuff." She says and walks to the couch. I groaned, and follow her. "What?" She asks noticing that I am following.
"Are you trying to get me turned into ectoplasmic goop?" She opened her mouth to respond, but I put a finger in front of her face. "Don't answer that, I already know." I flopped on the couch. She sits next to me and ruffles my hair. I try to swat her hand away.
"Tell me about your human life." She says and ruffles my hair some more.
"Stop messing with my hair!" I growl and roll away from her. She gives me her best puppy dog eyes. I sigh and give up. "It was average, you could say. My dad and mom are inventors. I have an older sister, she is over protective. My mom couldn't have any more children after me. I was 9 pounds when I was born. I was a fat baby, but I thinned out over time. I went to school, and died at the age of 14."
"Your family is still alive? You used present tense verbs." She stares down at me. Her eyes calculating, but warm.
"Yeah, but they never knew how I died. Even though I died by their machine. " I lie, but only half way. I did 'die' by their machine, and they don't know I'm a halfa. "I hope they are proud of me. I try being a hero for them. Oh yeah Val I gotta tell you something." I sit up and look at her. "Never ask a ghost about their obsession it is very rude to them. I told you, because I trust you with it also don't tell anyone. Some ghosts will kill you if you ask." She nods. "Good."
"Why do you trust me with your obsession?" She asks. "I mean I've tried to kill you a countless number of times, but you still trust me." I shrug. Honestly I don't even know why I told her.
"Well I guess it's because I trust you. I mean you are a hard working person, and seem responsible. Also I only have two friends who help me hunt ghosts." I yawn and roll over on the couch.
"Do ghosts sleep?" She asks. That's a weird out of place question.
"No, but I do. I'm strong enough where sleeping helps me regain power quicker." I lie easily. I could feel my eyes being weighed down. I yawn again and start to fall asleep.
"Sleep well." She gets up and leaves me on the couch to sleep.

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