TF FanFiction 1.33
A Sweet Dream Or A Beautiful Nightmare?

Mochi ice cream anyone? ^_^=

Oh, looky! Here's another diary entry from this lucky(?) girl~

Well, one can just keep dreaming, ne? But I do wonder at times if it is fortunate to be caught in a "compromising position" with both of your most admired people - kaichou and his 'boss-behind-closed-doors'... Here's another laugh-trip project to make your day brighter. Anyways, I'll try supplementing this should I come up new ideas, so I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as the first, and be patient with me.

Now, without further ado, Enjoy~! ^_~*

Disclaimer: Somewhere over the rainbow... Only in my fantasy.


TF FanFiction 1.33
A Sweet Dream Or A Beautiful Nightmare?

Dear Diary,

This time, I'll tell you a really scary episode in my life. Well, scary isn't really the right word for it... Uh, fortuitous or serendipity perhaps? Anyways, I'll tell you my story, and let you decide, ne~ {=_=}*

It started yesterday night, when I was silently watching over my most favorite and admired couple pass by my house on their way home. As per usual, they were walking side by side and seemed to have been engaged in some hushed conversation just moment before they were at the area of my earshot. But unlike their other countenance, the expressions on their celestial facias were invoking curiosity and puzzlement. ('.' ?)

Why, you ask? O-O*

The answer, my dear, is clearly written on Kaichou's very much unguarded but still regal handsomeness. It's because the scowl he is sporting back then was so evident to the discerning eye, that anyone who's just everyone who knows Tezuka-sama would have had dropped their jaws wide open with utter bewilderment! OAO Just imagine, the unmovable captain of Seigaku clearly seen with a deep frown on his picturesque perfection, inwardly fuming, and undoubtedly troubled.

Tezuka-sama is seldom bothered by anything other than his duties to his family, his responsibilities as the student council president, training practice and progress reports of the boy's tennis club, and being a role model to his peers. Oh, and let's not forget the most recent but most important of all his status record... Kaichou's most beloved boyfriend, Fuji-sama~ *swoon with dreamy jitters~ ^o^ share some love please* So, with those in consideration, I couldn't help but wonder what it was that got Tezuka-sama so riled up. I mean, it must have been something so grave to have ruffled him to that extent, ne? =.="

That had started to bug me, too, at some point - I'm an admirer so I guess it's just natural that I'd feel troubled if i see them troubled, that's just how much I cared for their happiness. I tried to scavenge through my memory for what possible reason could there be, when my sharp ears picked on a beacon of enlightenment(?) = Fuji-sama piquing a jolly familiar tune...

~{O I kissed a girl and I liked it
~{O The taste of her Cherry Chapstick~
~{O I kissed a girl just to try it
~{O I hope my boyfriend don't mind it~

As Fuji-sama's lilting glee enliven the nymphs, his sapphires peeked back to his kiobito with much amusement. I'm sure he is very delighted to take note of how much his whimsical antic is affecting his boyfriend. Watching Tezuka-sama's perfectly drawn brows twitching with annoyance, trying to keep his composure (or at least what remains of it) with deep breathing. His lips curled up mischievously F}, that anyone who sees it would definitely know that the sadist in him was clearly awaken. == totally love F's sadistic but honest(?) way of showing affection. Kyaa~! ^o^=

Fuji-sama skipped a few pace ahead of Kaichou, not seeming to have any intention of halting his teasing, and continued with his childish bullying(?) =P

~{O It felt so wrong,
~{O it felt so right
~{O Don't mean I'm in love tonight

~{O I kissed a girl and I liked it

Then, suddenly the Tensai stopped his angel-steps, half-turned his head towards Kaichou, flicking his sparkling cerulean orbs alluringly, as his supple pink lips dotted his number with a much softer but definitely more seductive note...

~{O Oh, I liked it~

It was so bogglingly entrancing, like the dancing Odette in that of the revered Swan Lake. O\(^o^O\) Gosh! I felt like my heart had just jumped out of my bosom... Fuji-sama looked even hotter than his usual sexiness! ~_~

Ah, gomen, I'll stop rumbling now, any get back to narrating. -.-"

Where was I? Oh, right! Fuji-sama looked so much like a temptuous vixen even without trying, adding to his fluid effeminate gestures, that even his lover had unconsciously gulped and stopped his steady pace with... Is that surprise I saw? Hmm... I'm not really sure, but I could see that our esteemed Buchou of Seigaku's boys tennis team had his usually stoic face blushing red! So adorably cute~! *Ara? P(", )* And he was even sporting an undeniably visible pout! Just imagine that, Tezuka-sama - the respected 'Ice Prince' - was pouting like a little child! *o* It was just so... Kawaii~! ^o^=

Well, even if Tezuka-sama is fuming right there, and had his sharp ember glaring (though it doesn't seem to have any effect on his lover in the slightest F( ) silently at Fuji-sama, I'd still have to agree with Katy Perry on her truthful portrayal of us, ladies, ne? Her words are so true, that I'm ready to kick anyone's - who dare peep against it - behind. Come on, pretty flowers, sing with me~

.•* Us, girls, we are so magical
.•* Soft skin, red lips, so kissable~
.•* Hard to resist, so touchable~
.•* Too good to deny it!

Hahaha~ Now, that felt really good! Free cheers for us! Even Beyonce said it, right?

~{O Who run the world?
~{O GIRLS! ^_~*

Still, to Fuji-sama's defense, Kaichou really has nothing to worry about. If I got the gist right, the perfect couple must have been talking about 'that kiss' earlier that day. It's just a 'short chaste kiss', performed as the most salient and essential part of the reenacted play. Furthermore, it was 'Juliet' who 'initiated and acted' the kiss, and Fuji-sama was only the recipient, assuming the role of the supposedly unconscious 'Romeo'. Seriously, that lip-lock was no big deal, and really innocent. To the beautiful Tensai, it might have even been just one of those experimental game, as it is in his nature to be playfully curious and daring all the same. And him teasing his beloved megane, must have just been caused by Kaichou's reaction - seeming to be greatly affected by the whole charade. So, me thinks if there's anyone Tezuka-sama should be annoyed with, it should be 'Juliet'! 'JULIET'!

Be gone, 'Juliet'! Shoo! O\(o O\)

I write that and yet...



Oh, but those soft, immaculate cherry lips~ I could still feel Fuji-sama's lips linger against mine... full... moist... warm... fervent... The sweetness of angel's caress sealed within those minuscule seconds... *dreamy sigh~ =_=* If the Tensai had even touched me - even just an innocent brush against my skin - back then, I'm sure I would have definite melted right there on the spotlighted stage~! I still can't believe how lucky and privilege I am to have kissed Seishun' Ethereal Prince~! ~_~* If there was even a dust-particle chance it was just a dream, I don't want to know, so don't wake me up~!

Anyway, enough said... =_=+

Do you read me now? I was the culprit of their lovers' quarrel! If one could even call it that? I mean, they weren't even really arguing verbally nor telephatically (I think :D) - yes, Kaichou looked troubled and annoyed, but he doesn't seem to be angry with Fuji-sama... So, you don't think...

NOOO! o !

I honestly didn't intend to go between them! I swear! TTnTT Waaahh! I don't want Tezuka-sama to be angry with me... *sob* I want to apologize, but I seriously don't get why I should when I don't believe it was wrong to ki- kiss Fuji-sama's supple pink lips (sorry, I couldn't help flying to cloud nine every time the memory flashes before me... =_=") - it was part of the script, plus I even abstained myself from the temptation in all those rehearsals. Uh... well, that... and I'm scared of facing Kaichou and his wrath. *trembles as if cold water had just been poured on me* {OnO}

Too bad it is a school day today... or maybe not really... I mean it's better to get this scruple dealt and over with as soon as possible, ne? And so with shaky heart, I threaded my way to Seishun Gakuen whilst trying my very best not wear my wariness on my sleeves.

A few more steps ahead, I saw Tezuka-sama and Fuji-sama enter campus, happily together as usual, and was even greeted with acknowledgement of knowing my name. *swoon~ they recalled my name, so happy~* Well, I mean they referred to me with my last name, but still to be able to receive a 'personalized' greeting from my idols is just too... *dreamy sigh ~_~*

The day went on as usual: academically, I am still the top of my class; kendo, still as quick and focused; archery, well, I slipped once to the second circle... *sigh* So, it seems to be true that the arrow reflects the heart of the archer... I thought I could pretend that I'm fine, but my aim showed the troubles of my heart. Well, sooner or later I have to face the music, don't I?

After club session were over, I certainly got surprised when Tezuka-sama personally called for a meeting with me in the council room. He said we need to discuss something regarding the submitted kendo club budget proposal since my club president was out with a cold and I was second-in-command. {OnO} Kami-sama knows how much I'm breaking with cold sweat, and my heart kept thundering inside my chest in piercing shivers. Oh, I was so scared, though I graciously assented - or maybe it was just my own perception, and I had really made myself appear foolish in front of Kaichou ?! No... I didnt, did I? Of course, I didn't... But even if I had, Tezuka-sama's regal expression showed no clue of it. And anyways, there's no use fretting over what's done -, and followed him to the said office.

No one was in the council office when we arrived, and I really had thought that I would be grind and diced right there and then, though I don't really think that the Tezuka-sama, who prevailed rules and justice, would really resort to that. True enough, Kaichou proceeded with the priority intended and reached for the kendo club proposal on his desk file, which had effectively and gradually made me calmed down (though I can't help having at least one foot in the water, not letting my entire guard down). We were able to calmly tackle the concerned club details, that I naively thought that I was already safe when we've finished the discussion.

But, boy, was I so very wrong... -_-!

After the details were sorted out and finalized to satisfaction, and the papers neatly filed away, he looked straights into my eyes and dropped the bomb within the embodiment of a single-liner...

"Could you please return it to me?" Tezuka-sama intertwined his fingers over his desk, and looked straight to mine with his avid embers.

"Nani?" I answered with caution, not wanting to get ahead of myself nor misunderstand his intent.

"Yesterday, in that scene between you and Syuu-" Kaichou's voice directed, but immediately corrected himself to level-headedness, "I mean, Fuji and you..."

"I...?" I asked, crinkling and eyebrow in query. Somehow, deep inside, I knew what he was asking about, but perhaps the dread brought me to internally deny it.

"You ki... ki-," Tezuka-sama began stuttering, as faint chiffon blushed his flawless handsome face, but still managing to hold those determined gaze locked with mine.

"Ki?" okay, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, but I couldn't avert my eyes from this human perfection before me, and my hands squeezed the hem of my skirt to subdue their tremble. "Gomen, I don't understand."

"... Kisu..." Kaichou finally managed to utter the words clearly after some more internal struggle.

"Kisu... Oh, souka, the kiss!" I repeated him, as I finally understood why the formidable prince had hesitated to state such intimate gesture, and slowly nodded my head in understanding. Then, a few second of silent contemplation passed between us when my sanity finally came back to me and realized that it was 'that' kiss Fuji-sama was crooning about last eve he was referring to. My eyes shot in dilated dinner plates, and jumped to my feet in reflexive defense. "Eehhh?!"

"Onegai," Kaichou pleaded - oh~ his bashful pleading face coupled with his penetratingly deep voice would have been a memory to behold, if only I wasn't embarrassed out of my wits back then. OwO" It seemed that the titular scene between 'Romeo' and 'Juliet' really troubled Tezuka-sama, and his possessiveness with his koibito clearly showed this. His embers orbs reflected his tenacity to 'set things right', as he, too, straightened himself standing. "Please return Fuji's kiss to me."

Well, if that isn't a shocker, I don't know what is! I was wrecking my head on what exactly I am supposed to do then, as a turmoil of freezing coldness and scalding hot sensation whirled inside my body. I think my eyes may have started to swirl, when I held my gaze to the floor. "Ah... Eto... Even if you say that, Kaichou-sama, h-how am I... supposed to-"

"Hn." Tezuka-sama seemed to have understood, and had stopped me with his own resolution. "Then, please pardon my course, {Kreuz}-san, but allow me to take back what's rightfully mine."

I was utterly surprised at the solution he offered, but... Hey! Who am I to refuse when Tezuka-sama himself is personally asking to kiss me - well, in his point of view he is merely 'taking back his Tenshi's kiss' from MY lips, but no matter which way I look into it, it still IS a kiss from Kaichou-sama. *Kyaaa~!* And so, with with my head still held low, I responded with a small nod, "... uhn... H-hai."

*clop-clop-clop-clop-clop* went his steps, resounding in volumes amidst the tranquility of the room. And the next thing I knew, Kaichou was already standing right in front of me, and I felt that time had miraculously stood still within that dream-like scenario. Tezuka-sama's lean fingers gently tilted my face up towards him... his other arm pulled my body closer to his firm built... his unearthly gorgeous face inched closer and closer to mine... long thick lashes dramatically curtained down his bight golden gems... I could feel his breath warmly tickle my cheek... and those full godly lustrous lips... my eyes shut close, as I anticipated this once in an eternity chance in my entire existence...

... and...

*CHU~* ~,~ == This girl had definitely been kissed by Tezuka-sama~! *squeal to the highest decibel in my swooning mind*

Kami-sama, I could probably go to heaven now with so much happiness in my heart! That is, if one could actually die from overjoy... But I don't want to die just yet - I'm too young, I still have a lot of things I want and need to accomplish in my life ."OAO"; - so let me correct myself: Kami-sama, I could probably just keel over with so much fuzziness in my heart! ~_~* oh~ feels a lot like heaven~

.•* Why can't it be
.•* Just a pathway full of roses
.•* Leading to a sunset view
.•* With the one you've always dream of waits?

.•* Why can't it be?
.•* It was like a movie scene
.•* The way I fell for you
.•* Only you didn't fall
.•* Now it's not like the movies at all...
(a/n: excerpt from KC Conception's "Not Like the Movies")

"Mitsu?!" an unmistakable bellan voice suddenly resounded in alarm after the almost inaudible click of a door shut surprised our lips separated.

OoO"! What am I going to do?! First, it was Tezuka-sama, and now it's Fuji-sama! Ahh~ what a mess I have got myself into! Well, it's a good thing that I got my back facing the door, so he won't recognize me... Oh, what am I saying? He's THE Tensai for crying out loud, he would catch me in no time at all! *fret-fret-jitter-shiver* {OAO}

"How could you kiss someone else other than me?" Fuji-sama demanded, though I thought I heard a tinkle mischievous challenge in his tone, of as he took steady steps nearing our spot.

"I'm just taking back what's mine." Tezuka-sama held his steadfast gaze onto his lover's opened sapphires. I just knew those eyes were opened, just as I could feel a pinch of electricity whipping though my body, as Kaichou still hadn't released his hold on me just yet - I assume he was still gauging Fuji-sama's possible reaction for that moment.

"And you did that by kissing {Kreuz}-chan in front of me?" Fuji-sama asked in a venomously lilt tone, as he touched MY shoulders, and effectively untangling me from Kaichou's hold. I felt myself shiver, when his hand pressed with emphasis. "That doesn't sound very convincing now, does it?"

"Ah." Kaichou assented, not only to the query but also the unspoken revenge for all he teasing he had to endure from his lover last night. And this he told so bluntly, that even I felt guilty (even if I still don't agree that I did wrong for kissing 'Romeo' XP). "At least now you understand how I felt when you two shared a kiss in front of everyone."

Fuji-sama sported a mock shocked expression. Hearing how hard his lover was taking that 'little incident', somehow softened the cobalt shards in his cerulean orbs, and also release his hold on my shoulders. "It was a play, Mitsu, it's all scripted."

"I know that, Syuu, but it doesn't change the fact that she took the kiss that's supposed to be only mine!" Tezuka-sama fumed and crossed his arms over his chest - gosh! I didn't even expect Kaichou to have this childish streak in him! Haha, so cute~ ^_^= By all things imaginable, the usually stoic prince had actually turned into a sulking child amidst his boyfriend's seeming indifference to the whole matter. If you see his expression then, I'm sure you would understand why the Tensai really felt like teasing him all the more. ^_~*

"Ooh~ I see how it is..." Fuji-sama's smile grew fetalé tempting, suggestively swayed his hips as he walked towards his koibito, before trailing his soft slender fingers on Kaichou's visage and pulling his attention entirely back to him. "My darling koibito is jealous."

"..." Tezuka-sama's silence revered the truth of his boyfriends words, but his embers shown his feeling deeper than any word could possibly convey.

Fuji-sama stifled a very satisfied chuckle, before rewarding his loyally devoted lover with a chaste kiss. Kaichou understood the implied message that no matter what happens, the Tensai will always belong to his Buchou. Tezuka-sama finally smiled that elusively special smile solely for his beautiful angel, and initiated a more passionate kiss, blossoming from the foundation of deeper trust and affection.

"Ano... I, uhm, I'll be excusing myself now, Tezuka-sama, Fuji-sama," I bid my excuse when I thought that they're too engrossed with kissing to bid me goodbye. Maybe not, because Fuji-sama still managed to wave me farewell... Well, I do respect these godly bishounen's to give them their much needed privacy, but I think it more of because if I don't leave soon, I'd be getting a fatal nosebleed like some comical fujoshi! ~_~* Ooh~Hohoho~

"Chonto mante, {Kreuz}-chan," Fuji-sama half-turned a sharp sapphire gaze coupled with a mischievous smile, as Tezuka-sama was trying hard to keep his signature fierce ember composed albeit the rosen blush sweeping his handsome visage, at me, relaying an irrefutable unspoken message of submission.

I understood their sentiments, and so I plastered an undaunted understanding smile - even if my knees were shaking and my chest was thundering for an entirely different reason - for the perfect pair, placed a hand of vow on my chest, and another hand a-zip my lips to committed silence. Kaichou nodded me with appreciation, while the Tensai's smile soften to genuinely, before I bowed respectfully my exit from the office, and thoughtfully locking the door behind me.

*control... hold-on to self-control* "{O-O}"

Dee~mooou~ (my version of a whining "demo" or "but" in English) I really want to see how Fuji-sama is going to appease his "obviously jealous" boyfriend. Hmm, I know it will definitely be hotter than that über hot make-out session I just got to witness before I left the office... Hotter... Steamier... Wilder... So passionate that it could melt the icecaps of the north pole!

O\(^o^O\) AAAHH~ I WANNA SEE~! O\(^o^O\)

*slaps myself hard on my snowdrop cheek* ( TT-TT#) "Owie..."

"Snap out of it, me!" I'm no perv-... Wait, is imagining the perfect pair engaged in carnal intercourse bad? Nooo~! I'm a GOOD person - only imagining and definitely not forcing nor looking into their private affairs! Repeat to self: "I'm not obsessive nor a stalker. I'm simply a believer of their undiscriminating love." *bow*

*slaps myself hard again on my other snowdrop cheek* (#TT-TT ) "Boo hoo..."

"Enough with the silly monologues, me!" Okay, let's get back on course, ne? ^_^=

It really isn't easy to have a bootylicious, angelically innocent-looking, sadistic lover, like Fuji-sama, - though it never really occurred to me that Tezuka-sama would be the jealous/possessive type of boyfriend... But then again that just makes him all the more hotter~! *squeal enthusiastically, I had to hold both hands over my lips lest I want to attract unnecessary attention to myself, which I most definitely had no intention of.* Hehehe XD, so sorry to the perfect pair's fanclubs, you will never know of my most prized experience with Seigaku's perfect pair! ^_~*

You say, I can't have either of them because they are the perfect pair - perfect for each other, and perfectly devotedly in-love with each other -, I understand that 'perfectly' well. And so, I'll just rekindle those mind-blowing kisses in my dreams tonight...

~,~ chu~ chu~ chu~ Ooh, ecstasy~

Oh, stop looking, you! *blush* Well, until next time, much hugs and kisses~ ~_~*