oh god what have i done

This is an AU fanfic. The characters have more going on with their lives. Danny and Sam are already dating and I gave them little backstories and personality quirks. I don't regret what I've done at the end.

"Danny, you should go in. I think it would really help your parents; you saw how crushed they were when they found out it didn't work." Sam Manson said to her boyfriend, Danny Fenton. She was currently trying to convince him to at least try to figure out what was wrong with his parents' failed ghost portal..

"I don't know... it looks kind of dangerous in there. And besides, if my genius scientist parents who actually figured out an alternative energy source couldn't figure out why it didn't work, what makes you think I can?" Danny said, looking at the failed Ghost Portal.

It was very dangerous, mostly because his parents hadn't bothered to clean it up. There were wires sticking out from some cracks between the plates of metal, and there were cables everywhere, some having been cut in half to make space and were now sputtering out dangerous looking sparks. The Portal itself seemed to suck in all of the light in the room, like the gaping maw of an impossibly huge monster that was just waiting for Danny to walk into its mouth of his own free will.

Danny didn't want to admit it, but it slightly freaked him out.

Not that he would ever admit it to his friends that any of the inventions that his superstitious parents made would ever scare him. His reputation was more important than his unfounded suspicions, especially after the last time he mentioned it and the invention exploded... into glow-in-the-dark lime-scented green bubbles that had covered the entire room and anybody unfortunate enough to be standing in the room. Sam and Tucker hadn't let the incident go for a week.

Really, it was his parents' faults for trying to make a ghost powered soap dispenser! Danny couldn't understand why he was made fun of for getting a bad feeling about glowing green bubbles when his dad's fault was the one who honestly, wholeheartedly thought that making a ghost-powered soap dispenser was ever a good idea.

(Danny still secretly sometimes wondered how his dad had convinced his mom into helping him build it.)

"Come on, it's at least worth a try. They only plugged it in once; maybe there's something that they missed. It's worth a try, isn't it?" Sam urged, nudging Danny towards it.

Danny sighed (he could never say no to his girlfriend) and began walking towards the portal.

"Wait!" Sam yelled, picking something out of a box.

"What is it?" Danny asked and began walking towards her.

"Here." She said, throwing a white blob at him. "Put this on."

"... You've got to be kidding me. Why?" Danny asked, eyeing the white clothing with distaste.

"Because there might be something that can hurt you in there. A little protection is better than none, right?"

Danny scowled and began putting it on, not paying attention to what he looked like. "I hope I don't look like too much of an idiot, because if this thing ends up getting fused to my skin, I don't want to have to walk around in a jumpsuit or something equally as lame. People would be staring at my ass all day... And don't even get me started on capes!" He shuddered at the mental image.

"To be honest, you look pretty good." Tucker said, looking up from his PDA for the first time in the entire conversation.

Danny looked down on himself and sighed. He was wearing a long black trench coat with bands of red and white and a long sleeved nondescript white shirt underneath. There were also plain white pants and black combat boots, and he began pulling on the black gloves that were designed to protect every square inch of skin.

"Honestly, I still don't see why I have to wear this," Danny grumbled. "It really doesn't seem like anything that will help me if the lab explodes again."

"Danny! Your parent specially designed these suits to protect against chemical burns and radiation." Sam admonished. Unfortunately, she said it the same time Tucker had decided to cut in.

"Well, if you die, at least you'll be looking cool, for one. And it also adds +3 Charisma, +2 Luck, and +1 Defense."

"... Tucker, you've been playing too many RPG's again." Danny sighed, resting his head in his palm. Why did all his friends have to have the strangest vices? Sam had her animal rights thing, Tucker had his technology and his blog full of cat gifs, and Danny had his studies in physics and astronomy.

Although, to be fair, Tucker's cat blog was somewhat funny.

"I swear it was only 10 straight hours this time! You've got to admit, that's a lot better than the last three times!" Tucker said, shielding his magical bag of tech that followed him everywhere with his body, face in an expression of mock horror at the thought of Danny taking away his precious technology.

"Never mind that. I'm going in, not that it would help, anyway. But since you insist..." Danny trailed off, doing that odd little half-smile of his and gesturing toward Sam.

Just before he could actually walk through the metal frame of the ghost portal, Sam called, "Stop!" loudly, enough to make both Danny and Tucker flinch and cover their ears, Tucker more so because he was literally only about a foot away from her.

"Jeez, Sam. I think you might've busted an eardrum." Tucker said, uncovering his ears.

"Yeah, what was that about?" Danny asked, regaining his composure.

"Sorry, it's just that I realised that this would make the perfect picture. I mean, just look at you, acting like you're about to go to war with monsters from a different universe or something."

Sam, Danny, and Tucker all managed to keep a straight face for approximately 10 seconds before they all burst into laughter.

"Speaking of pictures, isn't it your one-month anniversary of dating? We really should take some pictures and put it in the scrapbook." Tucker pointed out, getting out his really high quality expensive camera that he had begged his parents for, citing it as a "recreational activity" and allowed him to get out more. It turned out that he had really enjoyed photography and had ended up becoming a member of the photography club at school.

"Sure, why not? If anything, we can laugh about it later when we look back." Danny shrugged and waved Sam over.

Danny exaggeratedly struck a pose like a superhero, and they all laughed while taking pictures, striking poses and pretending to be monsters coming out of the portal. They were just three friends, and Tucker wasn't left out, even though one of his best friends was dating the other. They all had a strong friendship, and Tucker wasn't envious in the slightest because of how perfect Danny and Sam were together. He wasn't excluded in anything, and if he was, it was only because they were doing romantic things and warned him beforehand.

It was a pretty beautiful relationship, and nothing could ruin it, not even when two of them were dating and the third couldn't even pick up a dance partner.

"Alright, I think that's enough pictures. In you go!" Tucker said, slapping Danny on the back.

"Here I go, into the portal of death!" he said, pausing for dramatic effect and exaggeratedly swaggering into the ghost portal, all fear and doubt gone. "If I don't come back, tell the fair lady Samantha Manson that I will forever love her!"

Tucker and Danny laughed as Tucker tried to hold Sam back from trying to maul Danny for calling her a fair lady, although it didn't work very well, seeing how Tucker was laughing so hard.

Then, Danny began screaming in horrible, gut wrenching agony as blood lit with green light splattered over the shining metal walls of the normally pristine lab, the lights flickering and dying, leaving only a ghostly green light to flicker over the surface of the blood of one Daniel Jack Fenton.