A/N For the record. WALLY'S NOT DEAD! WHO'S WITH ME!? Now that that's out of the way... I was in denial this afternoon, and I thought it looked like Wally was being Zeta'ed when he 'died', and thus (with a little help from my little sis): this was born.

Kid Flash could feel himself slipping as he ran around and around the device, trying to help Flash and Impulse save the world. He knew seconds before he disappeared he wouldn't survive much longer. His biggest regret was not being able to tell Artemis he loved her one last time. He managed to get some last words to his uncle before he vanished into oblivion.

It was strange. Death didn't feel like Wally thought it would. He had always thought that once you were dead, you wouldn't feel agonizing pain throughout your entire body. It didn't even occur to him he might still be alive. He had heard Blue Beetle say he wouldn't make it; he had felt his body deteriorating, so he couldn't possibly still be alive, could he?

One thing was for sure, if he was dead, death was loud. And painful. Every bone in his body ached like he had been run over by a Monster Truck, smacked with a crowbar, and then thrown off a cliff for good measure. It seemed to Wally like he was getting one heck of a terrible death.

"Dude! Wake up!"

Why were there voices in the afterlife? Wasn't it supposed to be peaceful and quiet?

"C'mon Bart! Get up!"

Why was Bart here? Was he dead too?

"I really don't wanna do this, but-"

Wally was slapped in the face. "Owww…" he moaned.

"Sorry dude. Now just open your eyes," came the voice again.

Wally cracked open one bright green eye.

"You're not Bart," the girl said again.

"And you're a genius," replied Wally. At least his sarcasm was still working.

"Oh man, you guys look a lot a like, and you were in the same location as Bart. I meant to grab him, but everything was so confusing! Sorry." The girl thought for a moment. "Who're you?"

"I could ask you the same question," replied Wally. Hanging out with Robin for so long had made him a little paranoid- especially since Nightwing had started the dangerous lying game that had almost lead to Artemis' death.

"Sorry, I guess you wouldn't really trust me after I grabbed you out of your time. I'm Hayley, Bart's best friend," she said. "I meant to bring him back, but he must have been moving too fast too close to you and I miscalculated."

Wally was skeptical, but this girl- Hayley- seemed to be his only chance to get home. After all, she had brought him here, so she should be able to put him back in his own time- because if she was Bart's best friend, he had to be in the future.

He finally decided to tell her his name. "I'm Wally. I'm Bart's… cousin?" Wally had never really put any thought into how he was related to the younger speedster. "So am I really in the future?"

"Yup!" replied Hayley. "Welcome to 2056."

The younger girl was telling the truth- or at least Wally didn't think she was lying. "Can you put me back in the past?"


"You can't." It was a statement. Wally had had his doubts when he asked, but Hayley's response had confirmed his fears. "How'd you even get me here in the first place?"

"Bart left some notes when he went to your time, and I just reverse engineered his design."

Wally opened his mouth to respond, but Hayley continued.

"Unfortunately all the schematics were lost when the machine exploded and you flew out. It'll take me years to redo it." She looked at Wally for a reaction.

Wally was devastated. Now he'd never get home. All of his friends were going to think he was dead! And, if he ever got back, Artemis was going to kill him for putting her through all the trauma of mourning him. Not to mention what Dick would do to him.

He was about to yell at the girl, but then he looked at her. The smaller girl looked like she was about to cry. She actually looked kind of pathetic- short with stringy brown hair in a messy ponytail.

"It's not your fault, kid."

"Yes it is! I tried to get my friend back, and I ended up ruining your life!" the girl exclaimed.

Oh great, she really was crying now. "Did Bart have any help when he made his original machine?" Wally said quickly, trying to distract her. If Artemis had been here she would have smacked him for not being comforting. Wally really wanted to go home, and he was going to explore every opportunity to do just that.

"He didn't really talk about it much," replied Hayley. She had stopped crying, but was still sniffling a little. "He did mention Nathaniel Tryon though."

Wally did a little mental celebration. "That's great! Where is he?"

Hayley shifted nervously. "In a maximum security prison."

Wally's jaw dropped. "WHAT!?"

"In your time he was the villain Neutron. I read about him in my History book. You guys fought him once?"

"Is there anything else you want to drop on me?" asked Wally.

"No, I don't think so," answered Hayley. "Can you walk yet? If we want to talk to Nate we need to go now. Visiting hours end soon."

Wally stood up shakily. "Yeah, I think so. Let's go."

"Don't you want to change first?" asked the petite brunette. "That bright yellow suit makes you stand out a little."

"Oh, right," replied Wally, embarrassed.

It was a long walk to the prison, giving the pair plenty of time to talk.

"So what were you doing when I pulled you out of your time?" questioned Hayley.

"Dying," replied Wally, smirking at her horrified look. "So I guess I really should thank you for bringing me here."

"Why were you dying!?" she asked, still shocked.

"I was absorbing a bunch of radiation trying to save the Earth from destruction." Wally was having a little too much fun telling this to the younger girl.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"Twenty-one. You?"

"Thirteen," she replied. "So you're telling me that you're not even out of college and you've already saved the world?"

"Several times," answered Wally smugly.

"We're here," said Hayley.

They both looked up at the towering walls of the prison that housed the man who could determine Wally's future.

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