Buffy of the Rebellion

Chapter I

The Hunt of the Chosen

She had died hadn't she? It took her a moment to shake away the fog from her brain as she gasped in for breath. Her blue eyes looked into the surprised expression of the bumpy faced man holding her up against a wall. His yellow-ish eyes looking at her in confusion, but she had been sure she had been dead.

That man died… her Watcher… did he save her? No, she knows she had died. Had this bumpy faced man with cold yellow eyes saved her life, bringing her back? Her back hurt as her foggy mind tried to come to grips with something, anything. It was as if her mind was on turbo-overdrive and she really couldn't concentrate on any one thing.

No, no, no, this bumpy faced thing. He killed her; he stopped her heart. She remembered the pain, and still felt the bruises all over her body, and on her face.

Then how can she be alive, she was dead. Is she in hell, punished to repeat her death over and over by the hands of her murderer. How could that be? She doesn't remember him holding her against the wall before; did she really deserve hell?

Maybe she was sent to hell for failing the world, failing to end this monster, for fighting her destiny. She had been chosen; her Watcher had told her many times before he died. She had fought him every step of the way like a foolish child.

Though, she's only fifteen, did he expect any more from her? Yes, and maybe the world and Destiny or Fate hated her for being so selfish. She's the chosen one: one girl in every generation, or something like that. She felt a bit queasy for not paying the attention she should have.

Now she's dead, or maybe she died, and isn't dead anymore? She was confused; she would have expected fire and brimstone or something, but no. Nothing that simple entered her swarming vision. She could only see the corridor and Mr. Bumpy Fangy Face.

She doesn't like Mr. Bumpy Fangy Face. His breath reeks of blood and – well she couldn't decipher what, and would prefer not to find out. She could see his expression clearing while her heart pounded painfully in her chest, her adrenalin working her muscles.

It only took her a few moments before she finally realised she is alive, but she won't be if Mr. Bumpy Fangy Face has a say, and she doesn't want him too.

She reached out through her pain and grabbed the things head as his snappy sharp teeth went for her throat holding him back. She cried out through her pain as her legs wrapped around the 'man's chest, her torn up skirt falling up showing her panties, but she didn't care.

How hard can it be to kill this guy? Very, she realised without a weapon as her fingers and nails dug into his neck and throat. She could feel his blood as she tried tearing at him.

He tried to loosen her grip by pounding her back into the wall, but all that did was crack the mortar and bricks. She wouldn't loosen her grip, if anything, her grip tightened.

Mr. Bumpy Fangy Face growled in pain and hissed trying to reach her face with his fangs, but she groaned and near hissed herself as her fingers dug deeper into her prey. She cried out and he screams as her fingers finally tore through muscle.

The thing staggered back, crying out as she pulled, hard. It was like tearing off a piece of chewed up gum, only gushed blood, flesh tore and the bumpy fangy faced human-like creature screamed as he lost his head.

In just a moment the screaming stopped and the 'man' burst into dust, gone. She yelped as the head burst away with the body and dropped her painfully to the cold tile floor.

She was breathing heavily, sweat covering her face, and her panties, bra and filthy 'white' tee shirt were drenched in blood or sweat, not to mention how uncomfortable her sweat soaked feet in her socks and trainers felt.

Letting herself collapse boneless she rested, feeling sleep wanting to claim her; she fought it. She couldn't sleep now, not while it's still dark and she's in a public building. More might turn up, and she's not used to all this, but maybe.

She has a second chance. This time she won't try running from her destiny as the chosen girl. This time she'll chase it and become strong enough to protect people. She has already failed this Watcher guy, the least she can do is fight these monsters.

Anyway, she might not have much choice in the long run. She'll always know about them, and they probably know about this chosen stuff. She'll never get any peace, never. She might as well not let them rest in peace either.

"Dam, stupid pun," she muttered to herself when she heard sirens blazing and getting closer.

She knows she has to leave. They had probably been making enough noise to have gotten the cops attention. She can't be found here with the dead body of some old guy. She looked over to her Watcher. He laid perfectly still, not even a breath leaving him, dead.

It took her a few moments to drag herself over to him. He has an old brown leather book bag, and she pulled it off him, knowing she'll need the book inside, and it would look odd when the police find him. She felt guilty as she took a peek inside to find the huge book, a wooden stake, and a silver dagger.

That was all fine with her as she put the strap of the bag over her shoulder and staggered to her feet. The book bag was heavier than she would have thought.

Her legs felt like they had lead weights tied to them as she limp and staggered down the corridor. She could now see the flashing blue and red lights through the window outside. It was only two police cars so it shouldn't be too hard to sneak passed them.

It took her what felt like forever looking for a place to hide or escape the building. It was just a good job that the vampire's had shut down both main power and the emergency power systems so the security cameras aren't working. She's not sure vampires show up on camera, as they have no reflection.

She worked her way through an art exhibit of some kind where she saw the glow in the dark emergency exit sign at the end and smiled tiredly. It took her no time to run for it and bang the door open. She half-expected alarms, but nothing happened.

The 'chosen' sighed as she breathed in the cool night air, and for a moment, she felt relief flood her before she realised she still has to get as far away as possible.

It was a struggled to get moving; she ran the length of the empty car park and moved as fast as she could. She made it to some bushes and dived through them, and sighed as she caught her breath as two police officers with torches moved into the medium sized parking lot the moment she was hidden.

She thought they might have spotted her for a moment as a torch shone in her direction. She looked through the gaps in the bush, holding her breath, when the other officer gave him a nudge and they both moved on. Its thanks to the emergency exits being heavy fire doors that it closed behind her that they didn't get suspicious.

The 'chosen' girl sat in the mud hidden in the bush and tried to get her bearings as well as her breath back. She's in New York City, and has to find somewhere to hide and rest. She has to find some training, and study the book she had previously ignored.

There is no Watcher now to help her. She's alone and can't even go home. She doesn't want her mother involved. She'll be better off without her. She's now a supernatural umm… whatever, and has a destiny. It's just figuring out how to help people and kill these monsters.

Shaking her head, she nodded to herself in thought. She'll certainly need training if her uselessness tonight was anything to go by. Her Watcher is dead, and she doesn't want anyone else she meets along the way to meet the same fate because she can't even do her fated job.

Her head hurt and her body ached all over. She waited a moment or two, tired, laying back against a tall fence behind her, hidden by bushed behind it. Her mother and father had not long split. Her father moved out to LA for work, and her mother had been moving her to California too, to some town she never wanted to head too. She supposes she gets her wish to not go now.

The Watcher had told her that she has to go there. That it's a place on the Hellmouth. It's a place where vampires and other monsters gather, but what about everywhere else. She doesn't want to believe that everything bad that happens in the world will only happen there.

Leaning back on the fence she let herself rest, and rest she did, her eyes drifting closed. She knows she's taking a huge risk, but her body felt like jelly, all squishy with a mind of its own. She lost any fight she had as she finally lost consciousness.

She groaned as her eyes flickered open and she blinked the bright light back. It was hurting her head and she wondered what she was doing outside in some bushes.

Sitting up straight her eyes widened as she looked up to the clear blue sky. The sun was up high and looking to her watch it was just after midday. She had to move, she had rested too long, but at least most of her aches had gone and many of her bruises seemed to have faded.

Looking over the bush people were just going about their day and the car park is full. So she snuck out and stalked the lot in a crouch when she came across a car with some clothes in the back seat. Her luck was looking up as the car hadn't been locked.

She opened the door carefully and pulled out a couple of items. They were clean, and fresh, newly bought. Obviously, some idiot doesn't get that New York isn't the city to leave your car unlocked, they could get it stolen, not to mention the stuff in it.

It took her moments to pull on some baggy black combat trousers under her skirt, and a white hoody over her top. She then carefully closed the door and moved further from the car before standing as she walked out of the car lot.

She got some weird looks, but that was minimal as she removed her skirt and threw it into the back of a garbage truck as it was picking up from businesses it passed.

She had been walking through the busy street when she paused by an alley entrance, looking into the dark. She had thought she had heard something, her senses alert and ready. Her muscles are tense, and on standby, ready to strike while she brushed her dark-blonde hair from her eyes.

Pedestrians complained as they had to walk around her before she slowly walked into the alley, her senses reeling. Something was up, something demonic, something different. She moved deeper into the alley, her eyes searching every way they can.

"Miss. Summers…!"

A smooth and cool voice called out her name. She felt a cold chill run down her spin as she span around. The voice was feminine and the shape of the shadowed person behind her is too.

"W-Who are you?" she asked, trying to keep from shivering again as a woman walked out of the shadows to reveal herself.

"I'm just me… but you? You're, Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer," she replied while Buffy took a step back.

She took in every detail of this woman, from her pale blue skin to her purple hair and deep purple eyes. She was naked, and looked amused as Buffy's cheeks flamed up as she looked over her fit and muscular body. She had a big bust and a smooth body, standing taller than she does.

"Yes, well," she laughed, amused as she gestured herself, a long smooth tail swishing around behind her, fanged teeth in her smiling mouth and ragged pointed ears. "Transdimensional-astroprojection. I'm afraid it's not very clothing friendly," she said amused. "I was chosen as it was decided that you would be more… cooperative with a female rather than some naked male… demon."

"W-what do you want from me?" she demanded trying to sound braver than she's feeling as she looked up slightly to the taller woman, err, demon, umm, whatever.

"I want to help silly," she replied shrugging as if that should be obvious. "Contra to your belief, not all… demons are out to eat people, umm… humans or otherwise," she said stepping closer, she flickered like a bad TV reception for a moment before chanting a few unknown words and the 'picture' became perfect again.

"OK, say I buy that," she replied, relaxing as she realised the demon woman isn't actually here, but just projecting herself. She'll have to look up astroprojection just to be ahead next time, if she can find the right book. "You help me; I help you, that's what you want, right?"

"Of course," she agreed. "Nothing in this or any other world worth having is free," she said whimsically as she walked around Buffy, giving her a good look at the rest of her body before stopping in front of her again. "The visions are unclear, but we saw, Slayer. We saw you and your Watcher die. However, through some miracle of fate the vampire that murdered you brought you back, restarted your heart when he slammed your back into the wall.

"He was a foolish creature," she said laughing before her cool eyes scanned Buffy causing her to quiver. "We can no longer see the future, our gifts gone, except for you, but even then, it is all clouded in fog, ever changing, ever moving, and too fast to see, so the future is never staying the same for more than a few hours or even minutes. So we stopped looking at the future, and look to the present.

"You can help us, and in return I can help you," she said moving closer again. Buffy had to resist moving away from her. "My people have grown so complacent in their sight that they cannot understand why they do not see. It has something to do with your world. I shall help guide you when you need help.

"I cannot do much from here, but I can give, suggestions, and information where I can," she said lowering her head in thought. "In exchange you will find the obscurer of our sight, and destroy them, or at the very least put a stop to it. My dimension is at risk with every passing moment that our sight is gone."

Buffy was surprised as she hadn't thought of demons as intelligent and potentially caring life forms like humans. She had to look away from the demon while she thought. The demons nakedness was highly distracting. She's kind of pretty for a blue skinned girl. If she says no, it means nothing, no help, and she'll be all alone.

If she agrees she'll be cooperating with things she's supposed to slay, but maybe she'll be able to learn about demons first hand. If she can, maybe she'll be better able to discern from a threat and something less so. Would it dam her soul if she killed demons that… demons that are innocent of any crime against earth or humans?

She shook her head. If humans can be evil creatures then why can't demons be good, or at least not evil? Looking back to the blue-skinned demon, she couldn't help but give her a nod. It was the only way she could see of surviving.

"O-OK, I'll agree," she finally answered. "B-but if you screw me over I'll find you no matter where-…"

"You won't have to worry about that," she answered with a nod. "OK, first, this… astroprojection is tuned so only you can see or hear me. However, don't be surprised if the odd demon can too, or at least sense me. My name is Andréa, but you can call me Andi. I know you humans like to shorten names."

"That name's kind of human," Buffy answered in surprise before she could stop herself.

Andréa shrugged. "My name doesn't have a real human translation, so this is as close as you'll get," she said as she moved away from the Slayer. "OK, go to Chinatown, and look up a man who goes by the name Touisen Huu. He runs a martial arts school. He knows more than any normal human should. I'm certain he will help you, and lead you on your newfound path."

"B-but…" Buffy barely got that out before the demons image flickered and she disappeared. She sighed. "Great help that was… go there, he'll help you. I don't even get an address."

This sucked. Maybe she should just go home, try to be normal? No, she couldn't do that. The monsters might find her, and she wouldn't be able to live with herself if anything happened to her mother because of her. She's not normal now, and by the look of things she won't ever be, and she made a deal with Andréa, so has to do this.

Therefore, she slipped out of the alley and back into the packed street of the huge metropolis. She looked at the nearest signpost to see where she is and groaned loudly while people-traffic walked around her. She's broke and Chinatown is miles away.

It looks like she has no choice, so she started on her trip. At this rate, it will be dark before she gets to Chinatown and how long until she finds Mr. Huu and convinces him to help her. At least the roads are straight and it's hard to get lost in Manhattan.

She walked the warm streets and crossed the busy roads, and tried to avoid police. Not that they can accuse her of anything, but she would rather not get a spot search for being 'suspicious', and have them find the dagger and stake in her book bag; the book could be easily overlooked. She would rather not have to try explaining the old and expensive looking book, about slaying vampires with a stake and dagger. She might be sectioned for being nuts.

Yeah, best to avoid them, even more so while some of her clothes have blood on them, and remove the hoody and she looks like she's been in a huge battle or something. If she doesn't look like that now, anyway. She can only be thankful that cops wear such easily spotted uniforms, some even wear high visibility jackets.

Buffy was feeling yuk as she kept on walking, but at least her muscles were feeling better, and the further she moved the more she noticed her sores and bruises healing. That is a great benefit to being the Slayer. It's just a shame about the fighting monsters part.

She hopes this Mr. Huu guy will let her use a shower at his school. If it's a proper gym it has to have plenty of showers. She's sweaty and sticky, hot and greasy. She's not sure how her hair looks, but she's sure it, and she looks a mess. However, most of all, she is starving. She hasn't eaten since yesterday morning, and with all of the 'exercise' she's even more hungry than she thought possible.

It was about 9PM-ish she thinks as she couldn't focus much on her watch when she finally entered Chinatown as the sun was drawing down to dusk. She groaned as she smelt the delicious food while passing through a food district.

She needed to find this school and soon. She doesn't want to end up fighting any vampires if she can help it. Therefore, she looked around when she saw an old woman making some kind of spring rolls at her food stall, or whatever they're called. She decided she looked like the less threatening and walked over, smiling at her.

"Excuse me, ma'am, umm… I'm looking for and Mr. Touisen Huu, he's supposed to run a martial arts school here in Chinatown," she said quickly, hoping the woman understands. She doesn't know whether they care to learn English or not and she doesn't know any Chinese."

"Ah, yes, sit," she said, her accent light. "Eat," she said smiling as she put a small plat down with two rolls.

"U-umm… but I don't have any money," she replied feeling embarrassed.

"No, eat," she said still smiling as she offered up the rolls anyway. She felt bad feeling like the charity case she is.

"Umm… are you sure?" she asked feeling concerned.

"Yes, yes, eat," she said smiling as Buffy's stomach rumbled.

The new Slayer blushed as she sat and scoffed the two rolls before she could really stop herself. They were delicious, just how they smelt. However, Buffy was startled as two men suddenly sat either side of her. They looked at her, but didn't do anything as she slid her hand into her book bag, her fingers slipping around smooth wood.

The old woman smiled viciously as her face turned all bumpy with weird eyes and fangs. The men's faces turned too. However, she wasn't in the mood and with a one two, her stake was out and in one chest after another leaving the old woman alone as the 'men' burst into dust.

The old woman staggered back with wide eyes before she burst into dust. Standing behind where she had been was an old Chinese man holding a wooden stake. His expression was bland but curious as Buffy ignored him for a moment and stuffed her face with crispy rolls, savouring the taste.

"I don't think I'll ever be glad for vampires again!" she said with her mouthful. "But for an evil soulless demon she sure can make some delicious food. I'm starving, thanks for the save, who are you?" she said not stopping her face stuffing.

The old man chuckled as he brushed down his green silk kung-fu style robes. "My name is Touisen Huu, I was just passing when I noticed this… woman, and I couldn't help but here you're looking for me."

She finished the last of her free meal and near chocked before she could speak. "Yeah… I was told that, well," she got up from her seat and moved around closer. "I was told you could help me. I need to learn to fight. Those guys were easy, they just thought I was a normal girl, but…" she trailed off as she withdrew a huge book that had the word 'SLAYER' written across it in huge letters.

His eyes widened. "Put that away… not here!" he hissed at her looking around, concerned. "This isn't a safe enough place," he said while she quickly put it back in her bag and he grabbed her arm forcing her to go with him. "Where's the British fool. I will not speak to you with a member of the Watchers Council near."

"H-he's dead," she replied surprised by the hate he seemed to hold for the Watchers. "A-a… demon told me you could help me. She said she was doing umm… transdimensional-astroprojection. S-she said if I help them, she'll help me. T-they're seers and someone on earth is stopping their umm… sight or something like that, so…"

"I see," he answered as he led her on until they reached a small looking building and pushed her in before closing and locking the door. It led into a small gym with all sorts of equipment from punch bags to weights and practice mats.

He hadn't spoken much other than that. "The race with sight," he mumbled to himself after a short while. "I have heard of them… they're not demons like the sort you might think. Some demons are docile; they do not interfere in what they care not for. As long as you follow your end of the bargain, I believe she can be trusted for now. You are new to this aren't you?"

She looked away feeling scared and confused. "Yes… I… I need to get strong enough to protect people, and… well; I need to learn. I need to know how to become a Slayer and not die like those before me. I remember the nightmares. I don't want it to end like that!"

"The Slayers have always been held back by their Watchers!" he answered her with a sad smile. "They had been trained to die, but yet never trained to live, kill, and protect. I will help you learn all you need to live, and kill, but sometime soon, you must leave to find your own place in this world. I cannot teach you forever. To live you must travel alone… for now at least, I can help you as others can throughout your journey.

"I can only hope to do well by you," he said with a sigh. "I can teach you all I know about the creatures that lurk this world. I will also teach you as much as I can about fighting, but you must find other ways to learn to fight, or learn about these creatures, other teachers, books, and magic. However, I must tell you now that the Watchers care not for their Slayers. To them, you are just weapons to destroy demons, so I warn you; you may have to kill humans to fight, kill, protect, and live how you wish too."

"I… I think I understand," she said with a shuddering breath as she realised the Watchers would hunt her if they find out she's alive and she may have to kill them.

She shuddered at the thought, but she has her determination. She'll keep her freedom and hopefully she'll be the best Slayer she can be.

To Be Continued…