Buffy of the Rebellion

Chapter VI

Hope in the face of Fate

It had been three months and Faith found the lack of any of these douchy mobster vampires turning up or sending goons, human or otherwise disappointing. She has after all been slaying all of their clientele and taking in lots of extra homeless kids to teach, well just a few here and there.

She has come to the conclusion that she isn't the best of teachers though, but its just as well the kids are pretty adaptable. She does what she can, but if only Willow was with her, she could teach them some investigating, and researching skills. All Faith normally does is wonder around and hope for the best, and surprisingly it actually works.

Though, her 'staff' can't be as lucky as her, so they need teaching. She had thought about kidnapping some poor cop and keeping him hostage, but that probably would draw attention, and she doesn't want the mob-vamps using the cops to get to her. So she came up with a cunning plan to get someone to come to her.

She sighed as she just dodged under the police line and weaved around some cops before looking down at the body of some poor kid. He's completely naked and about fifteen years old with his stomach completely gouged out and his entrails and – well insides gone, eaten no doubt.

"Miss!" a police officer came up behind her while a woman with long brown hair was crouching at the body with a CSI jacket wearing gloves looked up, surprised to see her.

"Faith Investigations!" she said handing him her expertly made card. "My… agency was hired to look into his disappearance two days ago," she added as she handed another card to the woman.

Faith is dressed in a woman's black coloured suit with skirt, (to look the part), minus the tie with a few top buttons undone. She looked the body over while the CSI stood and gestured for the cop to leave. Faith then handed the woman a photo of the boy alive to look at before she handed it back.

"Doctor Katherine Miller, CSI," she said shaking Faith's hand. "So, Miss. Lehane, why exactly would his family hire a … supernatural and paranormal investigator to find their son?" she asked suspiciously.

Faith just smiled, not bothered by the state of the body. "Well, they think he was into the occult," she said, shrugging as she gestured to the boys' dark hair and goth/emo black makeup. "Not a farfetched thought when you see him like this is it Doc?"

The Doctor sighed and shook her head, agreeing. "I suppose you have a point," she couldn't help but say. "But if you have any information… and not about monsters then you should inform me or one of the investigators immediately."

"Sorry, Doc," she said shrugging. "I have nothing, but now it's my job to catch the culprit. After all, that's what I'm paid for, just like you, I have a job to do. Though, if you don't believe in monsters, perhaps you should open your eyes more. Be it human or something else, whoever, whatever did this is a monster."

Katherine frowned as she watched the young woman leave before returning to her duty and placing the card into her pocket, just encase. It doesn't hurt, plus her sister would love to know that a new 'psychic' club has opened. Her sister can be quite the believer.

It didn't take too long to get everything together and the body away to the morgue for the coroner to look into further. She pulled off her gloves and trashed them before straightening her glasses and heading back to her car, sitting in the driver's seat and heading back to the office with her findings.

She got to the labs and started analysing what could be saliva, but something was wrong with it. Looking it over more and more, it gave her the cold shivers, and she had to blink several times before looking back at the vile.

"We'll take that Miss. Miller!"

She was startled and turned to see two large men wearing business suits. "We have authorisation to retrieve all samples and evidence taken from the boy. This is ours now," one of the men said snidely.

However, his eyes suddenly widened and she shivered and gasped as he suddenly bust into dust. The other man turned as Katherine saw Faith Lehane. Then the other man's face morphed with yellow eyes, bumpy with fangs.

However, Faith was soon kicking the ten barrels of crap out of him and put her stake to his chest, pushing him face first into the wall. "Now, why would a piece of dust like you want to collect some demons evidence and in broad daylight too. Though, I'm already aware you're using the sewer systems to travel. I might actually let you live if you tell me!"

"I'm not stupid, Slayer," he hissed out, unable to move much how she's holding him. "You'll stake me if I talk, you'll stake me if I don't, so go ahead, do it, bitch!"

Faith smirked. "Yeah, you're right," she said as he burst into dust. Faith stood, brushing down her suit and turned to Katherine. "Vampires can be quite the annoyance, and it's probably best you misplace those samples and forget everything you saw," she added placing her stake away and casually walking away as if she hadn't just killed two things that shouldn't exist.

Katherine could only stagger back, her mouth wide open. She couldn't think about what to do let alone do it. Her sister would have chased that girl, that monster hunter and been awed, want to learn more. Katherine would have wanted knowledge to, if that knowledge wouldn't bend the truths she had always took for granted.

She felt like her mind has been bent and twisted, frazzled, fractured into a world where hell is real, and then what about heaven? Does the existence of vampires mean hell and heaven are real, and what about gods and other monsters?

It was hard to get her mind around as her sister is the believer in this mumbo-jumbo, not her. She's just a simple atheist, a scientist, a woman of calm and collect reason, so why does the thought of buying a silver cross to wear sound so appealing? She must know more, to understand what she has witnessed.

Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy

Kennedy was amused as that Kendra girl blabbered on about something she had lost track of ages ago. Apparently, this bitch is supposed to be 'helping' her train. She gets a better work out walking the corridors while chatting to Willow, enjoying how red flirting with her makes the cute red head.

However, Kendra is not only a by-the-book loser when it comes to slaying, but by-the-book when teaching, which means that even though Giles had told Wesley and Kendra to hit the road they wouldn't. She's not even certain Giles has much faith in the Watchers Council anymore.

She can already tell that Willow is frightened to be around Kendra and her Watcher for too long, but with the way this girl preaches and teaches, she knows why. Willow's frightened she'll be on Kendra's list soon, not that she has any reason to be. Heck, Kennedy feels the shiver sometimes, wondering whether she's going to have to fight to the death or something.

It's a hard life when some douchy council has their super-powered dog on such a tight leash, but when she's so obedient anyway, it makes matters worse. She had contemplated just running away herself. It's no wonder that Faith chick legged it, but if she goes, she's taking Willow too. She wouldn't feel right leaving her with this nutter.

She held in a smile as she wondered whether Giles would consent to running away too. The way he looks at Kendra's Watcher, she wouldn't be surprised if he suggested it.

"Kenny..." Willow had barged into the library startling her out of her thoughts, but Kendra looked to her with a glare, causing her red haired friend to shiver, and pause, worried.

Kendra looked back at her with a cold expression. "I told you to stop encouraging her. You are a Slayer, and Slayers only have their Watchers."

"You know what, fuck off bitch!" Kennedy suddenly hissed out in anger, standing with her dark eyes cold. "I don't give a shit what you or the Watchers Council thinks. It's no wonder Faith hit the road with you here. If you have a problem," she drew a silver blade. "Maybe we can awaken someone who's not a tool!"

Kendra was about to react when Giles exited his office, his cold expression on Kendra. "That's it, Kendra, I've had enough, and I'm sick and tired of you presuming to know anything. Willow is a member of our team and assists me quite well in our demonology research. So if you have a problem with her, myself, OUR Slayer, or Faith, then let me inform you now, this is our town, our territory, so grab your snivelling excuse for a 'Watcher' and get out of our sight!"

Kendra suddenly charged him in her rage, and Kennedy couldn't move fast enough to stop her when they heard some strong word spoken in anger.


Kendra cried out in surprise as she was lifted from her feet and smashed into a far wall by the door. Giles and Kennedy were surprised as Willow had moved her position and held her hand out as Kendra had gotten to her feet, looking at Willow in fury.

"You harbour another demon, Giles!" she hissed out angry. "You are no real Watcher to a Slayer."

"I'm a wicca, not a demon!" Willow said angrily. "Stay away from my friends; you're already the reason Faith and Angel left!"

"You foolish girl, I am the Slayer now!"

"Ciomuto!" Willow cried out with tears in her eyes, magic in her voice, Kendra went flying straight out through the library doors. She then held her hands up to the doors with a look of concentration. "Teneotelea, teneotelea, Kendra, Wesley!" and the whole room flashed with a blue light just before the door was wrenched open and the Jamaican Slayer tried to charge in only to bounce back by a transparent force.

Giles looked at Willow in surprise while Kennedy went to her friend and held her while she looked so scared. "How long will the spell keep them from being able to enter?" the Watcher asked, not mentioning or caring that she's been studying magic in secret.

Willow held back some sniffles as she held herself up. "I-I'm not sure, possibly a week or so!" she said, trying to hold back her tears. "I... I looked for that spell encase I needed to protect myself. That girl is unhinged."

Giles nodded with a sad smile. "Faith and Angel knew you were practicing magic?" he asked her trying to be reassuring.

She nodded her head slowly. "I-I just wanted to be more helpful, Giles. I was going to show you before Kendra showed up, but then I got distracted, then Faith ran away, and...-."

"Then you feared Kendra would try to kill you?" he asked, and she nodded sadly. "It's too late... we have to find a way to get rid of Kendra. If Faith were still here she could have defeated her, ran her out of town, or even killed her."

"What about me?" Kennedy asked feeling annoyed that he doesn't show as much (ironically) faith in her.

"You're quite good, but not yet up to Kendra's standards," he said with an apologetic look. "And nowhere near Faith's league, so you have some extra training to do. Though, I think I can keep Kendra and Wesley away from you both, even if they don't leave town.

"You'll have to stay together and keep out of Kendra's sights," he added thoughtfully. "Well, at least Spike is keeping a low profile since that thing with Drusilla."

"Not to mention the odd demon disappearing," Willow piped in. "And from some... sources that Faith used to get some info, Kendra hadn't killed them."

"That is quite odd," he agreed with a sigh. "But will it be OK for Kennedy to stay with you at your house, or I'm sure Joyce wouldn't mind you staying with her and Kennedy."

Willow looked thoughtful. "Her daughter was a Slayer for such a..." she looked at Kennedy and trailed off, sad, feeling bad for Kennedy but more importantly the mother who lost a daughter.

"Hey, it's OK, girl," Kennedy said smiling. "I know, so I say you come home with me. She's already upset about Faith leaving so she could use the company."

Willow smiled at her friend. "Yeah, my parents pay me less attention than Ms. Summers. I don't even know whether they'll be home any time soon so... well I get my allowance and living allowance, so at least the bank doesn't totally forget about me."

"Well, we'll go and see her as soon as Kendra leaves," Giles said, cleaning his glasses. "Then we can set up some kind of wards until we have borders sorted with Wesley if he doesn't leave with that girl!"

"Good call," chocked out a brown haired boy as the door was forced open and Kendra was holding him outside of the barrier by his neck.

"Xander!" Willow called out worried as she glared at the Slayer holding him just outside the entrance.

"Alexander is a human!" Giles said, angry as he stepped up. "Let him go now Kendra!" he commanded but she ignored him.

"Give me the demon girl and-..." she trailed to a stop, dropping Xander as a silver knife thrown by Kennedy sliced into the arm holding him, causing her to cry out.

Giles quickly grabbed the boy while he was gasping for breath and pulled him into the barrier. "Oh god, G-Man," the boy said breathlessly. "Maybe you guys were right and that girl is a nutter."

"No maybe about it!" Kennedy said glaring at him. "You so owe me a favour by the way!" she said, which caused him to grimace as he finally stood.

"So what demon are you harbouring?" he asked, confused and baffled.

"Willow has been studying magic," Kennedy said, annoyed with the boy. "Kendra automatically believes everything she's told by her Lord Watcher!"

"Even though he's quite incompetent!" Willow added with a shrug while he sighed and tried not to cry as the world just got harder than living in a town on the mouth of hell.

Faith Faith Faith

There was a knock at the door and fifteen year old Cassie, one of the first recruits of Faith Investigations opened the door after seeing that it was just a couple of women on the CC monitor. She opened the door to see one looked confused while the other looked concerned.

"Can I help you?" the girl asked without opening the door all of the way.

"Yes, I'm Doctor Katherine Miller, and this is my sister, Lieutenant Detective Charlotte Miller, we're here to see Miss. Lehane," one of the woman greeted with a smile. "I was given this card," she added showing it off.

"I see," the girl nodded her head in understanding with a smile. "Yes, please, come in. Miss. Faith said that we should expect you, Doctor, but said nothing about you Detective, but I'm sure she'll be pleased to see you anyway.

"Please, follow me," she finished, opening the door wider they stepped in. Its getting late but after they entered, the girl closing the door they could hear some music and even a TV. "I'm Cassandra, please, this way," she added and led them onto the large walkway.

The sisters looked down into the warehouse in awe as boys and girls of varying ages used workout equipment in sweats. Then a few younger kids were sitting around watching some cartoons. They looked away to see others practicing shooting arrows from bows and crossbows.

They looked to see some kind of office areas up top, through the clean windows some kids were using computers. It was obviously starting to be a big operation, but they had no idea why there are so many kid. Though, looking they could tell some were of age, but not many.

The girl led them down the stairs where they saw Faith beating on a solid steal barrel chained to a bracket drilled into the ground. They saw with each punch the barrel buckled before she stopped and looked round with a grin full of fake-surprise.

"Miss. Miller," she greeted. "Hmm... looks similar, so you must be her sister?"

"Y-yeah," she said still awed by the shear strength, bear handed the girl could produce on metal. "Umm... I'm Detective Charlotte Miller," she said once she regained her senses.

Faith couldn't help but grin as she whipped her face free from sweat with a towel. "Even better, I want to offer you both jobs working with me," she said, causing them both to double-take.

"Why exactly would we quit our careers to work for you?" Katherine asked reasonably.

"Because our jobs more fun," she said jokingly, but the glare got her talking. "I have all of these kids and no one to teach them how to 'hunt', or should I say 'hunt' your way. I have enhanced strength at my disposal while they do not. This city is run by vampire gangster and these kids have all been liberated. You see, the vamp-mob in town has forbidden killing humans, so that's a rarity by the odd, loss of control, which they over look, or... assassination.

"Instead, they run the blood banks and charge the vampires, a lot. However, these vampires can't go out during the day so they acquire orphaned children to steal for them so they can purchase the blood. It seems to be a lucrative little racket, and I'm going to put a stop to it and stake every last one of them-!"

"Vampires...?" Charlotte interrupted doubtfully. "Sis, you said they deal with the supernatural, not make believe, and you laugh at me when I say ghosts are real, but now you're talking monsters."

Katherine glared at her sister. "I saw two men burst into dust when she thrust a wooden stick through their hearts!" she said causing her sister to pale. "I had seen the body of a boy who looked like he had his insides eaten out of him by something-."

"Aswang," Faith interrupted as she made a simple gesture and some kids ran off. "The truth is different to legend, but hey, that's true with nearly everything," she said as a naked woman was wheeled out on a gurney, strapped and chained, the bed near upright.

"Please help me!" she called out, begging the two women, and the cop pulled a gun without a seconds thought.

"Let her go!" she demanded angrily.

However, Faith smiled and gestured to the windows. "The sun has just gone down!"

The police detectives eyes widened in horror and in one bust the woman turned into a huge bat-human woman of grey colour with huge sharp teeth, claws and wings, she lowered her gun as it hissed and yelled at them in rage.

"During the day it can change at will, but at night, it has no choice, but its lucky they're very rare," Faith said smirking smugly.

"You will pay for this, Slayer!" the aswang roared out but didn't get much more out as Faith picked up a sword and took her head. "Believe it or not," Faith said as they watched the head roll. "But they're near un-killable in human form, but all monsters have a weakness."

"Oh my god," Charlotte muttered in horror. "T-that was a-a real demon!" she said before falling to the ground, out cold.

"Didn't expect that," Faith commented looking down as the kids took her sword and started clearing the demoness's body away.

"Yeah, well, I thought she might... well she has a fascination with stuff like this but I guess when it's real she freaks out," Katherine said looking pale.

"Who would have thought, huh?" Faith asked, amused. "You may have a 'great' career each, but when do you ever get the chance to potentially save the world. I've been there, done that, and its my job to do it again. The question is now, what is your job...? Perhaps you have a higher calling in your world that has just changed, became more."

"W-what is real?" she asked shakily.

Faith gave her a look of amusement. "Everything from dragons, pixies, fairies, vampires, werewolves, the freaking boogieman, hells, and everything else that you might have heard of, even magic."

"W-wait, hells, as in more than one?" she asked, wide-eyed.

Faith just nodded. "Yeah, not all monsters are from the same dimension," she agreed shrugging. "Not all monsters are evil either, and can be quite helpful to the good-fight given the chance.

"I'm a Slayer. It's my destiny to protect the world. However, usually we have a Watcher, from an ancient council, but I think they've been holding us back, killing us if we rebel or get too good. There is normally only one girl, when we die another awakens, there are now three of us."

"If you're resuscitated, you still technically died," she answered when Faith stopped. She nodded in agreement. "S-sounds like a terrible fate to be stuck with."

"Yeah well," she turned away, shrugging. "I think I was different. I had... have friends so I have something to live for. So now I've turned my back on the Council. If I can build something else... something better, we can hunt and protect without living just to die. The choice is your fate, but when I saw you, I knew, I had found someone who could be greater than just a CSI who will never capture the 'strange' killer."

"I-," she began but trailed off shakily as she watched the kids not bothered by the demon body wheeling it away, and probably have on other occasions too. "C-can I... examine the body?" she asked as she accepted Faith's handshake.

"Sure," she agreed, nodding. "We have a room set for such things, I'm sure you'll know how to best equip it. Just try to get your sister to join."

"That might not be so hard," she said with a smirk as she looked around at her new workplace.

Angel Angel Angel

"So, this Kendra girl's leaving Sunnydale?" Gunn asked his employer as they sat in a conference room with a few others, ambush able men, next to Angel.

"Yes," he agreed apprehensively.

"Well that's good, right?" one of the others asked thoughtfully. "Without that crazy Slayer girl everyone will have some good times-... wait, they might be coming here?"

"Exactly," Angel agreed rubbing his eyes. "Giles had warned her and her Watcher that nothing good will come from staying in the state, but I have a picture of the pair, so keep your eyes open just encase," he said handing them each some pictures.

"OK, so keep them open and spread the word," Gunn said eyeing the girl, annoyed. "So, any word on Faith yet?" he asked the souled vampire.

"Not much, just that she's possibly in Chicago pissing off some vampire mobsters," he answered with a shrug. "Willow's trying to get in contact with her encase Kendra has to be put down and we can't do it alone."

To Be Continued...

Elizabeth Winters, aka Buffy Summers was kissing Artemis in the sun, shaded by cliffs, holding her while they stood at the entrance of a cave, embraced.

It could be Buffy's death, or her way home so they won't see each other in a long time, if ever. She had wanted Artemis to leave with her but she won't, she has her duty, and Buffy can't stay, she has hers.

Buffy and Artemis had grown close, close enough to love each other enough to feel the loss even before Buffy has left. The trial by fire isn't actually by fire, but more like the dark magical cave behind her full of mysteries.

She has grown attached to these women. They're all super strong, well compared to normal humans, so it's nice to not be the only freakishly strong human girl around.

The Slayer has on all of her weapons and her huge riffle backpack on her back, and her red coat. However, under her coat she has on a transparent white silk tunic dress, barely covering her firm butt, though she's wearing panties, since her breasts are so small she's not wearing a bra, so the other girls watching them kiss can see her breasts. Her human world clothes are in with her riffle, but she was right, this silk is too comfortable not to wear.

Pulling back from the kiss they didn't speak as Buffy turned to the cave and all was silent. She looked back only briefly at her new friends before disappearing into the dark, wrapping her coat and doing it up around her chest when she felt the cool winds blow, causing her to shiver, but she still needed access to her guns, just encase.

She still has most of her ammo as she used her sword to train (she didn't want to waste ammo) and didn't explore the island much, except when Artemis wanted to show her some of the beautiful sights for the odd date to enjoy each other, so any demonic animal that got too close were taken care of by the guards.

It didn't take long for the darkness to completely envelop her, and looking back she couldn't see the entrance. She couldn't see anything; she has to rely on her other senses; her Slayer senses, the sense of the monster, the demon inside her power.


Latin Spell Casts:

Cio = Move

Muto = Move

"Ciomuto" = Move-Move

Teneo = Hold

Telea = Block

"Teneotelea" = Hold and Block

Ciomuto is a physical-magical banishing spell.

Teneotelea is a keep out spell that works similar to the magic that keeps uninvited vampires out of your house.