~Opportunity only knocks once


Chapter One

Chance of a Lifetime

Katelyn Warner was an E.R. doctor in Los Angeles, California where she was living at the time. She was considered one of the top Emergency Medicine doctors in the United States, which was why two Air Force officers came looking for her one January afternoon in 2001. "May we speak with Dr. Warner, please?" Major Davis, a dark haired man, asked a nurse working at the front desk. "Yes, one moment please." The nurse replied as she dialed the number to Katelyn's pager.

Katelyn was an average looking woman. She was about five foot six. She was a healthy looking slim woman with long, dark brown hair and grey eyes the equivalent of a stormy night. Katelyn was checking on a patient in the ICU when her pager went off. She looked at it quickly and sighed. "Nurse, give this man his insulin shot and get a lab tech in here to take some blood please. I've written down the tests I want the tech to run." The nurse nodded and Katelyn said thanks as she walked out of the room.

Katelyn rushed to the elevator and went to the front desk. She noticed the military men, but didn't think anything about it. "You paged me?" Katelyn asked the nurse. "Yes, these men want to talk to you." The nurse said gesturing to Major Davis and the other officer. Katelyn in her dark blue scrubs, tennis shoes, lab coat, and stethoscope around her neck looked at the military men suspiciously. She wondered if it had to do with her father.

Her father was in the military and they moved around a lot. Katelyn had always told herself she would never have anything to do with the military. She hated the lifestyle. If she ever had kids she didn't want to put them through the same things her father had put her and her mother through. She hadn't talked to her father in ten years, but feared the worst. It had to be something bad for officers to come to her personally.

"Dr. Warner?" Major Davis asked. "Yes." She replied. "My name is Major Paul Davis. We would like to speak to you…in private please." Major Davis said looking around at the crowded room. Katelyn nodded, said something to the nurse, and escorted the officers to the roof. "This is a nice place to talk. No one comes up here." Katelyn explained. Major Davis nodded. Major Davis was a good-looking man in his thirties. He had dark black hair and brown eyes. He was only a few inches taller than Katelyn. He was a nice enough man, Katelyn thought.

"Dr. Warner. I work at the Pentagon. I am involved in a top-secret program known as the Stargate Program. It is one of the most top-secret programs in the country." Major Davis began. "And why are you telling me this?" Katelyn asked. "Well, we would like you to join this program." Major Davis said. "I'm not in the military." Katelyn said looking at the Major suspiciously again. "We do have some civilians working there. We need the best of the best and we hear you're the best in your field. The job we would like you to take can be quite physically demanding and being that you're so young, you'd be able to handle that."

"Okay and what does this Stargate Program do? Is it like a secret weapons building site to destroy enemies of the U.S.?" Katelyn asked. "In the 1920s a giant ring was found in a dig in Giza. We call this a Stargate. It had strange symbols on it and no one knew how to work it or what it did. A woman named Major Samantha Carter, then Captain Carter, created a dialing program for the gate, but after trying random addresses, we couldn't get it to work. Major Carter is a brilliant Astrophysicist, but no linguist."

"So in 1996, a man named Daniel Jackson was asked to decipher a cartouche that was found with the gate. Dr. Jackson is an Archaeologist and a very talented linguist, the best of the best. Once Dr. Jackson deciphered the cartouche, it was just a matter of putting the symbols in the right order and finding out which of those symbols was the origin. When we did, the gate worked.

"The first place we went was a planet called Abydos to assess a possible threat to Earth. Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Jackson, Major Kawalsky, and some others went and found people who were slaves for Ra. I don't know if you're familiar with Egyptian Mythology, but Ra was the sun god. Ra was a Goa'uld, which is a snake like parasite, which takes a host in order to live. The host has no control over the body whatsoever. The Goa'uld live for a very long time and are pure evil. They kill people without mercy. Ra was destroyed, but there are many others out there."

"The bottom line is we have teams called SG teams. They go on recon and other missions to other planets through the Stargate. They are the ones who are protecting this planet from the enemies we didn't even know we had. SG-1 is the frontline team. They've saved this world more times than anyone could dream of."

"Would I be on one of these SG teams?" Katelyn asked stunned by all the information about things she didn't even know were real. "SG-1 is in need of a field doctor and would love to have you. SG-1 consists of Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Dr. Jackson, an alien named Teal'c, and you if you want it." Major Davis said. "Um, I need time to think about all this. I'd be giving up a lot wouldn't I?" Katelyn asked.

"Depends on what you think is worth giving up. You can't tell anyone about where you work, what you really do, now and when and if you decide to join the SGC." Major Davis said mysteriously. Katelyn nodded slowly and Major Davis started to walk toward the door. He turned around with some manila folders in his hand.

"Oh, here are some mission files from SG-1, just so you know the kind of stuff they do and the some of the dangers involved." Major Davis said handing her the files. "This is unbelievable. It's like a science fiction book coming to life." Katelyn said looking out over L.A as she grabbed the files.

"Believe it. It's all true and it's extraordinary. The feeling of walking through that Stargate is like nothing else in this world. It's dangerous and it can come with great sacrifice, but it's a one in a million chance. The ones who get to go to other planets everyday are the truly lucky ones. In my opinion it'd be the greatest job in the world." Major Davis finished and left the roof.

Katelyn stood on the roof holding the files, looking up at the sky. "Unbelievable." She whispered to herself walking back down to the front desk. "I'm going home." Katelyn said to one of the nurses. Katelyn had already been there five hours over her shift. She went to the locker room and changed into her street clothes. She grabbed her bag, shoved the files in there, grabbed her car keys out, and walked out of the locker room to the parking garage.

She walked to get car, got in, and just started driving. Her drive home seemed short. She was thinking about all Major Davis had told her that day. She had so many questions regarding different things. She unlocked the front door of her apartment and walked inside. She set her bag down by the end table that held her phone and answering machine. She saw the red light blinking indicated she had a message. She clicked the play button and Major Davis's voice came out of the speaker. "Dr. Warner, once you've decided whether or not you want to join the Stargate program call this number, 754-555-7869. That's my number at the Pentagon. Thank you for your time."

Katelyn wrote the number down on a piece of paper and erased the message. She went into the kitchen to get something to snack on while she read the files Major Davis had given her. Katelyn grabbed the files out of her bag and sat down on her couch.

The first file depicted the time SG-1 had gone to the planet Cartago. Teal'c had been condemned to death for killing the father of one Byrsa, the inhabitants of the planet. Teal'c had chosen to kill the man's father years prior when he was still the First Prime to Apophis because their only way to hide from the Goa'uld was to run and the man's father only had one leg. The people of Cartago only run as fast as the slowest. Teal'c thought he was doing them a favor. "Great guy." Katelyn said as she read about what he said and how he was going to take the punishment of death for his actions whether he wanted to or not.

The next file talked about the planet Argos and how the people of Argos aged excessively. She read about how Colonel O'Neill almost died because of the fast aging. Katelyn was intrigued by the writings of SG-1 and of how much each member cared for each other and how much of a family they were.

Her father was always gone on some top-secret mission he could tell no one about and was rarely home. She never saw him and grew up without a father. Her mother was an alcoholic. She was depressed because of her husband's job. Katelyn didn't care for her parents very much and never remembered the feeling of family or love. Her parents hardly ever showed her love. The closest thing to a family she had was her best friend, Kaycee.

Major Davis only gave her the two files. Katelyn thought it over and concluded that was going to join the SGC. She knew she was giving up a lot and going back on what she said, but the chance she was getting was a once in a lifetime opportunity. She had the chance to be important and make a difference in the world in a way she could never imagine. Therefore, she picked up the phone and dialed the number. "Hello?" A man's voice sounded. "Major Davis?"