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"Jack! Get back here now you bloody drongo!" The loud shout echoed through the many corridors at the Pole, making yetis pause in their work and elves to hide wherever they could. The shout was followed by loud laughter and several other loud shouts. Suddenly the Pole was buzzing with activity, as a certain white-haired spirit zoomed around a corner, staff in one hand a small piece of paper in the other and a huge grin stretching from ear to ear.

Seconds behind Jack was a furious and completely embarrassed Bunny.

Jack flew to the very top of the Pole, leaving Bunny and others stranded beneath him. He opened the paper and began to read.

"New beginnings and new hope, when the delicate flowers push their way through the bountiful earth."

Jack wobbled slightly as his laughter shook his entire body, looking down at the furious and severely embarrassed Pooka only made it worse and Jack had to cling to a wooden beam on the ceiling to prevent himself from falling.

"Stop there frostbite, I'm warning ya, stop there." Bunny looked imploringly at his fellow Guardians for help.

"No, no, Jack please continue Bunny has poems to share we wish to hear them." At this point the Guardians could no loner restrain the laughs and both North and Tooth doubled up while Sandy clapped his small hands and beamed at Bunny.

"People gaze at the flowers and wonder…" Jack was cut of as the paper was torn from his grasp by a well-aimed boomerang. Looking over the edge Jack smirked as he saw Bunny storming off with the paper clutched protectively in his paws.

"Well done Jack, you can come down now." North stared up at the youngest Guardian in concern. Jack was agile and fast but still… if he fell.

Jack laughed and easily flew down, landing gracefully on the ground.

"Come on let's find Bunny and apologise."

Bunny glared at the papers clenched in his paws. Why of all people did Jack have to find them?! Bunny had hidden them in the Warren believing that no-one but him would ever find them (boy was he wrong) but within a week frostbite had found them and was parading around with them, reading them to everyone he spoke to.

Bunny sighed; he was just being creative and look where that got him! He was going to have to spend the next hundred years hiding from the Guardians.

"Come on cotton-tail, your poetry was quite good."

Bunny turned around to face Jack, who was balanced easily on the tip of his staff, an apologetic smile on his face and a hand held out in friendship.

"I may have gone a little too far when I read out your poetry." Bunny snorted as he noticed Jack's careful wording which avoided placing any blame on him.

Bunny then studied Jack closely; looking for a flicker of insincerity, when he found none he held out his own paw and shook Jack's pale hand.

"Fine, but frostbite if anything like this ever happens I will take you on a one-way trip to Africa, got that?" Bunny smiled inwardly at the flicker of fear on Jack's face. Maybe spending eternity with snowflake wouldn't be so bad.

Jack couldn't hide a quick flash of fear as Bunny threatened to leave him in Africa, however at the hint of a smile in Bunny's eyes, the fear melted away and Jack smirked at Bunny.

The bonding moment was cut short as several urgent beeps, emitted from the Globe beside them, seconds after the warning, waves of black sand swept through the pole, overturning tables, destroying toys and panicking the yetis and elves.

"That bloody bastard." Bunny swore before grabbing his boomerangs and exploding eggs that he always carried on his person.

Jack was quick to follow, grabbing his staff and summoning several ice-wolves who raced on ahead and began to fight with the nightmares.

For several moments the Pole was silent apart from Bunny's loud swearing and Jack's laughs as he destroyed nightmare after nightmare.

"Damn it, Jack, where are the others?" In a sudden lull in the fighting Bunny's yell made Jack pause as he noticed the absence of the other Guardians.

In that heartbeat of hesitation everything changed, the advantage switched to the nightmares who grabbed Bunny while he was otherwise occupied then pinned him to the wall, and began to slowly choke the life from him.

Jack gazed in disbelief as he saw the powerful Pooka being brought to his knees by a few pitiful nightmares. Then he flew into the air and whirled his staff about him, creating a furious wind that tore through the nightmares, leaving behind traces of black sand. Bunny slid to the floor rubbing his throat and eagerly sucking in some much-needed air. Jack smiled in relief as Bunny moved slightly. His relief was short lived however, as the nightmares re-formed and as one force charged at him. Jack screamed in agony as several nightmares pierced his body, tearing open his skin and causing his blood to flow. Jack felt and heard the wind dying down to a gentle breeze and catching him as he fell then everything faded away and his body began limp as the blood continued to flow.

Bunny stared in horror at the falling boy. As soon as Jack had screamed, the guilty nightmares had vanished leaving behind a destroyed workshop and a severely wounded boy. Bunny screamed for the others as Jack fell then he struggled to his feet, ready to catch the boy. He relaxed slightly as Jack's fall was broken by the wind who caught him and gently lowered him to the ground, playing with the boy's hair in an attempt to wake its beloved child.

Bunny stumbled over to Jack's side just as the doors opened and the others tumbled in and stared around in shock before their eyes fell onto Jack's limp form.

"Oh Jack!" Tooth's agonised cry was the first sound the watchers made and when she spoke it was as though a play button had been pressed as all of the yetis sprung into action. Some stared fixing up the room, taking out broken furniture and neatening up fallen items. Other yetis dashed to Jack's side and began to examine his wounds.

The yetis gently peeled off Jack's bloody blue hoodie and revealed what lay beneath. There was dead silence as everyone (yetis and elves included) stared at the flawed pale skin, that was littered in scars and bruises as well as a gaping hole from which blood was flowing.

The Guardians looked away as the yetis carried the wounded boy away.

"Three hundred years, we ignored him for three hundred years! How could we do that?" Tooth was frantic after seeing the wounds that covered their 'baby' Guardian.

"Tooth hush, we will discover the stories behind the scars later and will feel guilty later, for now Jack needs us!" Without waiting for an answer Bunny followed the yetis to the Medical room.

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