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Almost one month later, and Jack was rarely away from Alex's room.

During Alex's first day at the pole the two seasonal spirits had talked properly for the first time in well… ever and had discovered they were more similar then they had previously thought.

Like Jack, Alex had woken up with no memory of who he was, during his long, long life MIM had only spoken to him once, to tell him his name before ignoring him for the next two thousand years. They had both wandered the world, invisible to humans but while Jack hadn't been liked by others like him, Alex had been very popular with other spirits, and it was this he said that had kept him from going insane with loneliness, that and his illusions. Whenever he got lonely he conjured up images of humans and he could pretend for a short while that he wasn't alone.

As the two spirits bonded in one room the occupants of another were discussing said sprits at great length.

"I will be almost sad to see Alex go; I have gotten to quite like the boy during his stay, same as I will be sad to see you go Aurelia." North gave Aurelia what he thought was a gentle pat on the back but to her was the equivalent of being hit by a small elephant.

"Alex and I are needed around the world to keep the balance without us summer and autumn would become dangerous, storms and various other natural disasters, so as much as we would love to stay we cannot."

"Wow three of the seasons all gathered together I'm a little star struck if I'm honest." A velvety British voice intruded their conversation and immediately the Guardians and the summer spirit were on alert and ready to fight.

"Oh North I'm disappointed this is no way to treat a guest, honestly Guardians have terrible manners."

"You will have to excuse our manners Pitch we weren't expecting guests." The vigilant Guardians jumped at the sudden presences behind them.

Jack and Alex walked forward to stand beside their friends then took up defensive stances.

Jack, with his staff pointing threateningly at Pitch, and Alex with the dragon he had used on Jack and a large bear standing protectively in front of him.

Ya not welcome here Pitch; now get going before we remind you how we beat you last time."

Pitch glanced at the assembled group before raising his arms and commanding a small group of nightmares forward.

Before the Guardians could move Jack, Alex and Aurelia took to the air and prepared to meet the approaching nightmares. The three figures vanished under a sea of black as the nightmares rushed at them but before Pitch started to celebrate there was an explosion of blue, gold, orange light as the spirits fought back.

Within seconds Pitch's army was severely depleted and the Nightmare King stared in horror and anger as the furious spirits grew closer to him.

"We warned you, you are not welcome here." As one the spirits unleashed their power and Pitch fell to his knees as a deadly blend of ice, fire and various illusions hit him. For several minutes nothing could be heard except the roaring of fire, crackling of ice and the assorted noises from Alex's illusions.

It was only when they could no liner sustain their power that the three spirits at last flew back from Pitch.

The Guardians stared in amused amazement at the now frozen Nightmare King. Pitch had been frozen inside a ice sphere, with his cloak on fire and several illusions of rats biting at his cloak, his face was a mask of humiliation and fury.

At a gesture from Alex his illusions faded away leaving Pitch alone and surrounded by frozen fire inside his icy prison.

"Well that was nicely done, North ya should keep it as decoration." Bunny's laugh died away as he saw the look on the Cossack's face.

"No mate no, you cannot keep that at the Pole! Think of the yetis and elves it would terrify em, and what ya gonna do when he melts?"

"He won't melt, well he will but not for a long long time." Jack reassurance seem to decide the Russian.

"Da it is decided then it stays!"

The pleased look on North's face side everyone present to cease up laughing and even a few nearby yetis had a laugh at their bosses expense.

Meanwhile all Pitch could do was fume and rage silently while the Guardians planned out his embarrassing future.

Two weeks later and the Pole had completely recovered from the attack as had Alex and Aurelia who were now preparing to return to England and Africa respectively.

"Promise to come visit soon!" Once Tooth had forced promises from the spirits of autumn and summer the Guardians (except Jack) stood back to watch and wave as their friends flew off.

As the three flew there was a companionable silence but as Africa appeared in the distance there was suddenly a lot to say and not enough time to say it in.

"Aurelia thanks for saving me all those centuries ago." Jack thanked Aurelia as he had meant to do so many times while Alex looked away, ashamed.

"I'm sorry for asking you to help make the dagger and I'm thankful you helped Jack afterwards."

Aurelia smiled an pulled the two spirits into a hug, soon Jack was wriggling uncomfortably, both from the heat that Aurelia naturally gave off and from the physical contact which he still wasn't used to.

"Sorry Jack forgot about your aversion to heat."

"It's ok, now you going before you forget what Africa looks like?" Jack smirked at Aurelia before easily ducking a slap.

"Never, seriously though you two drops around whenever you can I don't want to forget what you two look like." With a serious look that soon melted into a beautiful and warm smile Aurelia waved goodbye and took off towards her beloved country.

A few hours later and England was fast approaching.

"Jack I'm sorry I was such a arsehole to you before I even knew you."

"No we are guys we are not having a touchy-feely goodbye, I'm gonna say bye your gonna say bye we are both going to agree to meet up soon then you are going to fly back to England while I return to the Pole." Jack grinned, failing to keep up his cool-tough guy act.

"Okay then, we should meet up soon and hang sometime, sound good?" Jack laughed and his highly infectious laughter soon cause Alex to burst out laughing.

"Jack so you know if you ever need help, when Pitch unfreezes or whenever then just summon me."

"Ok then till then see ya round leafy."

"Leafy! Leafy!" Alex glares at Jack who promptly fled, still laughing even as he was being chased by several of Alex's illusions.

Jack arrived back at the Pole, having lost the illusions over the English Channel, only to be jumped by Tooth as she assured that he had made them promise to return soon.

Later Jack stared at the frozen figure of Pitch and had to stifle laughter when he saw Pitch's focus on him and start to yell unintelligible insults at him.

"Good thing ya froze the ice thick else we would be begging him to shut up." Bunny joined Jack and they stared at the furious boogeyman.

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