"Detention, Mr Styles, you will stay here at the end of the lesson." Mr Tomlinson said.
"Ugh again?" Asked Harry.
"If you don't want a detention then don't talk all the way through my lesson."

After 15 minutes had passed the bell rang and students rushed from school to enjoy their weekends but Harry would stay behind for another hour. At least once a week he would have a detention with Mr Tomlinson, if it was any other teacher he would despise them but this teacher he thought was kind of sexy which is what he talks about in most of Mr Tomlinson's lessons.

Louis or Mr Tomlinson sat down next to Harry and explained what he needed to study in this detention. Harry loved the way he talked, how he smiled and how he walked. He could stare at his face for hours. "Why are you staring at me Harry?" Louis asked. Harry looked into his eyes and kissed him, Louis didn't pull away, in fact, after a few seconds he started to kiss him back.

"Take them off." He ordered Harry.
"Okay" Harry's bulge was growing.

Louis went to his desk and took from his draw a long piece of rope and some scissors he came back to where Harry was standing to see him completely naked, he was perfect.

"Bend over it." Louis demanded, pointing to a table.

Once Harry was bent over Louis got a good look at his cute ass and muscly legs. Louis grabbed the end of the rope and tied one of Harry's legs to a chair leg, then he tied the other to another chair leg and did the same with his arms too so that Harry was bent over the table, unable to move and with his legs spread. Louis kneeled down right in front of Harry, with a piece of nearby scissors he cut off another piece of rope and tied it around Harry's mouth so he was gagged.

Then Louis stood behind Harry and spanked his bare ass again and again, lifting up his hand and striking it hard on Harry's cheeks, again and again. Eventually his ass became very red and he whimpered after every spank. "Naughty boys get punished," Louis told him before he threw his clothes on the classroom floor. He took the rope from Harry's mouth and replaced it with his throbbing cock, pushing in and out of him.

Faster and harder he went into Harry a few times Harry gagged on the thick cock that would penetrate his mouth and his ass. When Louis felt close he placed the rope back around Harry's mouth and walked behind him, spreading apart Harry's cheeks then plunging between them in and out he went, Harry occasionally whimpering in pain, especially when Louis forced himself all the way inside him. He started to get faster and faster, his long cock about to explode. He sometimes spanked Harry while fucking him until finally...

Harry moaned with pleasure which sent Louis over the edge, cum exploding from his thick dick inside Harry. They both felt waves of pleasure, it was the best either of them had ever had. After that they both redressed, Harry and Louis smiled at each other.
"I'll be looking forward to next lesson."
"Me too."