"You kissed someone else?!" Louis asked.
"Y-yes, I was really drunk and I, er, didn't know what I was doing." Harry replied nervously.

Louis sat down on the bed and screamed at Harry for kissing another guy, "It's wrong, It's wrong." He repeated over and over again, that or "You're mine." Harry knew that Louis was usually a calm person so he was so shocked to see him like this, he was so angry, Harry just waited for him to finish shouting at him but when he did Harry worried what he would do next.

He grabbed Harry's wrist and said "I'm going to show you who's man you are." He marched down to his tour bus bedroom, dragging Harry behind him, it was a large room with not a lot other than a large bed. He took some handcuffs from his draw and shouted "Get on the bed." Harry did as he was told, he didn't want to upset Harry anymore. He lied there for a few seconds before Harry walked towards him, took his hands and handcuffed him to the headboard. Louis looked down on him and smiled in a cheeky way.

He wasted no time in ripping of Harry's clothed, in a matter of seconds Harry lay in front of him naked and handcuffed to the headboard. Louis grabbed something from his pocket and placed it on Harry's dick, he looked down it was a ring, a cold ring on his dick, he wasn't quite sure what it was for but he didn't want to talk right now, he just wanted to do what Louis told him. Louis then stripped and joined Harry on the bed. Their heads at opposite ends, Louis was on his knee's, his hard dick above Harry.

"Suck me, right now" Louis said, aggression in his voice.

Harry opened his mouth and wrapped his mouth around Louis' dick. After a few seconds He felt Louis do the same to him. Harry had heard of this position before, they were "69-ing". For a while they sucked until Louis ordered Harry to go faster and Louis' head began bobbing faster. Louis let out a mon before spilling into Harry's mouth. Not long after Harry did the same to Louis except it wasn't pleasurable, it was painful. Louis moved to the side of the bed when Harry pleaded "Please take the ring off, I need to cum."

"Say you're mine."
"I'm all yours Louis."
"Beg for it?" Louis said, laughing slightly.
"Ahhh" He said as his cock began to throb. "Please, take the ring off quickly, please Louis." He pleaded.

Louis took the ring off and watched as Harry's penis exploded with cum. Harry moaned a few times then Louis asked him " Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?"
"I'm fine," He replied. Harry knew Louis was just angry, he still cared about Harry a lot.