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Quote: "The best rules to form a young man are: to talk little, to hear much, to reflect alone upon what has passed in company, to distrust one's own opinions, and value others that deserve it," by Sir William Temple.

He was the God of Shinobi, also known as the Professor. He had been through at least two or three out of four of the Great Shinobi Wars. It could be said that he was known as the strongest shinobi ever to be created in the world. His name was Hiruzen Sarutobi and he was the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. However if one looked past his window then they could see four stone faces. He was the Sandaime so naturally he was the third face on that mountain. Yes, the mountain contained the four Hokage figures of Konoha. The Shodaime, Nidaime, Sandaime and Yondaime. Now, where was the Yondaime if he got to have his face on the wall? Well the Yondaime had a very early death due to the attack of the Kyuubi no Yoko on the village on October tenth. Since the Sandaime had to step back into the duty of being Konoha's top protector.

Sarutobi sighed as he rubbed his elderly bones before he heard a knock on the door. "Come in," he said and the sight in front of him would've made him happy if he didn't see a pair of cold blue eyes, a mess of spiky blonde hair, and three specific whisker marks. He wore a dark blue shirt and black shinobi pants and Sarutobi could see the small contract seal on the blonde's right hand as well as leaf hitae on his head as one of Konoha's shinobi.

Sarutobi wanted to say something to the blonde, but he stayed silent as the mysterious twelve year-old just dragged a person with white hair in front of the Sandaime and shamelessly dropped him to the floor while he took off a very large scroll and let it fall to the ground.

"I've apprehended Mizuki, Hokage-sama. Just as you have asked. As you expected, he wanted the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing. He tried to make my fake failure at the academy a sham and trick me. I have done my job. I also took Iruka to the hospital. Also Hokage-sama is it true? Am I the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko that attacked the village?," the blonde asked professionally. Sarutobi stared into his eyes and all he saw was professionalism. No hatred for the former teacher, no mixed feelings about the rigged test and not about anything else.

"Yes Naruto-kun, you are the holder of the Kyuubi. The Yondaime sealed it in you hoping for you to be seen as a hero. I'm sorry that it came to that or that I hid it from you. I wanted to tell you when you were ready," Sarutobi said shamefully and Naruto just looked at the ground. He seemed to just contemplate somethings before nodding.

"I see. Well will that be all?" He asked, surprising the Hokage as he turned his head towards the beaten up Mizuki. Sarutobi, obviously shocked at how quick the blonde got over it, could only nod as he sent Anbu to take Mizuki away.

"Umm yes Naruto. Good work, I'm sorry that you had to experience that. I'll give you an A-rank mission pay for this since the scroll was involved. You have done a good job," Sarutobi said with a smile and Naruto just bowed before he spun on his heel and was ready to walk out of the door before the voice of the Sandaime called out to him. "Hey Naruto, for your success how about I treat you to some ramen?" Sarutobi asked with a smile, but Naruto just stared evenly.

"I appreciate the gesture Hokage-sama, but an important figure like yourself shouldn't need to worry about a genin. I might eat at Ichiraku from time to time, but that's to have a somewhat pleasant conversation with Teuchi-san and Ayame-san. Nothing more. Thank you for your time," Naruto said and Sarutobi sighed at the decline before another matter rather important came into his mind.

"Well then have you at least gotten a partner? It's recommended that everyone have one. Most of the jonin and chunin have them. It's much easier when they are genin since friendships foster better," Sarutobi mentioned and Naruto just looked at the seal on his hand. The same seal that had been branded to every Konoha shinobi and kunoichi. He had been given that seal when he had been given his headband by Iruka just a few hours ago.

Naruto tore his gaze away from his seal before he just opened the door. "No offense Hokage-sama, but I don't think I'll get much success out of that. You know what my rigged grades are and you know how people treat me. Besides, who would want to be the partner to the Demon Brat? I have no use of fools who can't see past their hatred or form their own opinions. Good day to you," Naruto said as he bowed once more and softly closed the door.

Hiruzen had to hold his head down at that as he knew it was a mistake to inform the village of Naruto being the carrier of the Kyuubi. The Yondaime had sealed it into him to protect the village. He had wanted people to see him as a hero, but it seemed that Naruto got the short end of the stick. Yeah there was the occasional mob shit that Sarutobi would have his shinobi take care of as well as the regular throwing of things at the blonde, but for the most part people ignored him or told their children to stay away from him for fear of the Kyuubi taking over their child's soul. This was the basis of Naruto's childhood.

"He doesn't even call me Jiji anymore. He just fit so perfectly into the role that it was scary. Naruto, I have failed you. Please forgive me," Sarutobi said before he continued on with his work.

With Naruto

Hands in his pockets, Naruto traversed the streets of Konoha ignoring the glares that were sent his way. He had stopped caring a long time ago about these people. It was simple, now that he was a ninja they couldn't touch him. If they did then he was within his rights to exact justice. However, as a ninja of Konoha he couldn't outright kill a person just because of a little squabble. Which is what he deemed his monthly beatings before this age. He didn't have the time to care nor would he actually. So long as they didn't bother him then he wouldn't waste his time with them. He would only speak if spoken to. Nothing more, nothing less.

He could hear the whispers of the people talking about the Sandaime going senile in letting him live or even breathe, but that was all they could do. Actually, Naruto had decided to drown it all out in favor of doing something that a lot of the teachers didn't want him to do, read. He liked to read, well it was at least enjoyable for him. He could get lost in another world, the world of training. He read literature, poems, shinobi scrolls and anything else he could get his hands on. By the age of 6, he was already using the Henge, Kawarimi and Substitution techniques to work for him as he snuck into the library to read.

However those few hours ago, curiosity had gotten to Naruto and he had opened the Scroll of Sealing. He read through it and looked over a few techniques. He had seen one of the Kage Bunshin technique, but he skipped over it in favor of something having to do with elements. In the end, he had learned at least something bunshin related. He had learned to make Fire Bunshin, Water Bunshin, Wind Bunshin and Exploding Bunshin. It seemed they had all the aspects of the Kage Bunshin, in terms of learning as well as fighting, but they were more likely to injure an opponent upon dispelling. That's what Naruto wanted, to take advantage of ever possible attack that he could. He had soaked up that knowledge, but that was all he could learn in the time that he had. He had seen things on fūinjutsu and that sparked his interest, which could say much, but right now, he was content with just reading a book about poetry to at least give him some peace from the civilian populace as he disappeared from their view.

Naruto's house was actually very far from the village itself. He had made his house in the Forest of death, for only one reason. No civilian was allowed to go inside and while technically he couldn't either, he still had more clearance than they did. His apartment had once been burned and it wasn't saved. So seeing the issue Naruto had proposed to his Hokage that he resurrect his living space in a place of solitude away from the irrational people. Sarutobi had agreed so Naruto built it in the Forest of Death. It went against Sarutobi's wishes, but with a little push from Naruto he had allowed it.

Naruto climbed over the gates and disappeared into the forest. He ran through Training ground #44 as he heard the sounds of animals. He knew how dangerous the place was, but he also knew just how much of a lifesaver it was. To others it was the worst place to be, for him it was the best place to be. No one could waste their pathetic lives trying to take him out in there. Even jonin were cautious of entering just to tell him that the Hokage needed something. It was as close to peace as he would get, but it wouldn't be that way tomorrow.

Naruto saw his medium sized house close to the lake and he noticed the lights were on. Yeah, he left the lights on just before leaving as he had forgotten to turn them off. Mentally sighing, Naruto just fished for his keys in his pocket and clicked the lock. He then opened the door and walked inside. Immediately he felt three things at his feet and gave a rare smile as he knelt down to three small foxes. One with crimson fur, another with white fur, and the last one with black fur. He scratched their ears and took off his dark blue shirt and mesh armor.

"Sorry I'm late Rinko, Touka, Fu. I had some things to do. You're all hungry aren't you?" Naruto asked and the three kits yipped as they ran around his legs while he chuckled. He walked into the kitchen and took out their bowls and placed them on the ground. He poured some milk for them and watch the three eagerly eat their food while Naruto watched.

He furled his hair with his hands and managed to relax. He had found Rinko when he was four. She was by a trash bin trying to find something to eat when he had taken her. She was really feisty and really cautious of him, but about a month she all but accepted the blonde as her friend.

Touka was another female that he had found when he was six. He had been training his kunai when he noticed three large snakes going after her. He had cut them down and he took Touka home as well. He introduced Touka to Rinko and the two females quickly hit it off as friends. They would snuggle together in their sleep while Naruto would train.

Fu was the only male of the three and Naruto found him when he was about ten. It had been on his way from the academy when he noticed some kids picking on Fu claiming him to be the Kyuubi's descendant and sought to end his life. Naruto really didn't want to get involved with that one as he knew that that would just give people more of a reason to hate him, but he'd be damned if he's allow someone innocent to go through the same thing. So he shielded Fu and proceeded to punch, kick and knock the guys a new one while he picked up Fu and took him home as well. He had bandaged Fu and took care of him. Rinko and Touka also sought to take care of Fu as well. Naturally that fight had gotten Naruto the unwanted hatred of the people, but he didn't care. By that time, they couldn't do much.

Since then, Rinko, Touka, and Fu had been by his side. When he would train, they would play or train with him. When he took a bath, they took a bath. When he slept, they slept. When he ate, they ate as well. They just loved to be with him.

"Hmm, it seems that Hokage-sama really wants me to find a partner or partners. Well I guess he has his reasons anyway," Naruto said to himself getting Rinko, Touka and Fu to look at him. That's right, all shinobi had partners. Something from the seals on their hands would trigger to potential partners that they would be interested in. This has been since the founding of Konohagakure as well as one of its strengths. The seals acted as a booster of sorts for partners. Once it is confirmed then they are made more powerful or something like that. However they are connected forever once sealed. It works for woman-to-woman, man-to-man, or man-to woman which is the most obvious choice. The thought of of the others made Naruto sort of shudder.

However, as the seal and history of the seal shows, it only seemed to have one limit. Partners couldn't fall in love. Something about that was just odd, but Naruto didn't care. It seemed to be a limit that most shinobi and kunoichi ignored and just came together. The clan were the most famous in these seals, but Naruto didn't care. No one would be his partner, he knew that much. Still he would just handle it himself. But right now, he had to sleep. He had team selections tomorrow.

Rinko, Touka and Fu finished their food and Naruto clapped his hands twice signaling that it was time for bed. The three foxes raced up the stairs while Naruto followed. He took off his clothes and laid in his bed while Fu, Rinko and Touka wrapped around each other and slept in a warm mess of blankets Naruto made for them as they all went to sleep.

Next Morning

Naruto quickly placed his leaf hitae on his forehead and wore a red shirt and dark pants. He had just finished his breakfast with Rinko, Fu and Touka as he was ready to go for his team selection. But they would do well to not mess with him. He would never get beaten again. Never.

Turning his head he smiled to the three foxes. "Alright Rinko, Touka, Fu, I'm leaving. I want you all to be good while I'm gone," Naruto said and the foxes whimpered as Fu tugged at his pants not wanting the blonde to leave them. Naruto turned and lightly glared. "You wanna come with me?" Naruto asked and the foxes yipped happily as they ran around in circles of each other telling Naruto all he needed. He was just a big softy when it came to these three.

He knelt down and nodded. Rinko yipped and quickly jumped and snuggled herself into his hair. Touka and Fu took their places in his black jacket as they poked their heads out. All were satisfied and Naruto walked out. This would be the first time that he let them out and back into Konoha. Konoha had better behave themselves. He wouldn't stand for their shit. Not when it came to these three.

The blonde and his foxes hit the streets and made their way towards the Academy. He was glad that it wasn't far from his house as the Academy was just a short rooftop run away from the Forest of Death. Naruto had decided, for their safety, not to take the streets that time so people would just ignore him and not try, in their futile attempts, to hurt him or his kits. Rinko yipped happily atop his head and it didn't take Naruto long to drop to the academy. He opened the door and walked inside before he noticed the glares of the teachers. He ignored it all just in favor of reading a recent book he had and open the door to his class.

"Well this seems like a good place to be away from anyone," Naruto said to himself as he quickly took up residence in a vacant seat near the window and continued to read in silence while his kits got some much wanted sleep. Naruto just snorted and read away at some poetry. Much needed relief.

That was until classmates started to file in while Naruto observed out of the corner of his eye. He could see a boy with a dog on his head, nuisance. A boy with glass a jacket that covered most of his face, weird. A meek girl with a jacket and pupil-less eyes, kind. After her was a brunette with a very dark look in his eyes, emo. Then two other fellow genin came in one with a pineapple shaped hairstyle and the other with a wide girth, lazy and hefty. Naruto stopped staring at them. They were people he knew. Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuuga, Sasuke Uchiha, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi. All from famous families or clans. Only Sasuke Uchiha was the last of his clan which Naruto knew why, but didn't go into. If anything, Sasuke would say himself.

He could see Kiba trying to talk to Hinata about how cool he and Akamaru were, but Hinata just ignored him in favor of trying to look around the room until her eyes settled on Naruto's form. The blonde shook his head and sighed. This same shit again. "Great, as if I don't get that enough," Naruto thought, but he focused solely on reading as classmates filed in.

Seeing that he was ignored, Kiba growled and followed Hinata's vision before they rested on a mop of blonde hair. Kiba widened his eyes and walked over to Naruto before his hand slammed in the table in front of him. "What do you think you're doing here dobe? This is only for people who passed this class," Kiba said, but Naruto ignored him. However his outburst had woken Rinko, Touka and Fu as they glared at the dog man in front of them. Naruto just lowered his book while he felt others staring at him. He lowered the book just enough to allow Kiba to see his leaf hitae before he pulled it back up. Conversations with boasters went nowhere.

"I'm not blind idiot. I'm asking why you're here! Also stop fake reading. We all know you're too dumb to even know how to hold a book," Kiba said as he threw Naruto's book to the floor near the chalkboard. It was then that Naruto just narrowed his eyes while Rinko growled at Kiba. Akamaru popped growled at Rinko, but Naruto felt Touka leave his jacket as she ran down the stairs. The kids eyes the foxes surrounding Naruto and Touka picked up the book into her mouth and carried it back to Naruto, who took it and rubbed Touka's head.

"Good girl Touka. Someone just earned a treat later," Naruto said and Touka yipped happily before she withdrew back into Naruto's jacket. "Also Inuzuka-san, I would ask that you not touch my stuff. If you request something of me to know then I ask that you ask politely. I will tell you what you want or not depending in its importance. Now then, I have graduated as Iruka saw fit to let me pass. Does that satisfy you?" Naruto asked and Kiba just growled as he glared daggers at Naruto before the blonde got up from his seat. He walked down the stairs and took the next seat to the window while opening his book as he continued to scratch Rinko's ears while the crimson fox purred.

The class startled to settle down as some talked about Naruto's mood, but ignored the blonde while Sasuke took a seat next to him. He only took that seat simply because Naruto was like a repellent for fangirls. They just wouldn't leave the Uchiha heir alone and it pissed him off to no end. However he was happy for one thing. Naruto never said anything to him. They both just tolerated the other's presence. Neither said anything or tried to engage in conversation. For Sasuke, this was the only 'friendship' that he honestly enjoyed.

After about half an hour, Iruka came through the door in some bandages while seeing a smile from all the students. His happy grin even brightened when he saw Naruto on time, but his grin lessened as he saw Naruto not caring if the man either there or not there. He was just focused on his book of literature.

Iruka was about to begin before everyone heard shouting, shouting that made Naruto groan. He then decided to close his book as he knew he wouldn't be getting anymore reading done. No, even he couldn't concentrate when these two came. "Move out of the way Ino-pig! Shove it Forehead!" two females voices said as Rinko, Touka and Fu turned an interested stare to a blonde young girl and pink haired girl. Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka.

Sakura was born of a civilian family while Ino was from the Yamanaka clan. Sakura, Naruto could do without, as anything dealing with the Uchiha heir, she was ready to shout it to the heavens. She was a lost love-sick fool who didn't know anything. She might've gotten the best grades in class, but that hardly mattered in the field. Sakura might've been more informative than Naruto, but he would always be better than her at everything else. Sometimes, though Naruto couldn't help it, he wondered why the hell she had been branded with the female version of the seal, of Fate seal, as he had been informed of.

Now since Ino was a member of the Yamanaka clan then together with Shikamaru and Choji of the Nara and Akimichi clans, they made the Ino-Shika-Cho trio that Naruto had heard about with their fathers, but surely Inoichi would be disappointed in his daughter acting like some lovey-dovey fool, but then again, Naruto didn't care.

The girls ran into the room while some of the guys and girls sweatdropped. As they raced to the open seat next to Sasuke, Sakura tripped Ino and grinned as she took the open seat. Ino huffed and growled before she noticed the soon-to-be empty seat that Naruto had occupied. "Naruto, get up! I'm sitting next to Sasuke-kun!" Ino shouted while Naruto continued to look out the window.

"Ino!" Iruka shouted, but the blonde ignored him and she fumed at being ignored by the class idiot that she assumed to be even weaker then her, but Naruto, if the tests weren't rigged, was better than Sasuke.

Rinko growled at Ino's disrespect of her friend making Ino turn to her. She narrowed her eyes at the fox before she snorted and sent a punch to her. Rinko growled, but everyone gasped as it happened so fast. Ino was flipped into the air over Naruto's desk while the said male blonde had his hand in the air. Ino fell to the ground behind him while Naruto sat back down. Sasuke widened his eyes and Sakura gaped along with a number of people. While Naruto stood up and bowed.

"Sorry for the disturbance Iruka-san, it will not happen again. Please continue," Naruto pleaded and sat back down ignoring the whispers and whoops from the kids about what happened to Ino. Speaking of her, said girl groaned and rubbed the back of her head. Ino was about to complain, but a stern look form Iruka told her not to push the issue anymore so she just sat behind Sakura.

"Now that things are out of the way I would like to inform all of you that you have finally graduated. Late last night Mizuki, our teacher, had tried to steal the forbidden scroll. Luckily he was stopped and the scroll is safe. Know that challenges to one's village will always come, but Konoha has the Will of Fire and with it you will never fail. The trials will be tough, but I know you will succeed. Now then, I will call out the names of the three-man squad. Your jonin sensei will be there to pick you up," Iruka said while Naruto rolled his eyes. He wondered why it would be three-man squads and not four. If it was four then all of them could get a partner, but a three then it was only likely that two would. Unless they actually didn't care about that whole student-teacher thing. However Naruto didn't want a partner. He was fine by himself, well except for his three buddies around him.

"I will now read off the list...," Iruka said and Naruto tuned it all out. He would know when his name was called. However he got, he just hoped that they would allow him some peace.

"Squad seven will be Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki. Your jonin sensei will be Kakashi Hatake," Iruka said while Sakura jumped into the air and gave a V sign to Ino who was scowling while Naruto and Sasuke deflated. Naruto just had to get the loudest of them all. Oh well, hopefully he concentration would rise after this shit.

"Squad eight will be Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hinata Hyuuga. Your jonin sensei will be Kurenai Yuhi," Iruka announced and Kiba smirked while Shino adjusted his glasses. Hinata just sighed and turned to Naruto sadly before continuing to stay silent. Even she couldn't get her wish.

"Squad nine is still in circulation so I'll move on. Squad ten will be Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Chouji Akimichi. Your jonin sensei will be Asuma Sarutobi," Iruka finished and Ino groaned at her two teammates while Shikamaru muttered troublesome and Choji just ate his chips. Iruka finished and walked out of the room.

Soon one by one, students filed out with their sensei, but Team seven were still sitting down in their seats. Sasuke still with glaring look, Sakura with hearts in her eyes at Sasuke, and Naruto just not caring. The blonde stood up and walked towards the opposite end of the room. "What are you doing baka?" Sakura asked, but Naruto ignored. He took out a kunai and held it in his hand trying the chakra control exercise. Rinko, Touka and Fu took this time to observe the room while Naruto spoke.

"You three can roam around if you want, but you must stay in this room where I can sense you, alright?" Naruto asked and the three kits nodded with their individual yips and Sakura along with Sasuke watched the scene of the three foxes walking around the room. The jumped on the tables, yipped to each other, and ran around the room, but all three stayed away from Sakura and Sasuke. They continued to play around while Naruto focused his chakra. He slowly tried to lift balance the kunai. They would be sitting for a while waiting for Kakashi Hatake.

Two hours later

Sakura fumed and growled while Sasuke seemed a little irritated. They saw Naruto now balancing three kunai instead of one, but deemed it stupid so didn't bother. However Sasuke, despite his attitude, did care about what Naruto was doing. It intrigued him if he wanted to admit it.

"Where is that idiot? He's late!" Sakura shouted and she heard the clattering of kunai as she and Sasuke turned to see Naruto frustrated. He sighed and shook his head. His eyes suddenly darted to the right and he pocketed his kunai while he stood to his feet. He dusted off his pants and Naruto patted his legs as a signal. Immediately Rinko, Touka and Fu stopped their roaming and ran back to Naruto. They took their places from the last time and Naruto leaned against the desks while the door opened.

A man with grey hair, one visible eye, and a mask over a portion of his face appeared through the door and gave an eyesmile. "Team seven?" He asked while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura nodded, but not before Sakura shouted.

"You're late, Kakashi-sensei!" She hollered while Naruto picked his ears. Kakashi nodded and rubbed the back of his head with a sweatdrop before he looked from Naruto to Sasuke to Sakura and back to Naruto.

"Yeah well, my first impression of you guys...I hate you," Kakashi said while Sasuke and Sakura deflated, but Kakashi saw that Naruto just glared at him with his cold, unwavering eyes. He just shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

"Alright you three meet me up on the rooftops. Chop chop,"Kakashi said as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Naruto raised an eyebrow to the technique. He had read of te Shunshin technique, but he could see it being useful in the future. He then just walked off while Sasuke followed and Sakura followed Sasuke.

Hokage Mansion

Sarutobi sighed as in front of him was a problem that even he wasn't sure how to solve. It stood smirking in its grey trench coat with its long legs covered by fishnet armor and legs guard along with its purple, pineapple-shaped hair. It was actually a she and her name was Anko Mitarashi. Second-in-Command of the Torture and Interrogation Department of Konoha only being surpassed by the one Ibiki Morino.

"Anko, why have you still not been partnered?" Sarutobi asked while Anko gave a cheeky grin. She placed a hands on her hips and snorted.

"Partnered? Well Aside from the fact that more than half the people I pick are either weaklings or downright perverts. I mean come on, how am I supposed to trust my back to a person who won't stop to be serious. Sorry, but no thanks Hokage-sama. I'd rather watch out for my own neck if I can't trust anyone with it. Besides, I'm not a Tokubetsu jonin for nothing. I'm still the hottest female kunoichi around," Anko said grinning with the V sign. Sarutobi shook his head at her antics and just sighed. He knew the real reason for it, but it wasn't his place. He couldn't really force her to have a partner. That's why it was to be forced only recommended that people be given a partner.

The seal on each individual's had was create from a little after the Rikudo Sennin to foster friendship as well as strength. No one knows where it came from, but it's very useful. All five of the nations of a different type of seal, but in a strange case, all are compatible with each other allowing shinobi from different nations to bond together.

"Yes, I'm sure that you are Anko, but I worry about all of my shinobi. You know that I was partnered with Biwako until her death. I still live with that grief everyday, but I know that you don't have to," Sarutobi said as he thought back to his former student while he saw Anko's smile slip.

"Understood Hokage-sama. I don't need you to worry about me," Anko said and Sarutobi dismissed her while she shunshined out of the room leaving Sarutobi to wonder about the purple haired kunoichi.

"Hmm she's just like Naruto-kun in a sense. I guess that's what betrayal feels like. I would know so," Sarutobi thought to himself before he shrugged and got back to his work.

With Team Seven

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura had finally made it to the rooftops and looked on around the area before they saw Kakashi leaning on the fence and Naruto noticed an orange book in his supposed sensei's hand. He seemed to be blushing and giggling which made the blonde tilt his head to the side. He really did like books and giggling meant that a book was good...right? Naruto read the words at the front of the page and blinked. "Icha...Icha? What is that supposed to be? Hmm interesting," Naruto thought to himself before he noticed Kakashi looking at them as he pocketed his book away and folded his arms while Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto, himself, sat on the gravel.

"Alright then, you're my genin team. Now then, why don't we start with some introductions of yourselves," Kakashi said before Sakura raised her hand like she was in class and Kakashi pointed to her.

"Umm sensei, what do you mean by introductions?" Sakura asked and Naruto rolled his eyes. How straightforward was it? This was the smartest girl in the academy? Bullshit.

"Well like this, things you like, things you hate, you hobbies, your dreams for the future. Things like that," Kakashi said and Sakura smiled.

"Can you show us how it is done?" She asked and Naruto was sure that if she ever asked another senseless and stupid question that he would smack the stupidity out of her pink little head. However, he heard Kakashi chuckle and it seemed that he was going to get some insight to the jonin so he supposed that he could thank her for that.

"Alright then. I'm Kakashi Hatake. I have many likes. I have many dislikes. I also have many hobbies. My dreams for the future...I don't feel like telling you," Kakashi said with an eyesmile while Naruto mentally faulted. Sasuke and Sakura was more obvious as they sweatdropped.

"So all I know is your name and the fact that you're a jonin. Fine Hatake-san, be that way," Naruto thought to himself before he took out a book and gently scratched Rinko and Fu's ears as well as their chins, much to their appreciation. Touka had been sleeping so Naruto wasn't going to disturb her.

"Since you asked, you first pinky," Kakashi said and Sakura smiled with a nod. She cleared her throat and spoke.

"A-Alright I'm Sakura Haruno. I like..(looks at Sasuke). My hobbies...(looks at Sasuke and blushes). M-My dreams for the future are...(looks at the seal on her hand then at Sasuke and blushes madly). Umm I hate Naruto and Ino-pig!" Sakura shouted as she found no shame in it. For Naruto himself, he tuned her out while Sasuke rolled his eyes. Kakashi sighed and nodded.

"You next emo-boy," Kakashi said and Sasuke's glare deepened while he kept his cold look.

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha. I don't like many things and I'm not interested in being a weak person's partner. I dislike many things. I have no hobbies. My dream, no my ambition is to restore my clan to its honor and to destroy a certain someone. One that I will make a reality," Sasuke said glaring fatefully while Sakura inched away. Naruto paid attention to that one and sighed. No doubt the younger brother was thinking getting revenge on him for the massacre of his clan. Naruto didn't say anything.

"Alright, you next whiskers,"


Naruto kept his face buried in his book as he continued to read and massage his kits and their ears or chins as they purred in his lap. He pretended to be engrossed in his book that was reading and his kits with their massage to listen to the jonin.

"Hey whiskers, you gonna tell us about yourself?" Kakashi asked with an eyesmile.


Sakura fumed at Naruto's disrespect of their jonin-sensei while Sasuke didn't really care. Honestly he would've liked to remain silent to, but he really wanted to just crush Sakura's little dream so he didn't really care either way either. Naruto flipped the next page of his book while Sakura exploded. "Naruto-baka answer Kakashi-sensei right now. You're going to get us in trouble!" Sakura hollered getting Rinko and Fu to growl at her, but the massage calmed them down.

Naruto dropped his book and glanced towards Sakura's direction feigning ignorance. "Sorry Haruno-san, did you say something?" Naruto asked and Sakura balled her fists while Sasuke snickered. Kakashi nearly faulted before he coughed getting Naruto's attention with a cough. The blonde sighed and pocketed his book.

"Very well since all of you are so...interested. I strongly like my kits Rinko, Fu and Touka. I like reading and training. My dislikes are fools who waste their time, and idiots who dare to call themselves ninja when I've never seen them so much as pick up a kunai outside of academy," Naruto said glaring harshly at Sakura while Sasuke did the same and nodded. Kakashi sighed while Naruto continued.

"I dislike those who don't know the kunai from the scroll its place in, but I write that off as mere ignorance. Also that's another thing I dislike, people's ignorance. My hobbies are training myself to protect myself and my kits as well as walking my kits when I have the time. I have dreams. Dreams are pointless. Anyone can dream, but the people who strive will achieve it. Like Sasuke-san, I have a grand ambition, but I refuse to tell you what it is," Naruto said feeling that he had said his part while Sakura gulped. Sasuke gave a small smirk. It seemed that he would like being on the team after all if he had someone like Naruto with them. It would make this a lot more bearable.

"Alright I have a fangirl, an avenger and a mysterious blonde. Great pairing," Kakashi thought to himself before he smiled. "Alright good job. Now then, we can begin the true test for you to become shinobi," Kakashi said while Sakura raised her hand.

"But we did the academy sensei. Aren't we already shinobi?" Sakura asked before she yelped as a pebble slammed into her head. She turned to see Sasuke frowning, but if she would've looked closely then she would've seen the grin on his face as his eyes slightly turned to Naruto's form while Naruto buried his face in his book. Like he said, he would beat that stupidity out of her. Any idiot can go to the academy, learn about chakra and fling around some kunai or shuriken. Stupid girl. Seriously, sometimes he wondered why he had been training as long as he had with those scrolls that he collected if someone like her thought she could just waltz in and be a ninja. No way.

"No you're not. That was just a way to figure out those who would most likely become shinobi. It's us, jonin, who determine of you're right for the job. This test as a 60% failure rate, just to let you know. Come to training ground Seven for your training. Oh also, don't eat your breakfast, you'll puke," Kakashi said while Sakura paled. Sasuke narrowed his eyes and Naruto rolled his. Of course Sakura would fall for that shit, psychology always worked on the weak-minded. Such a waist of time.

Kakashi soon vanished in a shunshin leaving the three together or so he had assumed. Sakura got to her feet and smiled.

"Hey Sasuke, wanna...,"

"No, leave me alone," Sasuke said as he jumped off the railing and disappeared into the streets. Sakura deflated before she turned to see Naruto picking up Rinko and Fu as they took their spots. He just glared at Sakura before he dashed off the buildings to go to his favorite place, the bookstore. Both had left Sakura on the roof where she sighed.

"Why can't I do that?!" she asked before she took the long way around to leave the rooftops.

With Naruto and his kits

Naruto henged into a 20-yr. old male civilian and walked into the bookstore. Today was their monthly supply of new books. Naturally, Naruto always went to the grown section for literature, poetry, or that sort of thing. No way would he be some dumb idiot that couldn't read like quite a few people wanted him to be. He looked left and right before he spotted the object of his desire for the moment. Naruto saw at least ten volumes for Icha-Icha and raised an eyebrow. "Hmm it must really be good if it's got so any. I think I'll just take them all," Naruto thought to himself as he took a bag, piled the books into it and walked to the counter. He placed them down in front of the female and when she took the book she widened her eyes and blushed while she looked at the 20-yr. old henged Naruto who tilted his head to the sight.

She rang up the price and quickly handed the bag to Naruto while she tried to calm down her blush to which Naruto just took the bag and walked off from the store, but he also bought some other literature and poetry just to read since he had almost finished with his current book.

Once he was far away, Naruto unhenged and dropped the bag to the ground. He took the first volume of the orange book and quickly began to walk back to his house.

On his way back, Naruto's eyebrow twitched while his hands gripped the outer reaches of the book. "Hmm so that's what it is. Well I won't knock it. It's just Ero-literature. Still literature and it's not like I don't know about sex seeing as how quite a bit of my literature has it. I guess I'll read this," Naruto though as he continued to walk before he bumped someone. The two fell back and Naruto glanced towards the person who was obviously female.

"Sorry about that. Are you okay?" he asked sticking his hand out and to his surprise, he saw a very beautiful woman in his opinion, and watched as she grabbed his hand. He had more expected her to shout profanities at him.

"Yeah I'm fine. My bad Gaki. Hmm, that orange book. What'cha reading?" She asked as she looked over Naruto's shoulder. The blonde, not used to this contact, just sighed and gave the book to her. The woman read through it and she got a large grin on her face before she glared at Naruto.

"Aren't you a little too young for this?" he asked while Naruto rolled his eyes. He swiftly took the book back into his possession, but he knew it was only because the woman allowed him to. She could've dodged that if she wanted which told Naruto that she was very good.

"I don't think it matters to you what I read dattebayo, but if you must know then if you are content with teaching children five and older about killing then you shouldn't keep them away from the joys. It's ignorance and I loathe ignorance, Miss...," Naruto trailed while the woman smile.

"The sexy Anko Mitarashi at your service. Also I agree with you Gaki. Old enough to kill, old enough to screw. You're Naruto Uzumaki right?" Anko asked and Naruto nodded his head sort of intrigued that this woman was different from about the whole of Konoha.

"Well when you're finished then tell me how you like it. We should act out a page," she said and Naruto at least had the decency to blush while he snorted.

"I don't mind, but you might be seen as a pedo for that. Not that I really care. In this society, morals amount to shit," Naruto countered and Anko could thoroughly agree with that. She then looked to all of the other novels that Naruto had bought and grinned.

"Gonna whack off?" she asked and Naruto shook his head, not really embarrassed by her replacements for the word 'Masturbation'. It was normal.

"No," Naruto said as he stepped to the side. Anko grinned before she shouted.

"So where are you going? Mind if I come with?" Anko asked and Naruto rolled his eyes. He then grinned for some reason and shrugged.

"So long as you don't mind going to the Forest of Death," he said and Anko stared at him blankly. She then smirked and sped to him while she wrapped an arm around his neck.

"I knew I was going to like you Gaki. So you live in the Forest of Death huh? Well that's my favorite place," Anko said while Naruto rolled his eyes again. He had just met an interesting individual.

"Not that I don't enjoy the female contact, but I think you might want to lessen your hold. You might be suffocating my kits," Naruto said and Anko backed away before she finally noticed Rinko glaring at her from atop Naruto's head while Touka and Fu popped out and yipped. Anko smiled at the pet foxes Naruto had and nodded.

"Right, sorry about that. Anyway, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Anko shouted drawing attention while Naruto shook his head. Both made their way to Training Ground #44 while Anko looked off Naruto's shoulder at the book he was reading while snickering at certain points of the story.

From behind his crystal ball, Sarutobi smirked and cancelled the justu to stop his spying and leaned back into his chair. "Hmm well things have certainly gotten interesting. I would like to see how this will turn out," He said before he went back to his number one enemy, paperwork. Ugh.

KG: Done. This is more of a trial chapter for a new story. Meh, I hope I did well. Just wanted to make Naruto a bit more...interested in reading and expand his vocabulary a bit. Ya know? Show a bit more interest in intelligence. Well I have nothing. See you later.