KG: Sorry guys no update right now. Have things to look over, but at the call of a few people. I sought to make this announcement.

KG: Well everyone it's that time of year again. The time where we all have to fight something entirely unnecessary that impedes us from being creative writers. SOPA is back with a vengeance and it's time for us to stand strong and tall. What we do is not piracy. We DO NOT STEAL! We also do not lay claim to anything other than the plots that we create. Having something like the SOPA exist is entirely unneeded and unwanted. Show your support and let's banish this piece of shit back to where it belongs, in the dark abyss of Hades burning in eternal fire and torment! Besides guys, if any of you want to see the ending of my stories then you'll need to support or this might never happen again. Sorry, dunno how many signatures we need currently, but we need one hell of a lot of them. We have to stop this nonsense by March 19 or something like that.

KG: KyuubiGoku knows that he'd rather be damned to all the pits of hells than have himself arrested for having his creativity expressed! KyuubiGoku will not fuckin' stop what he does! You can't make me! KyuubiGoku will also show his support of this cause!

KG: Google Stop SOPA 2014 and click the first link!

KG: Stop 'em here and now! This act does law DOES NOT RESPECT THE CREAM AND THAT WILL NOT STAND!