Covert Affairs & any of the characters are not mine although it would be nice if they were.

8:45pm. 45 minutes since Auggie Anderson was supposed to meet Annie Walker for a few beers at Allen's bar like they usually did every Friday evening.

"Hey, you've reached Auggie's phone, leave a message and i'll get back to you...if you're lucky enough" damn answerphone Annie thought as she waited for the beep to come.

"August Anderson you best have a pretty good reason for blowing me off when I could have been sat at home in my pajamas and a takeout watching yet another of my girly films and f.y.i hooking up with a girl from the bar doesn't count as an excuse so don't try that one, catch you later Auggie"

On Monday morning having still not heard from Auggie over the weekend Annie strolled into the DPD two cups of coffee in hand and headed straight for the Tech Ops office, still no sign of Auggie although his cane was folded up and placed on his desk 'well he's showed up for work at least' Annie thought to herself.

"Hey Barber you seen Auggie this morning?"

"Yeah he was heading down to the gym about an hour and half ago, can't say he looked too happy though"

"Right, thanks Barber"


Annie walked over to her desk finished her cup of coffee then grabbed her gym bag from the bottom draw in her desk to hopefully find Auggie. Sure enough when she headed into the gym he was there pounding the punch bag like his life depended on it.

"Hmm grapefruit morning Walker"

"Ohh so you do remember me then"

"Walker how could i forget you"

"Hmm I don't know care to explain yourself Soldier boy? blowing me off without a word on Friday no word at all from you over the weekend & no movie night on Saturday, sounds like you're beginning to forget me"

"Annie" he said moving closer towards her his hands searching for her shoulders and finding them first time forcing her to face him "I could never forget you, even if I wanted to and believe me when I say I will never want to forget you"

"Auggie Anderson the man who always has the words to get himself let off"

"That's me Walker"

"Auggie you would tell me if there was something bothering you though wouldn't you?"

"You know I would i just have something I need to sort out in my head and then I promise you i will spill everything the second i have things worked out myself"

"Sure thing Auggie whenever you're ready you know where I am, catch you later" Annie replied as she walked out the gym thinking to herself that she had something major she was holding back from Auggie that she had just got herself ready to tell him but maybe she should wait until he has told her whatever it was that was bothering him, maybe it would have an impact on what she had to say either way they were going to have to have a talk and hopefully soon she thought.

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