While they was still driving,tigress sighed as she looked a po who was so curious he wanted to know who was tigress's sister,was she really evil? if so..what made her become evil?

"Tigress come on i really wanna know,what was your sister like?"

"po.."as tigress wines she didn't feel like telling

"please!"as po begs

"Okay you wanna know so much about my sister?"while she was driving she looked at po then back at the road

Po keeps nodding

"well,she was the most sweetest,kindest sister i could ever wanted..."as tigress looked up picturing the times she and her sister had when they was little,then she stopped smiling and looked back down

"until...after our mom died she cried for a day,and her mind started to change"as she kept talking,while po felt sad that tigress lost her parents,he never knew his parents

"what happened to her?"as po wanted to hear more

"she gone insane,she killed 5 innocent lives and she had to live in a asylum for 2 years and she was only 6 at the time"as tigress trys not to cry

"when she came back,our father died from doing suicide.."as one tear comes rolling down her cheek

"my sister started to get mad,and thought it was me..the reason why our father killed himself"as she started to have a flashback

8 year old sira and 6 year old tigress looked at eachother as sira growls at her

"LOOK WHAT YOU MADE FATHER DO!"as young sira long claws extend planing on killing her little sister

"sister,please i swear i did nothing,he couldn't take no more,losing everything he loved"as young tigress backed away to the window as it was raining and storming outside

"they always said you was the good one...,but it looks like they was wrong,I SHOULD BE THE GOOD ONE!, ME ALL ME!"as she yells

then a dark purple flaming meteor fell from the sky as sira looked up and gasp and everything went white for her

"SIRA!"as young tigress was running to her,but the house started to catch into flames,so young tigress only had chance of escape so she jumped out the window

then as young tigress looked up she didn't see her sister jumping out the window too,knowing she must be gone as she looks down then there was a glow as a yellow flaming meteor was coming at her,so she went on all fours and ran fast as she could but the meteor was coming to close

"AHHHHHHHH!"as it crashed into her and everything went white

a figure comes walking along then he sees tigress, while the meteor was gone a yellow aura was glowing around her body then it went away,while young tigress was on the ground unconscious and badly injured,then she slowly opened her eyes looking at the figure

"p-please don't hurt me"as she couldn't move

"it's okay dear one i wont hurt you,let me help you"he was a Giant Turtle as he slowly picks up the wounded tigress and slowly walks away with her back to the HQ

while back at the flaming house was a shadow figure standing there in the fire as it clenched it's fist

"after General Oogway took me in,12 years later my sister came back for revenge and she had a army.."as tigress stop having the flash back

"a army of what?"said po

"a army of powerful warriors she made by harvesting this power she had"as tigress was still driving,they was almost at the HQ

"but my old team,the furious five..we used a powerful weapon that sealed up her army and defeated her"tigress then steer the car to the right as they went up to a gate

"she was then locked up for 30 years,now shes back and i don't think she will end this war until me or her is dead"as tigress stops the car and sighed getting out,and po got out too

"tigress you wont die i will make sure of that"as he smiled at her and went to give her a bear hug

"thank you po,but it's me.. my sister wants even if it means to the death for us"as they walked in

"tigress that will never happen,you will live a long life"as po didn't want tigress think she was gonna die


"okay tigress,i-i just don't want you to die"as po started to have a worried face,he really didn't want her to die,he loved her and he wanted to be with her forever

"im sorry po,im sorry i made you think this..i promise i wont die"as she ask for a hand shake

"deal?"as po eyes narrowed

tigress rolled her eyes"deal"then they both shake paws

as they was in the HQ everyone bow respectively at tigress and po,then po and tigress reached to the room where General Shifu waited

"Commander you called us?!"as tigress solutes

"yes,last night i sent luna and tio on a mission to help a near by village..but they never came back..this is the last thing i herd on luna's recorder"as he presses the button

"take her to the robot graveyard,and take that white tiger there too"as the recording shows on the computer,then it shuts off saying'no signal'

"i need you two to go to the robot graveyard get luna and tio"said shifu giving them a command

"yes sir"they both solute

"and...tigress"said shifu as tigress turns around

"yes sir?"

"..kill your sister,we can't have anymore problems with her she must be stopped for good"as shifu gives her a mean glare,while tigress's eyes widen when he said that

"but sir i can't kill my sister,shes all i have,i don't care if shes evil..shes my sister!"tigress couldn't believe her general said that,kill her sister?but she needed to protect innocent lives

"tigress...i know shes your sister,but she is far too powerful she must be stopped at any cost!"as shifu yells at tigress,so tigress didn't have a choice so she walked out the door

"May your journey Begin.."said shifu,giving the best of luck,but tigress only growled at him

"i guess this is where it will end sister.."she said in her thoughts while thinking about her sister

way out was a volcano as sira stood at the top as her eyes closed then snickers as she slowly opens them

"oh this will be the end sister...for you"as she laughs evilly,she could hear her sisters thoughts

she kept laughing as lava started to rise up