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Dragon's Guide To Claim Your Mate

Notes For Natsu/Mate


When I first realized it or even thought it was a possibility, I ran. You could say ran with my tail between my legs like a dog would, even though I've never seen a dog do that before. Dogs usually try to chase Happy, which was pretty funny when Happy would fly to avoid them. I wonder what would happen if dogs could fly? Happy wouldn't be able to run away from them an-

What am I thinking?! Damn me and my one-tracked mind. I ran when I found out, or learned it. I'm still running right now.

Hi everyone, my name is Natsu Dragneel and I'm currently running to my home at the moment.

No, no one is chasing me (like I'd actually run away from a fight). I'm currently running to my house in the woods because...


Why was I running to my house? I mean I knew why but I didn't know why? What was at my house that was important? I could have ran anywhere, the park, the mountains, Lu-


Oh. That's why. Well I'm seeing my house now, too late to turn back. I didn't slow down, I kept running until I reached my door. It would have been cool if I just jumped through my door though and broke in, I wonder if my body frame would have been stuck in the wooden door?

Why do I keep getting off of track! Let's rewind my day and think. What happened Natsu? What forced myself to leave Fairy Tail?




Because isn't an answer.

Well I don't see you coming up with a better one!

I'm you, you idiot!

Who you calling an idiot! Idiot!

"That's it!" I yelled and fire punched myself in the face.

Ouch. Bad move. I went flying into the wall, maybe I am an idiot.


"In here!" I yelled dusting myself off.

Happy came flying in through my window; he started floating in front of me.

"What happened? We went to the guild and you just left?!" Happy yelled frantically.

"Sorry, it's nothing serious so calm down" I said.

"Oh" Happy sighed lowering himself onto two feet.


"Natsu?" Happy asked staring at me.

"Happy. What I am about to tell you may shock, frighten, and scare you right out of your pa... coat but you need to remain calm. The only reason I am telling you so is because you are my partner. No matter what though this stays between us" I said.

Happy nodded and stared up at me with his cat eyes. I gulped before continuing.


Deep breathes Natsu.

"I have found my mate."


"Uh Natsu, I'm not sure about the whole dragon thing, seeing as I am a cat and all, but isn't finding mates a good thing?" Happy asked.

No shock? Frighten? Or Scare? Wait for it.

"It's Lucy."

"OH MY WHISKERS!" Happy yelled stepping back.

There was the reaction I was looking for.

"But Natsu! She- she- she hates you!" Happy yelled.

"WHAT?!" I yelled.

Lucy hates me?! I know I may annoy her and she may not like me at times but HATE?!

"Just kidding" Happy meowed.

I sighed in relief and leaned back against my wall.

"Wait! THAT WASN'T FUNNY!" I yelled.

"Neither is going after our partner... well I guess I could see the two of you together" Happy said.

He lifted a paw to his chin and started shaking his head side to side. His eyes narrowed slightly as if he was trying to imagine that Lucy was standing next to me at the moment.

"I can... see it... at least you'd get smarter, then again you've been hanging around her all this time and haven't been getting any smarter" Happy mumbled.

"HAPPY!" I yelled diving for him.

But no, my cat was too quick for me. Happy used his wings and flew away at the very last second.

"I support you two Natsu fully" he said hovering over me.

"Great" I mumbled.

"Natsu, I know our house was messy before BUT THIS IS GOING TO FAR!" Happy yelled dodging a book.

After our little 'argument' I remembered something. Igneel warned me about this happening, luckily for me I was paying attention.

"I know I have it somewhere, I just have to find it then I won't have to worry about this mate business any longer" I mumbled dumping my drawers out.

"Why won't you have to worry Natsu?" Happy asked.

"When I find it you will see, it'll tell me how to ignore this mate business then I can go back to being normal again!" I cheered.

Damn it wasn't in that drawer, onto the next.

"Ignore? So you don't want Lucy as your mate?" Happy asked.

I paused.

"It's not about want. Lucy... she's my best friend, she's our partner. You see how she gets when she's dating, never wanting to go on missions with us. 'Sorry Natsu but I have a date today, I can't Natsu, don't want to break a nail before my big date, oh silly Natsu you'll understand when you get a girl of your own someday' yeah right" I snorted.

Hmm... I did a strangely good imitation of Lucy. I'm going to use that voice next time Lucy isn't at Fairy Tail.

"But isn't Lucy... our partner? Wouldn't she want to go on missions more since she's dating you?" Happy asked.

I paused again.

"Yeah she would... but still! All Lucy does is complain about the men she's with, brag about how in love they are in, then dumps the guy two, sometimes three weeks later."

I dropped the box I was carrying.

"I don't want Lucy and I to end up like that. I want to be her friend... forever" I said.

Forever... did I really mean that? Because something inside me felt something more, what was longer than forever though?

"Really? If you put it that way then I guess."

"Not guess, know. I know I'm doing the right thing now if only I COULD FIND IT!" I yelled.

Oh wait a second. Dragon senses, duh. I could sniff out the box I'm looking for.

"Stand back Happy" I said.

Or well, fly back, whatever. I took a whiff of Igneel's scarf then started sniffing around the room. I arrived 2 minutes later at my hammock.

"There's no box here" I said looking under it.

But the scent was clearly here. Maybe... I looked at my wooden floors. Can I open this? My claws dug into the wood as I pulled it up.


"FOUND IT!" I yelled pulling it out of the ground.

"Hooray! What's that Natsu? I've never seen it before?" Happy asked landing on my shoulder.

"When Igneel left I packed up all my things and went after him. Once I arrived at Fairy Tail and decided to make it my new home, I put them all in this box and I guess hid it" I said.

Boy was this box dusty, I wiped the top of it off before opening it.

"See, these were the clothes Igneel trained me in" I said lifting up my baby shirt.

"And these were my first fangs" I said.

Wow, did this bring back memories.

"But what I'm looking for is, HERE!" I yelled holding it up.

The other stuff didn't matter anymore, I kicked the box aside.

"What is it?" Happy asked.

I laid on my hammock and blew the dust of the cover.

"Dragon's Guide On Claiming Your Mate" I read.

"What is it Natsu?" Happy repeated.

"Igneel made me this book on how to claim my mate, I forgot about it though since I never had to worry about having a mate. I guess I do now" I said opening to the first page.

'Table of Contents' it read. Yup this was Igneel's claw writing of course.

"Let's see, I'm looking for... ahha! Getting Rid Of Your Mate, page 34"

I started flipping through the book, now let's see if I can read his Dragon Scratch.

"I wasn't going to add this entree in but knowing you, you probably are hating the idea of being complete with someone else" I read.

Complete? What did he mean? I am complete... er, I guess?

"Mating if a beautiful, natural thing Natsu my boy. I've already explained enough in the first chapter but I'll summarize again. Mating is part of what makes a Dragon a... Dragon. It's something all Dragons experience and is what makes you a real Dragon."

Real Dragon? Real Dragon! I am a real Dragon! I don't need a mate to make me feel like one!

"If you're really against mating though there is only one way to not mate, well two ways. Like said before, a Dragon will only mate once in their lifetime, like I didn't know that already. There are certain stages that happens when you find your mate, I assume you're just starting your first stage since you're reading this chapter."

It's like... it's like he predicted all of this. Igneel's a psychic now?

"The only way to forget about mating is to either kill the woman you're supposed to mate wit-... wait, am I not reading this right? Kill the wo- yeah I read it... WHAT?!" I yelled.

"Kill the woman you're supposed to mate with" Happy read.

He looked up at me, his tail waving side to side.

"You can't kill Lucy! Who will I make fun of or go to when I want fish?!" Happy yelled.

"I'm not going to kill Lucy" I said.

But to think Happy would even think I would.

"There must be another way" I said reading again.

"You're supposed to mate with or... kill yourself... THANKS A LOT IGNEEL!" I yelled throwing the book on the ground.

Running home and searching for that book was a complete waste of... 10 minutes. I held my hand over my eyes and sighed.

"What am I going to do?" I sighed.

"Well, you could always mate" Happy said.

I moved my hand and saw Happy flying above me holding the book.


"Natsu, don't Dragon's mate for life?" Happy asked.

"Yeah but-"

"So if you mate her won't that mean she'll never break up with you?" Happy asked.

I leaned up from my hammock.

"It's the opposite, I can never leave her. She can leave me whenever she wants" I said.

"But you'll just kill the guy she tries to end up with! So in the end she'll always come back to you!" Happy cheered.

He raised his hands, the book dropping and landing on my stomach, cheering. That was one of the strangest, most gruesome things I ever heard Happy say.

"True though" I said.

I sighed and picked the book up; it was open in my hands and a word caught my attention.

Natsu, my boy.

It was the fourth or fifth page in the book, I'm guessing the beginning.

"Mating is a truly blessed thing for us Dragons. You may be wondering why it happened when it did-"

Actually, I never once wondered why it happened with Lucy all of a sudden. It's just, once I saw her when I entered Fairy Tail there was a certain... vibe I got from her that made me want to-... oh god. Read, READ!

"First off, Congrats on hitting (what humans called) Puberty... PUPERTY! I'VE HIT PUPERTY!" I yelled.

Happy started laughing.

"I thought I already hit, I thought-, I'm 17! Shouldn't I be done and over with puberty?" I yelled.

Read, Natsu. That's the only thing you can do.

"You're probably wondering why now? I'm not sure at what age puberty hit you but it can't be that bad. Puberty changes from dragon to dragon, hopefully whoever you imprinted on is a close friend."


"Natsu, you may be stopping at some of the words I'm using but continue reading! I will be explaining everything so less thinking and more reading."

"Wow, it's like he knows you Natsu" Happy said.

"Shut up. Imprinting is what human's would call 'love at first sight' but not so petty of a feeling. Dragon's feel emotions stronger than humans do so think of love and times it by 7,000 + infinity... if that's a number. Imprinting is finding your absolute soul mate."

Absolute huh?

"Back to mating though. Mating. What I liked to call you when you were younger was Drago, short for Dragon. Not yet a Dragon but close, oh so close. Once you hit puberty you fully become a Dragon though because you now have something to protect and fight for. Natsu, it may be scary but mating... it's..."

I gasped.

"What he say Natsu?" Happy asked.

"He said it's... it's... it's better than eating" I said.

Better than eating, better than eating...

"I WANT TO MATE!" I yelled.



Speak of the devil and... something, something, something, appear.

"UH! I, UH! I CAN'T GO!" I yelled getting out of my hammock.


I saw my door start opening, why don't I ever lock my door?! Because people could come in and steal... steal... nothing. Maybe I'm just seeing things with this mate thing, I mean Lucy's opening the door right now and I don't-


What's that smell?

"Natsu? Oh good, you still look like him. Come on, let's go!" Lucy said.

How come I never noticed the way Lucy smells? Something like... like something you would use to bake a cake?

"Lucy, what do you use to bake a cake?" I asked.

My mate in questioned blink.

"Uh... flour?" she said.

No, that's not it.

"It's liquid, and smells nice" I said.

"Hmm, vanilla?" she asked.

Vanilla! That was it was, she smelt like vanilla mixed with... flowers. Which flower I didn't know but I wasn't about to stand here asking Lucy about all the flower names she knows.

"Lucy, what's your favorite flower?" I asked.

"Natsu, are you okay?" she asked walking towards me.

Uh oh. What was she doing? Lucy stood up on her tippy toes and leaned her forehead against mine.

It felt... it felt like getting attacked by one of Laxus's lightning bolts. A shock. Pulsing through every fiber in my body when we touched.

"HOT!" Lucy yelled jumping away.


"That was a mean joke Natsu! Going on fire when I was just trying to check your temperature" she said.

"Fire?" I mumbled.

I looked down at myself, damn I was on fire. Turn off... it wasn't working.

"Come on Natsu, power down so we can get going" Lucy said.

"Uh... I can't" I told her.

"Can't? Wow, that's a first" Lucy mumbled.

I haven't not been able to control my powers since... since... I was a child.

"I'm coming in" Lucy said walking past me.

"You're already in though?" I asked.

I heard her moan-... oh God.

"I'm not feeling so good, um I'm going to sit this mission out" I said.

And read that book to figure out WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME!

"Nuh uh Natsu, you've never let me bail out on a mission so consider this payback. Now close your eyes" Lucy said.

I couldn't even think or question it, I obeyed her command and closed them. What the?


Wet. I felt wet.

"Well now you're out, come on!" Lucy said grabbing my wet hand.

At least I didn't get a shock.

"Happy! Pack the book in my bag" I whispered.

"Aye!" Happy said.

If I'm going on this mission I might as well read it on the way there.

"What book?" Lucy asked peeking at me.

"What book?" I repeated.


"Here's your bag Natsu" Happy said flying it to me.

"Great! Let's go Lucy! You're keeping everyone waiting!" I yelled running ahead.

"What? Ugh! Natsu!" Lucy yelled.

Distance is good. Distance is nice.

Reading on the train... one of my worst ideas ever.

Even stupider then the time I lit the pastry shop Lucy loved on fire because I wanted some flaming cakes and junk.

"Natsu? We're almost there" Lucy said.

Oh God. Her hand was rubbing through my hair, the electricity came back at ten folds.

"Natsu! Your flames!" Lucy yelled.

Damn it, not again.

"Ice Make: Shield!"

Great. First wet now frozen. Oh well, at least Lucy can't touch me when I'm frozen.

"Listen up, our mission is to kick out some bandits that have been abusing this town" Erza said.

"Great idea Erza! We should split up! Me and Happy will take this side, you guys take... everything else! Signal if you find them!" I said then ran off at top speed with Happy on my trail.

Once I was sure I was far enough I found a nice bench and sat down on it.

"Reading time" I said taking out my book.

"I'll go scout for those bandits" Happy said taking off.

"Alright!" I called out.

Let's see...

Table of Contents

Notes for Natsu... page 3-5

I've read those already, or skimmed through it. Next.

Chapter 1: Mate... page 6

Hmm... one page. Perfect. Page 6 it is.

"If you are reading this then you have decided on mating! Well first things first. The first step in mating is to MAKE SURE THAT SHE'S YOUR MATE! Nothing is more humiliating then going after a girl you're not even supposed to be with! Talk about a waste of meal time. Make sure she's your mate before you do anything!"

Make sure she's my mate, good advice Igneel. Now I just need to see if Lucy was really my mate now! How?

"How To Make Sure She's Your Mate."

Igneel thought of everything.

-You see a certain... glow about the girl

That was when I first thought she was my mate, I saw this... something around her. That was just one thing though.

-You feel electrified when she touches

Oh, two of... many

-Your smell of her heightens


-You lose control your powers around her


-Certain noises she makes... sets you-

I closed the book. What. The. Hell. Igneel.


You can't write that kind of stuff in a book! Can you? I opened the book again and read again, staying clear of the list he had.

"If decided to keep and claim mate, this book will help you in doing so. *Note- Will not tell how to claim mate unless mate agrees to it. You cannot force yourself onto your mate, she has to willingly agree. Once she agrees turn to Chapter 19: Mating... page 63"

He's talking about mating with Lucy already when I'm not even sure if she's even my mate yet!

"*Note- If you want to be 100% sure of Mate then do what I did. Stare. I'm a fire dragon, you are also, so fires our element. If you stare at your mate long enough that you start to see your element then she's yours. Can't explain, it's just instincts."



I looked up and saw Happy flying over to me.

"The bandits?" I asked.

"Aye sir" Happy said.

I stuffed the book back into my bag.

"Let's go! Lead the way!"



"They're in the bar" Happy said.

Obviously. Bandits were flying left and right out of the thing.

"Seems like my team is handling it very well" I said.

"Aren't you going to help?" Happy asked.

"Nah, I think I'll continue reading" I said dropping my bag.

Wait. There's no point of reading this poorly written thing though if Lucy isn't my mate. She couldn't be, I must have just been overreacting before. Mates have a bond, a special bond. I don't... well I have a bond with her but it's not... well maybe it is special but only because we've been together for so long.

"Damn it, watch my bag" I growled walking up to the bar.

I just need to stare Lucy, if I see fire behind her she's my mate and if not... I can go back to being normal again!

"LU- OOF!" I yelled.

Right when I got to the door, I was hit in the head with an unconscious guy. My balanced failed me and I fell down the bar steps, banging my head all the way down.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I yelled lighting on fire.

Power down, now's no time to burst into flames. Need to settle this mate thing with Lucy... THEN I CAN BURN EVERYONE TO HELL AND BACK!


This time I was able to say her full name... before getting hit by three unconscious people this time.


Anger = Fire. (To me).

Fire + Bar made completely out of wood and not brick + Me not flying far back enough to avoid lighting the bar on fire with my outburst = ... Let's just go with =(, unhappy face.

"NATSU YOU IDIOT!" Erza yelled.

Right when I got back up, Erza jumped kicked me and sent me flying back. I landed on the floor, my bag and Happy right next to me.

"Hi Natsu" Happy said.

"Hi" I sighed.

"Lucy's coming out of the bar now if you want to talk to her" Happy said.

I pinched my eyes closed and sighed. Too many Happy's at the moment, Erza must have kicked me so hard my brain moved to the wrong place.

"That was a close one."

That voice. Yup. That was Lucy, now was the moment of truth. What was I thinking? This was so stupid! Lucy... my mate?! What a laugh! Why was I acting so serious before? I thought leaning up.

There's no way that Lucy could... could... uhhhh.

There she was, whip in hand, standing only a few feet in front of me. Lucy shook her hair side to side as the fire around her continued to burn. My eyes widened, it was like the fire was dancing around her.

I love you.

Wait! What? DAMMIT!

Congratulations! You've now found your mate! Move forward to Chapter 2!