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Dragon's Guide To Claim Your Mate

Missing Chapter


Table of Contents

Notes for Natsu... page 3-5

Chapter 1: Mate... page 6

Chapter 2: Stage 1... page 7-10

Chapter 3: Smell... page 11-13

Chapter 4: Smarts... page 14-17

Chapter 5: Stage 2... page 18-20

Chapter 6: Strength... page 21-22

Chapter 7: Voice... page 23-25

Chapter 8: Dangers of Mating... page 26-28

Chapter 9: Doubts... page 28-30

Chapter 10: Positions... page 31-33

Chapter 11: Getting Rid of Mate... page 34-36

Chapter 12: Sight... page 37-40

Chapter 13: PROTECTION... page 41-42

Chapter 14: Gifts... page 43-46

Chapter 15: Taste... page 47-50

Chapter 16: Touch... page 51-54

Chapter 17: Stage 3... page 55-57

Chapter 18: Missing Chapter... page 57-62

Now when I thought something was missing, I didn't think I'd hit the name of the chapter directly on the nail.


"It's okay. I'm still on Stage 2 and I think I've found the chapter to all my problems. We're okay" I told him.

Happy sighed in relief, "good."

I nodded in agreement before I started reading.

I REMEMBERED! Remember back in Chapter... 5! Stage 2? I told you I forgot to mention something, well I remembered! Only because we are so close to the end. What I forget to tell you was how to ask your mate to become your mate!


This chapter doesn't tell you how to claim your mate, it tells you how to get your mate's permission, to ask your mate, to become your mate. In Stage 1 you couldn't do it because you wouldn't have had enough courage. I mean, if you aren't going out with the girl by now then you must have been a coward.


That or just have been an idiot and not realize it.


Anyway I'm going to make this simple because it is simple. You want to know how to ask your girl to be your mate? Just ask her.

*Note- Easy right! Maybe I was wrong, maybe this chapter is the easiest.

You know how a boy asks a girl to be his girlfriend? Or how a girl ask a boy to be her boyfriend? It's the same with us Dragons! We ask our mates to be our mates. I'm kind of glad I forgot this part because then you would have just asked the girl without trying to show her your love and affection. Knowing you, she probably would have thought that you were kidding since you never tried to be romantic with her and then you would have told her you weren't kidding, making her get scared of you, refusing to mate with you and then losing your mate entirely.

Igneel... you know me so well.

Good thing I forgot... good job me. Anyway this is all you have to do Natsu, if you are sure your mate likes you enough then ask her to be your mate. Then again you still might scare her because she'll probably wonder what it means to be a mate and you'll answer her honestly. Humans are such fickle creatures that don't have things such as long commitments like us Dragons do. Once you say the words 'together' and 'forever' she'd probably run for the hills! That's why it'll be better if you ask her to be your girlfriend first.

Ask her out, go on dates and use the Chapters help to try and win her over. Voice, Sight, and Gifts should help you win her over, if not there are still other chapters. Say you love her first, not on the first date but a few weeks later or else you'll make her think things are going too fast, but say I love you first so she'll know just how much she means to you. If she doesn't say it back then it's okay, tell her that it she doesn't have to force herself.

Constantly remind her that you love her though, say it every day you're with her. And when the day comes that she says I love you back, that's when you ask her to be your mate. And I guarantee you she will say yes and you will almost be done with mating. You'll just have one more chapter to complete.

... I took a deep breath.

I wanted to cry.

To laugh.

To kill.

To burn everything in sight.

To burn this book.

To beat the hell out of Igneel.

I wished I never found this book.

I wished I was never a Dragon Slayer.

I never had to mate.

I never had to go through all of this.

Never had to humiliate myself.

To feel pain.



... I take that back.

I wish for love.

I wish that this was simpler.

That I knew what Lucy was thinking.

That I knew she loved me.

That she'd want to be my mate.

That she'd say yes.

We'd be happy.


Or that I had read this sooner.

That I had known about the mating process sooner.

That I had been warned.

There would have been so many things I would have done differently.

I would have tried to sweep Lucy off her feet the day I first met her.

I wouldn't have let her date all those scum bags that only broke her heart in the end.

I would have protected her.

I would have showered her in my love.

I would have kissed her every day.

But I can't do that now because of one reason.


I was out of time.

I wouldn't have enough time to ask Lucy out, to repeat the chapters over again and try to get her to say I love you. I'd be on Stage 3 in a matter of days, maybe even hours. There was nothing I could do.

I'd hurt Lucy.

I'd force her into things.

I'd make her cry.

And those are the things I never wanted to do to Lucy, ever.

What other choice did I have though? Death?


Death sounded nice.

I was so in love with Lucy, I still felt the need to protect her, to be her savior... even if the villain was me. I won't hurt Lucy, I wouldn't allow myself to hurt Lucy. I'd rather die.

So what now?

Do I wait until the last second? Wait moments before Stage 3 kicks in before offing myself off?


So it seems, but I had to remember-

I had one chapter left.