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Dragon's Guide To Claim Your Mate



Lucy's tears continued to fall as she rubbed her wrist. I cried with her some strange reason, kissing the tears that ran down her cheeks. She sniffed and hugged my stomach.

"It doesn't hurt," she cried.

"It does, Igneel told me it would and I'm sorry." I said kissing her softly.

Where was Gray when you needed him huh?

"No worries, I wished for this remember?" She tried to soothe me.

Her hand reached for my cheek and wiped my own tears away; I shook it off and kissed her wrist.

"Do you have any ice? I'll get you some." I asked getting up.

"Natsu it doesn't h-"

I tapped her new marking, just a tap of my finger and she flinched.

"Stay! I'll get ice!" I told her walking towards the kitchen.

My puberty was now finally over, I had my mate. I was mated, we were mated. The thought was so unbelievable, it was real though. We were together, we were in love... I smiled lightly as I opened her freezer. Thankfully Lucy had ice, I wrapped it around with a napkin and walked back into the room.

"Here, put this on." I said gripping her hand carefully.

I turned it around and placed the ice on her wrist, Lucy sighed in relief immediately after.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled again.

Lucy shook her head and kissed my lips gently.

"I'm fine," she mumbled against them.

"But while you're hurting I'm the one actually fine, it's unfair. I should share the pain too, we are mates." I mumbled against hers.

Lucy kissed me again before rubbing my cheek.

"You're crying aren't you? Doesn't that mean you're in pain too? Even if it isn't physical pain, you still feel it," she said, her free hand clenching over my heart.

I chuckled, "I forget how smart you are sometimes."

"And I can't believe of how caring you are, it's like I'm seeing a whole different side to you." Lucy confessed.

"I've always cared about you Lucy, even before I knew I love you."

"I know, but I can't believe that me crying makes you cry. It makes me sad but also a little happy that you care so much."

"That's what being mated means and if you still don't understand I have this whole book about it." I laughed.

Lucy smiled, her tears finally ending. I smiled back at her and rubbed her cheek, my hand moved down and played with her earring.

"I love them, my new favorite," she told me.

"Hmm, I'm thinking about buying you a new pair; a pair that says 'I LOVE NATSU!' Or maybe have my face on it."

Lucy giggled, "I'm yours Natsu, you know that."

"And yet that won't stop other males from staring at you." I said.

Lucy sighed and laid down on her bed, I fell down with her to keep the ice on her wrist.

"I'ma take a nap," she sighed leaning on my chest.

"Really? It's still daylight outside." I told her.

"And yet I feel exhausted."

I kissed her forehead before leaning against the pillow and closing my eyes. I'll just rest here for a bit with Lucy, just a nice little nap.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

I groaned.

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

My eyes opened and I stared towards the tapping sound, Happy was flying outside of Lucy's window.

"What the-?" I whispered.

Lucy moaned beside me and turned around, I used this opportunity to reach over and open the window.

"Happy, what are you doing here?" I asked.

Happy flew in the room and I closed the window back.

"You didn't come home last night," he said.

I didn't? So much for a light nap.

"Is it finished?" He asked.

I nodded and lifted up Lucy's wrist.

"Looks like it hurt." Happy hissed.

"It did, she should feel better now though."

Happy suddenly attached himself to my face.

"I'm so happy for you Natsu! Finally after weeks and weeks you did it!" He yelled.

I tried to pull his body off my face.

"Hey, aren't you happy for me too Happy?"

Happy flew off and landed on Lucy's face next.

"Yes! Hooray for the both of you!" He cheered.

I pulled Happy off my mate and tossed him, he flew though and started laughing.

"We should celebrate! Pancakes for everyone! I'll make!" Happy giggled flying into the kitchen.

Lucy giggled before kissing me on the cheek.

"Good morning," she sighed.

"Good morning." I replied.

She pushed herself up and started to rub her eyes.

"Well, I better help Happy with those pancakes."

"Why? He's has in under control." I said pulling her back into my arms.

"Natsu, he's a cat... trying to make pancakes."

And just on cue, we heard the sound of something crashing.

"When you're right, you're right." I said letting her go.

Lucy stood up and stretched out her arms before she laid back down on her bed.

"How's your wrist?"

"Lovely," she told me.

"Great, now just stay right there! I'll have those pankcakes ready in a jiffy." I said jumping out of bed.

When I entered the kitchen, it look like I just entered a battle field.

"How did you get it this messy?! You were only in here for three minutes?" I asked Happy.

He had flour on his fur from ear to paw and some sort of... sticky liquid on his paws. The kitchen was looked worse though...

"Hey Lucy? Remember how I said a jiffy?" I called out.

"Yeah Natsu?" Lucy called back.

"What I meant to say was a while."

"Why does syrup pour out so slowly?" I mumbled holding it over my pancakes.

Even with the tiny lid spun off it, it was still taking FOREVER for it to completely soak my pancakes. Right now it looked like a pancake hot tub on my plate, what I was going for was a swimming pool though. Lucy giggled.

"I'm not sure Natsu, one thing I know is that I'm going to have to buy more syrup now."

I settled for hot tub and closed the syrup bottle back up, "oh sorry."

"It's okay."

I stabbed my fork into the pancake and ate a chuck out of it, ooooh. I felt chills.

"So Natsu, what are we going to do today?" Lucy asked.

I swallowed.

"I was thinking going down to the guild and tell them that we're mated and what not."

"Hmmm," Lucy hummed as she chewed.

"That sounds like a good idea, after breakfast?" She asked.

"After breakfast, Happy! Another stack of flapjacks!"

"Coming right up! Aye!"

... something strange happened when Lucy and I, Happy also, entered the guild... did I mention we were holding hands?!... no? Well we were holding hands! Hands! I smiled radiantly as I stared at my friends, all standing in a semi-circle in front of me...

That's right! The strangeness. Something strange happened when Lucy and I entered the guild. Sure all our friends were there... but they were all standing in a semi-circle in front of us and... there were these people dressed up with white coats on in front of them all.

"Now Natsu, welcome." Erza said kindly.

... kindly... I took a step back. Everyone seemed to react to that and took a step forward.

"Natsu, why don't you come have a seat here?" Mirajane asked presenting me with a chair.

"I'm alright with standing, thanks." I said.

It didn't help that the chair was right next to those white coat guys, did I mention they were wearing white gloves too? What was this?

"Lucy, I think something's strange is going on?" I mumbled behind my smile.

Just smile at them Natsu to let them know you aren't planning anything and hide your worries. Save your mate and your partner, those are your two most important things you need to accomplish.

"Now when I say go, I want you to take Happy and run for your life." I laughed.

Lucy sighed drastically out loud next to me.

"Alright everyone, what's this all about?" She asked.

I squeezed her hand, "that's not part of the plan, that's not part of the plan! Don't patronize them Lucy!" I warned.

"Nothings the matter, all we want is for Natsu to sit down and relax." Gray said.

"Stop it, you guys are scaring Natsu." Lucy explained.

Scaring?... Me? Scared?...

"What?!" I yelled breathing out fire.

I couldn't have my mate thinking I was scared! How was I suppose to protect her and show her I could take care of her if she thought I was scared? Hence forth weak?

"Bring it on everyone! I'll sit in that chair of doom, I'll fight your mysterious white coaty gloves guild! Natsu Dragneel fears no man!" I roared out flames.

I took a large stomped forward and outstretched a finger, lighting myself on fire.

"Who's first? You!" I yelled pointing at the white coat guy.

"You?! How about you!? I saw you eyeing me, Roar of the Fire Dragon!" I roared out flames towards the ceiling.


"Ow, that hurt Lucy." I pouted, rubbing my head at her.


Both of us stopped arguing once we heard a loud boom sound, we looked over to our friends and saw them all fall down. What just happened?

"Natsu? You-you're normal." Gray stuttered.

"Normal? Of course I'm normal, what else could I be? Are you calling me a freak Fullbuster?! Thems fighting words!" I growled.

"He's back to normal, phew." Erza sighed.

"You had us all worried Natsu, we even went as far as to call some specialist." Mirajane smiled patting her cheeks with a napkin.

"Everyone, what are you talking about?" Lucy asked taking a step towards them.

I followed after her, no way was I about to let her get abducted by those creepy all white coat looking guild. They'd probably strip her down and make her put on a white coat too... Lucy would look good in white though. Especially with her blonde hair, she'd look like an angel. Angel Lucy, so cut-


I heard Levy squeaked and launched myself over there.


"Uh," Levy paused to take out her pen, "Script: Cute!" She called out.

Cute popped out in front of me in pink letters, with a heart for the line on the t and a heart for the loop on the e.

"DIE!" I roared fire winging it into oblivion all the while laughing manically.

First I fire winged the C and part of the U over and over again until it was ashes and dust, then I bit into the other half of the U and chewed it up, spitting back out into flames. After I took the T and broke it in half, tossing it on the ground only to stomp on it repeatedly with my flaming foot. And the E, the stupid little E with the heart, I was going to have fun burning you.

Five minutes later...

Phew, I wiped the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand. That felt good.

"Now where were we?" I asked wiping dusts off my hands.

Lucy walked over to me and brushed my bangs out of my face.

"Well... while you were over there destroying the word cute, I was explaining to the gang how we're mated." Lucy said holding up her mating hand.

I smiled, "great! Less explaining I have to do! So everyone, me and Lucy are mates now so that means HANDS OFF MY MATE! And also, can we throw a party? I think us getting together deserves a party!" I cheered.

The guild members all looked at each other before smiling and laughing it up.

"That hellah deserves a party! Welcome back Natsu, I missed picking fights with you!" Gray laughed throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Hey! Hands off of Lucy!" I yelled.

"Dude, I'm not even touching her."

I glared at Gray.

"Your touching me who's touching her, meaning that your touching her also!" I said punching before Gray in the face.

He got launched back and crashed into a wall.

"Natsu, can you at least try not to destroy our guild?" Lucy asked.

"What? It's not a party if nothing gets broken." I told her.

Lucy just shook her head before kissing my cheek.

"You're right, go wild. I'll be over here talking with Erza and Levy." Lucy said walking off.

"You hear that everyone? My mate said I could go wild! Party!" I yelled breathing out fire.

"NOT TOO WILD!" Lucy yelled.

Oops, I stopped my flames... only to get hit by an ice hammer two seconds later and crash into a giant.

"What the hell Natsu?! You trying to pick a fight?!" Elfman yelled.

"Trying, but not succeeding if your my opponent. I wouldn't even break a sweat." I said picking myself up.

I found myself flying again into another wall as Elfman Beast Take Over and slammed his beast hand against my jar. Damn, I was out of practice. Spending all those days trying to win Lucy over really did a number on my strength. Well, now that she's my mate I guess that means back to hard training!... And kissing Lucy. I blushed and chuckled to myself, ah Lucy. She had the softest lips and made the cutest nose when I'd nuzzle her neck and-

"Get up!"

"What the hell?! I was daydreaming about my mate!" I roared.

Gazille didn't seem to care, he picked me up from my hole in the wall and slammed me into a chair. The legs broke though and I ended up falling onto the ground again.


"How did you know?" Gazille whispered.

Whispered... Gazille never whispered, like ever. He sang and yelled, no whispers. Why the whispers?


"How did you know? You know, that bunny chick was your mate?" Gazille whispered towards me again.

I blinked, "Igneel said I'd see my element around her, but I knew for sure when she'd tell me to do something and I'd do it without question. Why?" I asked.

Gazille looked behind him then leaned in very closely back towards me.

"And well?! How did you mate her?!" Gazille ordered.

... oh. I see now.

"Salamander? What's with that grin?"

I started snickering to myself, "what grin?"

"The grin you have on your face right now that looks like you got punched very hard in the balls and enjoyed it."



Gazille dropped me like I was on fire, which I was but you know what I mean, and jumped back. His face turned red as he barked at Lucy, "what the hell?! Shut up Blondie! There's no way I'd kiss a ugly fool like him!"

"HEY!" I yelled getting up.

Gazille looked back at me.

"Don't tell my mate to shut up!" I roared.

"Oh, here I thought you'd yell about the ugly part." Gazille mumbled.

"Me too." Gray mumbled coming out of nowhere.

"THAT TOO!" I yelled then tackled Gazille onto the ground.

We started fighting, rolling around on the floor getting good swipes in at each other, until a certain Ice Mage decided to fricken lock us in an ice cage. I would have broken out of it if it wasn't for Gazille asking me more questions.

"So what, is there like a manual on how to mate or did you just follow your instincts?" Gazille asked.

I flinched at the word instincts, my worst enemy.

"A guide actually, and never use the word instinct ever again. You're going to hate it when your through with it." I sighed leaning up.

"Through with what?" Gazille asked.

"With Dragon's Guide On How To Claim Your Mate, it's a book but it's not very long so yeah. Just don't scratch it up or ruin it alright? It's my only copy."

Gazille relaxed his face, "oh."

"Yeah man, good luck to you my friend because trust me. You're going to be going through hell and back because of that thing, I recommend reading chapters 1 through 5 and then chapter 19, before going back to 6. It'll save you a lot of time." I lectured Gazille.

He just snorted and rubbed his nose, "pshh. If you can do it Salamander, then I have no worries doing it myself."

I shook my head, he didn't fully grasp the guide book and wouldn't until he read it himself. If only he knew the pain and hardship he was about to go through, and the everlasting joy and love when he was done.