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Dragon's Guide To Claim Your Mate



Table of Contents

Notes for Natsu... page 3-5

Chapter 1: Mate... page 6

Chapter 2: Stage 1... page 7-10

Chapter 3: Smell... page 11-13

Chapter 4: Smarts... page 14-17

Chapter 5: Stage 2... page 18-20

Chapter 6: Strength... page 21-22

Chapter 7: Voice... page 23-25

Chapter 8: Dangers of Mating... page 26-28

Chapter 9: Doubts... page 28-30

Chapter 10: Positions... page 31-33

Now let's see, I've read Chapters 8 and 9, what was this about positions in Chapter 10 though?

"Natsu! It's night time, go to sleep" Happy purred beside me.

"I'm just going to read this chapter real quick then I will" I said flipping to the page.

Page 31, positions. Positions for what? Fighting?

*Note- For use only after the last chapter when you have mated.

If this was meant to be after the last chapter, why didn't he just write it... last? Then again if he put it last then this chapter would be the 'last chapter' making the other last chapter not really the last chapter... you're wasting time now Natsu, enough thinking.

Hello Natsu boy, you're probably wondering about my note up top. You see Dragon's live for a very long time meaning that we have to store a lot of information. This chapter just came to me and if I hadn't written it down, I wouldn't have remembered. Anyways you probably know what this chapter is about so I won't have to explain a lot of things (being mated and all). When you are mated here are some hints you can use provided with pictures.

Can use? What does he mean by can use? Fighting positions I can use? For what? Protecting Lucy? The page didn't have anything else written on it, Igneel mentioned pictures though. I turned the page and what I saw... I think I would never forget.

First thing I did was turn red, my whole body from my head to my toes.

Next I started stuttering.

"Wh-a, wha-, wha? huh? Hu-?"

Followed by shortness of breath, and finally yelling.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled and slammed the book close.

I started breathing through my nostrils as I stared at my dark, empty house. I could hear my heart beating in my eardrums, thinking about my next battle strategy.

I need to do something, I need to tear those cursed pages out, that's right just tear them straight out the book. And burn it, yeah that's a good plan. Rip, tear into shreds, then burn into oblivion.


I wonder how that was physically possible though? Maybe... just one more peek before TOTAL ANNALIATION! Yeah, that sounds good. I opened the book again and peeked out one eye.

Whoa... wow... what?


I ripped the pages out the book lightning quick and burned them in an instant. As the ashes flew around us I chucked the book across the room and pulled my blanket over me.

"GOOD NIGHT!" I yelled then pretended to snore.

"Aye, sir."

"Natsu! Natsu! NATSU!"

I felt a swift hit on my head.

"Huh? What?!" I asked looking around.

"You were asleep again weren't you?" Lucy asked blinking down at me.

Lucy? What was she doing here?... Where was here? My eyes turned away from Lucy as I started to look around me.

"Where am I?" I asked her.

"My room silly, don't you remember?" she giggled.

Her giggles, her eyes, her smile, everything about her was just... enhanced. Everything I loved about Lucy was just standing out so much more now, I noticed every single detail about her.

"We were right in the middle of having fun too" Lucy pouted.

She started biting her lip and I could literally see her sweat glistening from he-

"Natsu" Lucy purred advancing towards me.

I tried to take a step back but noticed I was sitting down on the ground. Lucy pounced and landed on top of me, her breasts pressing up against my chest.

"Na-tsu" she sighed staring into my eyes.

"Lucy?" I squeaked.

"Yeaaaas?" she mumbled getting her fingers lost in my hair.

Twisting and twirling, wringing and sometimes gentle tugging. I lost my train of thought as she continued to pet me. I closed my eyes and relaxed against her, that was when I felt something wet against my lips. My eyes shot opened and what I saw I couldn't believe it.

Lucy... kissing me! Me! Her lips moved against mine while I just laid there, petrified. This was my first kiss, our first kiss and yet, I couldn't move. Lucy leaned back and pouted at me.

"What's wrong Natsu? You're usually more demanding" Lucy asked me.


"Not in the mood? Well I can fix that my little Salamander" Lucy said leaning towards me again.

She didn't kiss me, no, she leaned past that and towards me ear. Her breathe tickled me sending jolts coursing through my body.

"Or should I say my tough? Brave Salamander?" Lucy asked.

And then she licked my ear.

It felt as if Laxus had fired his Lightning Dragon Roar at me and it had hit... 12 times.

"Silent tonight aren't you?" Lucy giggled.

I suddenly felt tingles around my stomach, somehow Lucy had gotten her hands on it and was tracing my muscles.

"Let's lose this shall we?" she asked.

Before I could answer my shirt was being ripped off of me.

"Much better, your turn" Lucy asked leaning back up.

Finally I was able to speak.

"What?" I asked her.

"Well, it's unfair for you to be half naked and me still fully dressed" she said.

I leaned up on my elbows and just stared at her.

"Fine, let me help you" she said pulling her shirt off.

My mind went into overdrive then shut down.

"Aw Natsu, you're blushing" she said curling her finger against my cheek.

Still shut down, overloading, eyes are burning.

"No need to be so shy all of a sudden, I am your mate after all" Lucy said.

And then it all made sense, without a moment's hesitation I pounced on Lucy and attacked her lips. Lucy giggled into our kiss, her hands trailing up to my chest then down to my stomach, then lower.

"Ugh, Lucy!... Lucy" I moaned.


My eyes shot opened and I bolted up, losing balance on my hammock and falling of the thing.

"WHO'S THERE?!" I yelled flaming on.

"Natsu! It's just me, Happy" Happy said jumping off his bed.

Happy? Where was I? Home... my home. Wasn't I just at?

"What happened?" I asked.

"You were talking in your sleep, talking about Lucy then groaning. It made me think she was beating you up in your sleep so I woke you up" Happy said.

10 more minutes, I JUST NEEDED 10 MORE MINUTES IN MY DRE-...

Dream... that whole thing was just a dream. Something came to mind.

Your instincts won't think you're doing anything to try and get your mate since you're not mated yet so they'll be taunting you.

Taunting me?

Do not be alarmed if your mate starts appearing in your dreams, that just your instincts way of telling you to hurry up and go get her.

Lucy, she was in my dreams just now, and she was... she was...

Some dreams may appear realistic while others... will be up to your imagination. First dreams should be memories with you and your mate, when your instincts get tired of your dilly dandling though they will turn... what's the word? Let me put it another way, your instincts will release your inner desires for the girl.

So these were my inner desires? For Lucy to rip off my shirt and jump me?! And what happened with the memories of us first? I guess my instincts were really getting fed up with my... dilly dandling.

"It felt... so real" I mumbled touching my neck.

You will be dreaming of your mate EVERY NIGHT! There is nothing you can do about it, tough luck.

"GOD DAMMIT!" I yelled roaring out flames.

Every night, every stupid night of Lucy kissing me and rubbing me and- and-

"UGH!" I growled.

So this was what it felt like to be sexual frustrated like every other teenage boy in the world.