Okay so here's my first chapter of my first story. Here goes nothing. Also, I introduce 1 OC per story, and first come first serve.

"Go Eagle!" Tsubasa shouted as he slammed into Ryuga's bey.

"You'll never defeat me and my Gen 4 Havoc L-Drago!" Ryuga shouted back.

"Grr..." Tsubasa muttered. "Eagle! Divine metal destruction!"

Eagle glowed a bright blue.

"What?" Ryuga exclaimed.

"You can do it Ryuga!" Came a shoot from where the team stood.

"Thanks for the support Gin!" Tsubasa said.

Eagle arced into the air and shot a super bright beam of purple light at Havoc L-Drago.

Ryuga had a surprised face on as L-Drago whizzed past him into the wall.

Time skip...

"You did good out there today, Tsubasa."said Gin.

She was a Brazilian with an upside down teardrop shaped was one of her better days, seeing as she could be any random mood on any given day.

She was sitting with Tsubasa at Olive Garden. They were at a victory dinner after the had already eaten and were waiting for the bill.

"Thank you. That really means a lot to me."Tsubasa responded.

"Here is the bill sir." The waiter said and walked away.

"So i was thinking, wanna go to six flags tomorrow?"Tsubasa asked as they walked out of the restaurant.

"I would love too!"she exclaimed.

"Well then it's a date!"

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